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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Download Music for Free with StreamPad Player

StreamPad Streampad is your destination for music on the web. Yet another Web based player but maybe with some extra benefits.

Streampad uses an AJAX/Flash interface and integrates with many other web services.
Inside you'll find mashups with del.icio.us, google maps, amazon and the internet archive.

StreamPad lets you hear music from different sources all in one place.
First you can download the Free download Streampad home server and start listening to your own music. The Streampad home server is written in Java and will work on PC, Mac, and Linux.
(I didn't try that one)

Next choice is to listen to music through The Hype Machine,
whice is an audio blog aggregator that Streampad has integrated into their player.
Moreover you can listen to all kind of music from del.icio.us, or listen to your StremPad friend music.

Sure you can download to your computer any track that you like...

Also you can see what other people around the world are listening to right now by clicking the Map option. Cool.

Click here to try the DemoPlayer yourself.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sneak Peak at ajaxOS!

ajaxOS is a fully functional AJAX-aware operating system. The most exciting feature in ajaxOS is the ability to store to a remote server, with full access to file navigation on this remote server as well as your computer's hard disk. As easily as you save and open documents on your local machine, you will be able to do so on our secure servers.

ajaxOS include:

  • Automatic launch of AJAX software when clicking on a supported filetype.
  • Ability to save files to virtual storage.
  • Ability to navigate through a file browser to the files uploaded to virtual storage as well those on your local computer.

The benefits:

  • Information Security - Your files and documents are safe since they are all saved on ajaxOS remote storage.
  • Web-based Software Applications Included - No need to buy expensive software – it's all included in ajaxOS.
  • Updated and Upgraded Automatically - Most ajaxOS applications are upgraded automatically.
  • Full file compatibility – Allowing you to easily transfer your existing files and share files created using AJAX software with others.

Must have RealPlayer installed.

ajaxOS will be available for download in the next few weeks, sign up to recieve early invite.

Other releases by ajaxLaunch: ajaxWrite, ajaxSketch, ajaxXLS
ajaxTunes I wrote about the service here.
eyespot I wrote about the service here.

I wrote about eyeOS similar application that works.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Beeplet - Need Reminders From Time to Time?

A little application that let you create reminders,
then get them in the Mail, SMS or IM (coming soon)
Also you can get the reminders as an RSS feed.

Beeplet is built in Ruby On Rails.

From Beeplet blog : We've planned a lot of features in the future, so stay tuned..

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Think Free – Your Office Online!!

ThinkFree Online is an Internet-based file sharing and storage ( Java Application).
You'll get 1Giga for free to storage any file you need. (up to10MB for a file)

The platform allows you to:

  1. Create Microsoft Office compatible word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files or edit existing documents.
  2. Access your most important documents and applications from any computer anytime.
  3. Share your inspiration with others - Set the privilege for each person, allowing them either read only or read and edit.
  4. Document revision history and rolling back-ThinkFree Online tracks previous versions of a document.
  5. Publish live documents within your blog or publish your files to a location on the internet. Send private message/email to your friends when you publish new documents.
  6. Add to your work: images, graphs, charts and input from others. Moreover, you can add images from Flickr to your documents.
  7. Create your own guest book.
  8. Add comments and Tags.

Unfortunately the application is a bit heavy because of the Java but the results are pretty good and the interface is pleasant to use.

ThinkFree Office is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux systems.

Sign up!

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GlobeBlogr - Travel Diary Blogging Platform

The idea of GlobeBlogr was born during a big roundtrip in Norway. The idea was simply to let the ones that you love some information about where you are every day.
With that wonderful platform of travel-diary you can actually let people to enjoy special moments with you while you're still traveling, by sharing with them pictures, videos and stories.
Of course you can write about your travels after you'll come back from them and let other people to learn from the experience that you had.

10 great features that gone come with GlobeBlogr:

  • Blog about your favorite place or location on the globe - Write about your favorite bar, restaurant, beach, hotel etc..
    To add new place you mast firs define a parent place than you can add your new place to the database. (which already have half a million city names and places)
  • Media tools - Upload Images to your Story
    You can upload your images to GB or simply import them from flickr. You can also include your youtube movies into a GB posting.
  • location-linking - Users can follow your trip every day by following your postings.
    (you will be able to subscribe by eMail or feed to a trip of user or location)
  • Define a GPS position for your place - other users can see the location on a map. On Trips you can see the full trip on the map and every entry you made is marked with a little flag on the map. Users can click on the flag to read your post about this place.
  • Tagging - find places and locations that are tagged with the same tag.
  • Search people tools - Find people that are at the same place at the moment or were at this place in the past.
  • Location rating - You can add a rating of the place and location from 1 to 5 stars.
  • Browse and Search the Globe - you can search for all places that users add to GB.
  • Adding comments to existing entries - You can add a comment to a blog entry as long the user allow it or you can link in your own blog entry about this place or location.
  • Post about globeBlogr on your own private blog - Users can simply add there posts to there own blog.

