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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Krunch - Online WinZip Sort of Tool!

Krunch is a little tool intended to make your life easier.

You can easily:

  • Upload and compress files - Upload up to 10 files from your computer and compress them online.
  • Pick and compress files from the web - Upload a compressed archive and decompress it online.
  • Upload and un-compress a compressed archive - Fetch a compressed file directly from the web and decompress it online.
  • Un-compress a compressed file from the web - Gather files from the web and compress them online.

There’s a 10MB and 10 file limit on archives.

After you'll get the zipped file you want, you can send it by e.mail to your friends
as a download link or as attachment that will stay online only for 24 hours (that's really a short time).

Still I find this little tool very useful for those that don't have software that zipped files on their computers.

Start krunching, It's free.

Thank you Rogel.

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WebRide - Discuss The Web!

A new application called Webride will automatically attaches discussion forums to each and every web page on the Internet.
It's really easy to function; all you have to do is to submit a link to a discussion that you interested in, it could be any thing from the web, not just blogs. After you publish it, you can tag the discussion in the way that you please.
That's easy :)

Than you can go to the front page, look for discussions that you like, join them, make comments, subscribe to interesting discussions and meet people that have the some interest as you do.
All your comments get aggregated on your personal profile page.

Some ways to perform your search:

I really liked the page split when you go into discussion. That way you can see the post and the comments all together. Cool.

The only thing that annoyed me is that you have to go to an external service and sign up there just to upload an avatar.. seem to me like to much trouble. but maybe it's just me..

Start here.

Markus You created a wonderful Webride Logo.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Springdoo Improving their Service for the Better!

I wrote about Springdoo before. I have to say that I'm impressed with the new updates from that service and I would like to take back some of the things I've said about Springdoo.

Springdoo is a free video & audio email service that lets you send voice messages to your friends in an easy and cool way.

So what's new from Springdoo:

  • You can create high quality video within your message
  • You can now email directly from Springdoo
  • Friends can instantly reply to you with or without being a Springdoo member
  • The service is easier, better and FASTER

I have to say something about the service speed:
When I first write about Springdoo I was unhappy with the performances of my computer. It's seems like Springdoo toke lots of my computer power and it was crashing every time that I was trying to send messages. BUT now it's a different! The service is lightsome and fast - perfect.

Moreover, you can also Auto-load or "Import" contacts from your existing email program.

A little problem that I think the team of Springdoo should fix is the: Remove Auto Login-it's not working well. I was trying to log out and it's always bringing me back to my user name.

I always liked the layout of this site, so cool! Great design and good usability make sending audio and video emails even faster, fun and easy to use.
And I love that Springdoo listen to their users and improve the service.
Good for them!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Welcome to your new FREE telephone - GizmoProject

GizmoProject is a free phone for your computer service that released this week from SIPphone. This project hes been there a while but now they added some improvement to the service and the announce of Gizmo Project 2.0*.

What GizmoProject gives you:

  • Free calls to all Gizmo users.
  • Free voicemail and conference calls.
  • Super clear call quality.
  • Inexpensive add-ons that let you make and receive calls from any mobile phone or landline.

1¢ Minute Call Out Rate For All US Calls:
With Call Out, you can call any landline or mobile phone with super cheap Call Out Credits. Super cheap? How does 1.0 cents a minute sound? Enter any number into Gizmo Project and dial away. It rings like a normal phone, sounds like a normal phone, it only costs less. You only pay for the call you make. There are no monthly fees, no connection fees, and all billing is per minute. Simple, inexpensive, great quality.

Receiving calls from mobile phones and landlines:
Want to receive calls from mobile phones and landlines?
With Gizmo Call In, for $3/mo, you can have a phone number in over 50 cities in the US and UK. And, your Call In number goes with you wherever you may roam. So the folks who call you are charged as if they’re calling you at home. Easy for you. Convenient and cheap for them.

GizmoProject Feature:

  • Sound effects - Add Sound Effects to your calls.
  • Check call quality - Click for the Call Quality Assitant to see bandwidth quality.
  • Pick online status. Green: Available, Red: Away/Do not disturb, Orange: Idle, Blue: On the phone, Grey: Invisible/Offline
  • Online status. Gives the current status of all your contacts.
  • Click Map It to view map of call locations. Get a detailed map of the location of each call.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) - Chat instantly with your contacts. (Jabber/XMPP)
  • You can record any call on your Gizmo Project phone with the click of a button.

