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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Springdoo - I love them, But!

Springdoo-talk your emails
is a great service that let you send voice
files to your friend in an easy and lovely way.

check out one of the cool players:

Springdoo is really simple to use and
any experience in technology required.
you just need to have lot's of patience to make it work right.
it supposed to be as easy as 1-2-3 and it is, most of the time..
except the time that it's stuck.
I think it's because Springdoo is a heavy service. the S.team
really have to try to change it cause it's not worth it if
I need to go all the way and in the and, the browser stuck and
i don't get to send or save the message.

Don't get me wrong! I love Springdoo but they need to try to
light the service so it will wouldn't kill my computer performance :)

Other Springdoo Services:

  • Springdoo Phone - Springdoo Phone is a paid subscription
    service that lets you send a Springdoo when you are not near a
    computer, by using any phone in the world.
  • Springdoo Tools - Free tools to help you Springdoo faster and easier. (Note: Available only for PC)
  • Custom Message Players - Get a personal message player of any design for you or your company.

I would love to know about others services like Springdoo,
if you familiar with sites that give the same service, please let me know.

*I checked Springdoo only on IE&Maxthon browsers

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Megite-personalization is the way to go!

Megite service launched at the beginning of Feb, 2006
Megite is the newspaper for anyone interested in what's happening
right now by intelligently uncovering the most relevant items
from auto discovered news sites and weblogs.
the service attracted lots of users, and got lots of kudos from them.

Megite works under a simple motto :
"Personalization is the way to go"

For that, they have two options:

  • A user can submit OPML file to use and the service can host his/her personal megite.
    ( the user needs to send the OPML file. but in the near future, a user can register and manage his feeds on Megite web site and gets his/her personal Megite).
  • User can license the software to create Megite like service.

I asked Megite to tell me what is the benefit of useing the service
and they informed me with that:

  1. Ag­gre­grate blog posts or news in one place
  2. Ranking the news, popular and important one first
  3. Auto discover new blog and info
  4. Per­son­al­ize.

Some good things that you can find in Megite:

New ranking function

A novel algorithm is used to measure the importance
of the news, the blogs and the blog posts.
even without the linkage information, a blog post or news can be
discovered by the intelligent algorithm and ranked into top
sections based on the novel importance metrix.
this is very good to look for the novel information that
hasn't discovered by many bloggers yet.

The format is clean and clear

I love Megite format, it's really a joy to visit the site.
the font is not to small and the title summary
wiche is make it easy to find stories that you like to read about.

Images are included in stories

Megite now includes images with the stories.
those images are intelligently extracted from the
original pages. this feature is activated on all news sections
including the personal Megite.

Click to go to the Israel OPML

In the future Megite will add the ability
to vote for an item in the web site, then the ranking will change
Much more than that, a user will be able to submit new blog
post into digg area, others can digg out to Megite main page.

Is Megite a contender

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Del.icio.us lets you have some privacy

Del.icio.us added today, to my surprise, a private saving feature
which allows you to save links and bookmarks them as private.

All you have to do is to go to your “settings” and click on
“private saving” to activate. then you’ll see the new option whenever you save a page.

I can't say I'm not disappointed. I always loved the fact that del.cio.us is a SOCIAL bookmarking service and I think it might lose a little of the site's charm.

If you don't want to share links with other people, don't.
I think if people have the option NOT to share,
they'll think twice before sharing.

I just worry that lots of good links are not going to be published.
I do hope I'm wrong but this is a step back to my opinion
especially when the wonderful thing about the web today is sharing.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Podcast is good for you

Michael Arrington Announce yesterday the launch of his new podcast blog.
the new blog called - TalkCrunch.
Mike will be podcasting about companies he reviewed on his blog.

I've been thinking why podcas is a good service for you and I came up with some reason's:
  • Convenient - Most of the people I know are working hard and don't have so much time to spend on the computer.
    when I want to read something and don't have the time for it, I usually printing the article and read it later. I think it's wonderful that I can now just download it to my ipod and listen to it on the way home from work or when I'm jogging.
    It's like web to go.

  • Personal - Sure it's faster to read an article on a blog, but sometimes the written word is read differently than it was intended, and that mught cause one to miss the idea.
    I guess Mike is going to pick top topics from his blog and in that case it
    will be much more easy and helpful to understand and get much more by hearing the podcast. any way, in my opinion, by hearing human voice the explanation gose deeper.

  • Don't left behind - Clearly podcasting is part of the new Internet generation and
    I'll expect to see more of that coming in the future. It's really didn't surprise me that Michael Arrington took his blog to the next level, because if some one know what is the right way to enjoy the service that the web can give you today, it is probably him.

The Internet is getting more usable and it is giving us excellent tools to get and use the information that we need.

Bottom line, the Internet give - you just have to take.

Episode 1: Google Calendar v. the Competition?

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Go2web2 by clicking the logos

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