I loved the idea of GlobeBlogr and I believe that lots of people will think like me. It's a wonderful tool for all you travelers out there that want to share with the rest of the world your magical moments and introduce to the users new and desirable places. Or just for you that want to get to know better the place you're about to travel to.

GlobeBlogr Team comes from Dusseldorf, Germany and they are fully self funded.

The first beta supposed to come on July - Sign up here

Thank you Andreas Schneider for sharing all that imformation with me.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Fluxiom Just Launched!!

I was just getting update now about the launching of fluxiom!
It's a great Ajax Web 2.0 asset management.
I wrote about fluxiom application before so all I can add
is that you have to check it your self.

fluxiom offers 30 days of free trial. For continue using the service you'll have to pay the price of 9Euro a month.


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Zimbio - Network of Public Portals

Zimbio goal is to help people learn from others on the web.
You can quickly get down the learning curve on any topic of interest by seeing what other people are reading, saying, and recommending about the topic. Public portals are interactive, dynamic websites that offer a range of features including group blogging, member photos, links to favorite websites, RSS headlines, tracking of search results, and discussion forums.

Create public portal by your self or choose from lots of portals that made by others. Frankly I'm telling you that I was amazed by the amount of portals that Zimbio already have.

Bunch of great features:

  • Group Blog - you can post a blog entry, rate and comment on other entries.
  • Member Photos - upload and rate favorite related pictures which are grouped into public photo albums.
  • Links&Feeds - suggest links, feeds, and search terms that you think others might find useful.
  • Notepad - useful tool for creating shared notes of any kind.
  • Forum - discuss and share opinions with people that have the same interest like you do.

and One of my favorite feature:

  • Search Trackers - allow members to scan headlines and search results based on submitted keywords. choices are: BlogTracker (results from Blogdigger search engines), NewsTracker (results from Yahoo news search engines), and ImageTracker (results from Flickr search engines).

Zimbio have activity log that's allowing you to see all the action of other members that use the same portal and you can reverts edits or deletes them, which is great.

The interface of Zimbio is quite Neat and I really had fun checking the site. Good usability , very simple to find and add new things and intersting tools that come with the service. All of that and much more, makes Zimbio a nice Portal Network.

Zimbio is the formerly Zoozio
zoozio - an early stage start-up based in redwood city, california.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

and the BEAT goes on with ajaxTunes

I wrote about Sideload in this post.

It's a good web music service that let you save from Sideload site, all the trucks that you like right into a special locker that you have to download from MP3tunes.
If you already download the locker, this little feature is for you:

ajaxTunes is a web-based media player that lets you play, pause, forward and rewind high-quality streaming music straight from the Internet on any computer.
That application is really FREE and you don't need to download or install it on your computer. All the music that you saved in MP3tunes locker will automatically play in ajaxTunes player.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Favorites Blogs That Impacted Me The Most

Well it's not news that bloggers today change the face of the Internet and businesses.
I'm new blogger (am I?), that is influence by some of the great blogs out there, that writing about new technology.

So - here's some of my favorites blogs that have impacted me the most. They helped me be a better blogger and are a good every day reading source for technologies and cutting edge information.

My first favorite and one of the most interesting blog is TechCrunch that reviews new web 2.0 products and companies. TechCrunch is written by Michael Arrington.
A brilliant man that combines with his knowledge and with the love of what he's doing, we get great content.
No one (sorry about that dudes / dudettes), can take a story out like Michael Arrington and if he think you are providing good service, tomorrow the all world will think the same. Mike, you own piece of the Internet history and it's something to be proud about.

Steve Rubel explores how social software is transforming marketing, media and public relations.
Really like this tech blog, Steve has wonderful way of writing about new services and he make this great posts with bunch of links that so useful! I love to visit his blog.

O'Reilly media is a group of people that write about the world of technology today.
The founder and CEO of O'Reilly media is Tim O'Reilly that many of his computer book publisher in the world. Tim's long term vision for his company is to help change the world by capturing and transmitting the knowledge of innovators.
O'Reilly Radar publishes imported technology news that affects the entire world of biasness today.