Asterisk PBX Support
Starting with Gizmo Project 2.0 for Mac and Windows you can now log into your office PBX (like the popular Asterisk PBX software) and the Gizmo Project network at the same time. This lets you be universally reachable and seamlessly receive calls from your office while anywhere in the world!

Downloading Gizmo is Free (and automatically receive 25¢ in Call Out credits, which mean 25 min for free).

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Camraoke - Digg for Your Favorite Karaoke YouTube Videos

Camraoke is a funny and easy to understand voting platform for YouTube videos with webcam-karaoke content.

First you have to find your favorite Karaoke video on YouTube.
Submitting a new video to Camraoke is really easy - you only need to register and submit the YouTube video URL - the rest will do the API to grab all the data. So it is very easy for users to recommend new videos to the platform. Registered users can "Boost" videos to the FrontPage by visiting the "New Entries" section to see new submitted videos. Videos that have reached a minimum of 10% of the highest vote will reach the FrontPage of Camraoke.

Camraoke was build in less than 2 days but the more the developers work on the Platform the more they loved it so they decided to go further with the idea. Because of that some new features will be adding in the next days like the ability to comments and more activities with other users.

For now the application will support only YouTube videos. The reason is because GoogleVideo did not have an API to grab video data for a specific video.
Too bad for them ;)

Camraoke will be available in few days.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Compose Your Information System with xFruits

So what is xFruits?
It's a Web 2.0 service that allowing you to:

  • Enriching your home
  • Enlarging your blog's functionalities
  • Creating, generally, your information system from the RSS feed

XFruits makes possible the Mashup RSS creation in a very simple way thanks to the Composer. You can assemble the bricks together so as to build your own feed-based service. "xFruiter" service's users are referenced.

Amazing how this community is growing. I just sign-up to xFrutis today and I find out that people are more and more interesting in that service. You can see the users, share feeds, tags, posts and more, with just about every one.
Or you can choose to go on a private mood.

You can perform a search by tag or user name:

xFruits is available in English, French and Spanish version. Japanese version will be coming soon. It's shows that the team of xFruits is definitely care about the readers. Multi languages is a great addition to the service.

Such a pleasant layout - Yummy logo :)

Sign up

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AskAlexia - Web 2.0 Based New Search Engine

I bump into this new search engine just today. It may not looks to you as fancy as some of the big engines around but it will give you great, perhaps better results within your searching.

Why go through all the trouble playing with tips & tricks when you can just look for the exact format you like?
The same goes to searching image or video. You can look for a specific format.

Moreover, you can perform your search with different languages :

I liked Ask Alexia very much, easy to use, lots of usability and good results for your search.
Straight to my favorites.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

GlobeBlogr Sneak Preview Demo – Beautiful Ajax Platform!

GlobeBlogr announced today on their Blog about a sneak peak of the new service .
I wrote about GlobeBlogr here and was waited impatiently to see GlobeBlogr in action.

GlobeBlogr is a Web 2.0 Ajax based traveling diary.
A place that you can share with all people in the globe your traveling memories.

From what I saw in the demo, I can say that the platform is designed extremely well and lots of little details was taking care of. That will make this application so easy and fun to use and I'm pretty sure that traveling and non traveling people, will find this in this one highly interesting and helpful service.

In the movie you can also see the first look of the Travelblog-Timeline which gives you an overview of a members travelblog.

GBlog - Flickr Screen Set - Sign Up

Take a look at the Flash Movie!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Atlas – Free Web-Based Mapping and Searching Product

Atlas is a beautiful Ajax web based mapping and searching application. (Microsoft Corp)

Fresh Logic Studios said:" We worked for the big guys and left because we knew we could do better.."

I think they did a great job on that API, the interface looks so good and easy to use and Atlas will give you practically every things that other mapping services will give you plus some features that worth waiting for.

The features in Atlas:

  • View - Your eye in the sky for road maps, satelite imagery, or a combination of both.
  • Control - Navigate the globe like a classic explorer with tools as easy as click and drag.
  • Search - Find what your looking from parking near the big game or that little restauraunt in Italy. Lowest gas prices and latest traffic conditions available to registered users.
  • Route - Plot the best way from A to B, updated with the latest road construction details.
  • Save - Save time by storing you favorite locations for future use.
  • Share - Email directions or your favorite locations to your family and friends.

