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Saturday, July 29, 2006

JAJAH - Local and International Telephone Calls

Jajah is an innovative and simple way to make phone calls using the Internet without headphones, microphones or having to install any software at all. Jajah connects two standard telephone machines, whether they are landline or mobile, local or anywhere else in the world, regardless if the owner is connected to the Internet or not. It is just like using your regular phone, only cheaper.

The calls made through Jajah web are phone-to-phone, so you don’t have to be tied to your computer. Jajah web also uses the web browser.

The first 5 minutes are free for any landline destination. Later the rates change according to your destination and the type number you are calling (mobile or regular). The complete list of rates is available on Jajah web site.

Jajah have some tools that makes the service even more easy to use:

What really amazing is that Jajah users can call the most called countries in the world Absolutely FREE. (Wow!)

Sign up now!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

NowPos – Web Based Voice Mailing

NowPos (short for Now Possible) is a web based mail API that let's you send text mail plus voice files to your friend, for free.

The layout very much resemble to most of the Mail box services that we usually use but NowPos is unique because the option of adding voice files to your mails very easy. All you'll need to have is a microphone .

With NowPos you'll get 1.6GB space within your mailbox that shape a little bit like Outlook, different colors. (strong colors pick)
You can transfer up to 5MB files per mail. (that is too small, for my opinion) And your frinds don't need to have NowPos to be able to hear your voice mail. The person that you send him the mail, will get a link to a nice web player that will play your message.

NowPos is a great service that brings in a new paradigm in e-mailing, of using voice-recorded, encrypted, delivered and retrieved in a unique way, making the 'sound files' on NowPos the smallest in size in the Internet space.

NowPos, led by its mission of transforming a large portion of the Web's Text into Voice.
The Company has built this technology into several segments, services and products to demonstrate its wide variety of usage, the potential and has started marketing and branding these services.

Stop typing, start talking!

*I would like to see feature like that on my Gmail.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

LiThA Paint - Full Featured Graphic Editor

New painter that made with HTML and Java Script will let you do several activities right from your browser without download and install traditional offline software.

With LiThA paint you can:

  • draw fine pictures
  • publish your picture to the Web
  • save and download your pictures to your computer
  • export your picture to SVG, PNG, JPG and TIF formats

Even though LiThA Paint still in Alpha, It works just graet and the layout is really nice.
The functionality is very easy so with few mouse clicks, you can enjoy a good web based drawing service.

LiThA-Paint has been tested under the following browsers:
IE 6.0,FF 1.5 and Opera 8.5


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some Suggestions for Digg 3.1

I use Digg on a daily basic.
Like most of the people that use Digg, I think that they are one of the best sites for cutting edge news, and I just love the fact that you can be update with everything that's going on in the world today, all in one place.

If you are an addicted digger (like me), maybe you'll find some empathy with what I'm about to write.
Since the new Digg version, that I have to say, It took me some time to get use too, I gathered some little Suggestions that might going to be useful for the users on Digg.

As a digger I think digg need to change the undigg button. They can either change the color from blue to red or green (actually any color beside blue will do), or they can decide that one click is for a digg, two clicks is for undigg, Frankly you can find your self undigg stories by mistake.


Adding friends to Digg is pretty easy. But to approve friends, is too hard.
Why do I need to go over my list to see which one I need to confirm? First I think that Digg need to add something that will alert me when a user want to become my friend and to put him on top of the list in a way that I'll can see him right away and not to have the trouble of going over my 200 users just to find it..

From my experience on Digg, I think they should consider adding the ability to send short messages to your friends on Digg. It will be useful and Awesome to be online and get notify on a good story while I'm in digg and not to get it on the mail. Doing everything from one place as I said before, sound just perfect.

Most imported thing that I miss on Digg is the favorite category.
I think that every user should have the ability to save favorites stories and maybe to share them with his Digg friends later on. That way users could find good stories that they dugg, more easily.