Google Blogoscoped is Philipp Lenssen's baby. Google Blogoscoped all about the hottest news about Google. Most of the content (80%) is about google. This was one of the 1st blogs that I come across and I still find it one of the best resources on the innovations of google. In fact, one Matt Cutt of Google Fame says "..he thinks Philipp knows about Google stuff before him ". This is one of the blogs ( there are only a handfull) that also have an open fourm for the community to participant in. Philipp is really attentive to his readers and quickly repsonses to them too.Needeless to say, his blog has always been on the top 100's on technorati list

Saul Weiner - Writing the Zulu in Silicon Vally.
I like his blog because Saul is updating it very often, some times I can't even catch up with the fast that he's posting :)
Saul, no offence but you have little problem with design your posts but you writing so well So I won't beat you with that!!. Heh!

Ok, some girl power:

Gosh, that girl, know lots about technology!
I don't acutely know Emily Chang except from what I read in her website but she have strong way of writing and if you check her list in the eHub, you'll always find new and interesting applications that no one heard about before. She's good!

And last but not least is the wonderful Tara Hunt (Miss Rogue)
In her blog you'll find interesting posts about almost any thing that's going on in the web today. She have special way of writing and some how I always and up with a big smile on my face so.. Thank you for that.
And may I just add that she is a lovely person.

I read lots of other blogs but this is my little list that affects me most.

Thank you all.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ziki - Lovely Social Network

Ziki is a place where you can piece together your digital life, discover new content and connect with people, groups and businesses based on what you are interested in and looking for.
First describe yourself and your interests using tags, that will help you to find people and be found by them.
Searching for groups is easy, just enter some tags in the search box, or choose one from the list:

You can gather all your digital stuff in one place: blog entries, del.ici.ous links, flickr photos and more. Invite your friends and family to join and use Ziki to keep in touch. Subscribe to your favorite content and bookmark your favorite members.

Ziki provides the tools you need to build your own social web, create your personalized search engine, easily find relevant information and make new and useful connections based on your needs.

Like lots of social networks Ziki connects you with people, based on who they are, what they’re interested in and what they’re looking for. The interface is really nice and the site is pleasant to navigate with. You can't find so much group though.. But I guess it's because the service is still new.

Sign up here

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

eyeSpot - Organize And Share Your Video Clips

Let me start by saying that the interface of eyespot is extremely good! I love the Design:
bright colors, great layout, easy to use functions, usability, sweet! Who ever designed that site did a wonderful job for my opinion

eyespot is a video uploading and remixing.
You can upload to your account video, photos and audio, using the upload page.
You can upload up to six items at a time, with a 25 Mb file size limit.
(too small when it's come to video- pity)

Shoot short clips then use the eyespot later to combine the clips together:
The video mixer allows you to drag and drop your digital media into a timeline
so they are arranged sequentially.
Too bad that the timeline is too short, it's effect the quality of the clip that you trying to make.

After you upload your favorite pictures, video and audio, organize them and make your clips, you are ready to show the world you piece of art. You can join the eyespot group based on something that interests you, post your video clips and invite more friends. Or you could just stay on private mood.

I've seen better..

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sideload - More Free Music On The Internet, Yeah!

Again I'm finding my self trying another website that aggregates popular free music tracks on the web.
In sideload.com you'll find lots of music tracks to choose from, combined with the online music locker provide from MP3tunes, you'll be abele to find your favorites MP3, preview them over the web and with one click, save them on your locker.

For start you'll have to download Oboe Sideload Plugins (little extensions)
It's free and works on FireFox and IE Browsers. Ones you have the plugin set on your computer/browser, just click on the little button [SL] and that’s it, Oboe will drag your music to your locker pretty fast, streaming also is really good.

Beside listen to tracks or Sideload them into your locker, you can Email a tracks to your friends. Also you can just download the tracks to your computer. Neat!

Just one complaint that I have,
Why I can't enter free text to search music?
It's hard to find music only by searching letters..
what's heppend to search by album name, artist, year etc..?

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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Wonder Of Riya!

Like most of Riya users, I first heard about them on TechCrunch blog. I was really excited and patiently waiting until this service comes alive.

It toke me seconds to understand that Riya is much more than just a photo search.
Riya goal is to help you find every photo of yourself on the web.
Riya is a group of face & text recognition researchers who have created an amazing technology that look inside the photos and automatically tag them.

I know it sound crazy but it really work! I tried few photos and I'm very impressed with the results.