Features to come:

  • Blog - Find and read blogs in your area. Data provided by feedmap.net.
  • Events - Get information on upcoming events happening in your area and beyond. Data provided by eventful.com.
  • Gas Prices - Save time and money by quickly finding the lowest gas prices in your area.
  • Movies - Find theatres and movie showtimes nearby.
  • Traffic - Avoid delays by searching for detailed traffic information in you area. Data provided by yahoo.com.
  • Wifi - Find free and pay-per-use WiFi hotspots in your area. Data provided by hostspothaven.com.

More! - GPS

You supply a GPS device position using the Web Services API, It will keep track of its whereabouts and show you its location in real-time.

GPS Device Tracking Demo


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Parazz – First Look at this New Flash Based Photo Sharing

I know, I know.. You're very comfortable with your Flickr and not going to chance to anther service. But you should take a look at this beautiful flash platform and maybe give it a try.

First check out the FREE Basic account Or Register for a Parazz Premium account for just $29 a year and enjoy more intuitive, elegant, and much more fun online photo sharing experience.

Nice features built into Parazz, such as:

  • Scalable full screen viewing
  • Rapidy growing community
  • Drag & Drop Uploader
  • Color theme editor
  • Rss feeds of your favorites

If you decide to go on the premium account and pay 29$ a year you'll get more features:
Print-quality photos, add music to albums for an absolutely amazing slideshow experience, store up to 20GB (wow!), Original hi-resolution photos, Password protected privacy,
Camera phone uploading and more.

Parazz have a nice Mini Viewer in 3 flavors: The Badge and The Slide and the Slideshow. They've all been wildly popular for use on personal websites, blogs, and MySpace pages. For instance, the Slideshow Mini Viewer can load photos up to 640x480 in size and it's fully customizable in color and size. Now it's even easier for you to show your photos on your MySpace page, sell your items on your eBay page, or share your albums on your own personal site.

I really liked Parazz. It's different, fresh and built in flash so that's always a bonus for me :)

Be braves and sign up.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

YourSpins - Allow You to Make Remixes (Awesome)

YourSpins is a music community that allow users to make remixes and save them on their homepage, make custom ringtones, share the remixes with other friends or stream them from their blogs, webpages and other social network profile pages, Including the Windows Media Player plugin.

I'm beta-testing this service and it look Amazing. The interface beautiful, it's easy to use and it's so interesting to play with the mixing tools. Of course I don't know that much about mixing but with a little help, I manage to understand how to make this player work and it's really cool and fun to use.

YourSpins is powered by Digimpro technology.

Sigh up!
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Congratulations to Michael at TechCrunch.com

I'm happy to announce that today were more than 50,000 feed readers at TechCrunchBlog!!
Congratulations Mike, this is such a great news and you deserve this for all your hard work.

Like I told you before, no one can take
a story out, like you do.

Well done!

Next post when you'll get to 100,000... ;)

*Flickr Special tribute : TechCrunch

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Create Online Scrapbooks with ScrapBlog

Scrapblog – Free service that allows you to make lovely online scrapbooks.
A new Web service that merges the tradition and storytelling capability of scrapbooking and the power of blogging, unrivaled in it's ability to convey thought, mood and emotion.

It’s an Amazing(!) flash based application that offers you more creativity than photo sharing sites.

Easily upload photos (upload up to 3 photos every time). You can move, rotate and resize images on the page, moreover you can use group of images in the same page.

Next step is designing the page. Choose backgrounds, stickers, text babbles and other illustrations form a big library of graphics that scrapblog let you have. (and a great library it is).

Users can also tag their photos by using keywords, making them easier to find and share. Blogging capabilities enable vistors to post comments on Scrapblogs for others to see.
Each Scrapblog has a unique URL, which users can share through RSS and email notifications, or keep private for viewing by invitation only.


Scrapblog said, It's time to start having fun with your pictures online. I agree.
I truly enjoyed myself with this wonderful site!

Start here
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ajaxOS -Watch the Demo in WMV Format

My last post about ajaxOS got lots of attention but also lots of complains about the video format.
(that could be open only with RealPlayer)

So for all of you that wanted to see the ajaxOS presentation:
Here's the Demo convert to WMV file.

The discussion on Digg


*87MB download.
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