To be able to upload pictures to Riya you have to first download their uploader, for now you can choose to upload only folders (individual photos will coming soon), and the upload is really easy to use and amazingly fast!

The recognition start while you uploading the pictures, the software will try to find same faces in your photo list and gather them together. After that you'll get a mail that say that Riya is now ready to recognize people in your photos. Remember that if the software could not recognize the face automatically, you can still to it by hand.

I suggest you warmly to try Riya and see the wonder for your self.

Riya is much more than just a photo search, it's a technology revolution that you can't miss.

It's amazed me that with a simple idea of one person, (Munjal, that would be you), we've earns this wonderful tool that gives us the option to share and find photos easily than any service that out there. you can get more prespective about Riya's services in this podcast. (TalkCrunch)

I'll finish by saying that, I love the fact that the guys in Riya are attentive to their users.
Like you, I really think that comments and feedbacks will bring you to develop Riya to be even better than it is now.

Click :)

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eyeOS - Nice Web Based Desktop System

eyeOS is a web based desktop that allow you to access your data and applications any where, anytime, no need to install anything in your computer, everything running from your browser.
eyeOS is open source and free application. You can install it in your server or just log into your virtual office that gives you lots of features to work with such as:

  • virtual word processor
  • calendar
  • file manager
  • messenger
  • calculator
  • collaborativ linking - submit your favorite webs and allow other users to vote for that links.
  • change wallpaper - pick from the eysOS list or just make your own
  • support multi languages

If you want more applications, just visit the Database and you'll get so much more options to choose from : chat, games, fickr search, youTube search, sticky notes and you can play your MP3's files from home folder and lets other user to download every files that you upload to your eyeOS included music.

Some of the applications works really slow but personally I think it's still a good web desktop that have lots of potential to grow and be something batter and useful.

Take me to a test drive

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PortablePlayList - Web basd audio player

PortablePlayList is a Web based audio player that allows you to store your Mp3’s and subscribe to podcasts from your favorite browser (IE, FireFox, Safari).
You can also listen to your Mp3’s and podcasts on any PC or MAC (as long as you have internet access.

The interface of the player is very similar to iTunes and you’ll get to see and hear preview of 250 tracks/podcasts before you registered or log in.

The features of portalePlayList:

  1. Making play lists is very easy and fast. Just find the music/show you like and with one click save it on the list you choose.
  2. When track is finishes, the next track will played.
  3. Nice navigation between the next and previous track.
  4. the playlist is kept on the server side- so the user always has a playlist whenever logged on.

Some problems:

I couldn’t find the STOP button. They have to fix that for my opinion-very annoying when it's come to a web service and I would love to have a Repeat option for the track.
Big treble with filter the non working tracks - lots of them have that issue, because of that the play list not runs smoothly.

I checked the application over my browser (IE), and it looks like the processes & performance on my PC was quite fine. So thumbs up on that.

My biggest wonder is why when I clicked on the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy I got this:
Will be coming real soon ;)
It’s a shame guys.. To bad that you don’t take your application seriously.

The search music is powered by Blogdigger.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

First impression of Fluxiom with an exclusive screenshots

I have had the chance to check up close the new GREAT application of Fluxiom.

It's great in 2 ways, functionally and visually.

As I mention on my last post, this is not a social net but a convenient service which allow file sharing with co-workers/business clients.

Fluxiom's speed loading up the files of any kind is exceptionally high.

All the files are tagged under labels which are sown on the upper bar and allow comfortable navigation form one kind to another specially in finding the right file much easier.

After your login you will be able to use 5 gigabytes of storage capacity, this is the biggest capacity available on sites currently.

There lots of options to manage the file you are loading:
you can tag them, Change background color (out of 3 options), download directly from the site any file, and a lot more little surprise that make the file sharing to a pleasant and easier experience.

Let say for example that you need to send several files to a co-worker/customer:

You choose the files (just mark them), than you click on the share button and choose on of the following options:

  • Send link - Send a password and a link to download a .zip archive of the assets.
  • Send attachments - Send an email with the assets as file attachments.
  • Use my email client -which allow you to open a new email in your local email application with a password and a download link.

Finally with a one click – you send it. Simply wonderful!

The service itself is unusually suppressing, due the fact that while working we are used to get all kind of files available, the option of saving them in one spot, label them in such easy and fast way makes it highly efficient and easy to use.

I would be happy to see in the future how this service's functions are evolving. When it will be opened to the public, the main question will be if the service will keep the speed it's working on now. For now this ajax application is one of the best I tried and I'm pulling my hat in front of the company of Fluxiom.

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