I learned so much about Digg from their last version. I think that if you know how to use this site, which means for me, connecting with the right friends, who submitted stories that you know will interest you, you'll find the biggest social net that there is on the web.
And that amazes me more and more every day.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Snapmania - The Ultimate Online Photo Manager

Snapmania is an online photo manager that allows you to have many activities with your images. For an online web service I find Snapmania as one of the best applications that I've tried so far. (You can actually see the improvement from service to service that deal with pictures online and it's great).

Action Bar Overview

  • MMS Export : With this export channel, you can send images directly to a mobile phone. Select the images and drag them onto the MMS export channel icon.
  • Send as E-Card : The E-Card is animated. The Card itself is not sent, rather is stored on the system and a link is sent to the recipient. (you can choose to upload music with the e-cards).
  • Send as E-Mail : Send as e-mail sends the photo(s) as an e-mail attachment. In the first step, you may change the picture options.
  • PDF Export : Convert photos into a PDF document with their accompanying titles and descriptions. This option allows you to create a photo book that may be printed or E-Mailed. Choose the pictures you wish and drag them to the icon, Print as PDF.
  • Slideshow : A slideshow can be created by dragging photos onto the create slideshow icon. Created using Macromedia's Flash, the slideshow may be viewed, saved on your computer or e-mailed.
  • Download images : Select the images you want to download and drag them to the icon, download images. This will open a new window in which you may choose your download options.
  • Order prints : You can order commercial prints of your photos.
  • Create frame : Create your own skin plug-in with create frame. With this module, you can create your own photo frame. Select the frame background fill color, the window background color, and the font style used. Your skin can be saved and used with any of your webalbums that you publish.
  • Panorama : You can create a panorama from individual images.
  • Photobook : Using the photobook export module, you can easily create well designed photobooks. These photobooks are printed in the desired format by specialized print shops, bound according to your specifications and sent to your home address via mail.
  • Create stamps : The function Create Stamps allows you to quickly and easily print your photos in the form of stamps - a fund and original gift idea. The photos are printed directly on real stamp paper and sent to you at home in the mail.
  • Create poster : Using the Create Poster function, you can print a single photo in the form of a large poster using your own printer.

In the Edit mode, several special effects and corrections are available:

Snapmania have Red eye remover :)

Panorama made is so easy!

beautiful layout, good usability.
I had so much fun with that site. You should try it your self. Recommended!!

Sign up free or Go for a basic/unlimited account.

*Thank you Markus Goebel.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boompa.com - BEST online community for drivers!

If you're a guy, I suggest you'll arrange your self some free time for this site, cause there is so much to see, so much to do!
Wonderful layout, build with Ajax technology, just a pretty platform.

Boompa.com is an online community for drivers, tweaking and cataloguing anything that drives, flies, floats or pedals.
Registered users can showcase their vehicles in their boompa "garage" as well as write guides dedicated to vehicle tweaking, maintenance and humor.

In Boompa the users control and create everything and the site is lauded with good stories, news and images about all vehicles kind.

You can either search for stories from other users or open your own "garage". Write in your blog, upload photos and tell every one about your rides and more.

Here are some screenshots from this application:

Sign in

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A New Way to Browse the Web

Swarm is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, all connection to each other.
While you're browse the web, Swarm will update itself every second with the sites that other people visiting in. When a site become more popular (Google.com, for example), It will move towards the center of the swarm.

The Visual Map:
Browse with front page screens from hundreds of sites.
That kind of browsing will expose you to lots of new sites and interesting information.

Swarm Text:
Browse with text, Only links, No Flash is require.

Swarm is a great source for new stuff on the web.

The FireFox Extension anonymously submits the websites you visit.
But, the extension NEVER submits an https website. this website secure!
The Extension allows you to add any website you wish not to report, No personal information is ever requested, not even an e-mail address. You can easily turn it on and off. Just double-click on the icon in Firefox and you will see an "X" appear through it.

Go Swarm!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Adobe Labs New Project - JamJar

Adobe labs Launch their new project Jamjar.
It's a beautiful Beta application that lets you:

  • Plan events
  • Exchange ideas
  • Manage projects
  • Centralize information
  • Share files and images

The idea is to make your own space, manage it and than share it with your family and friends.
The application build with Flex 2 Technology and you'll require Flash 9 in order to run it on your computer. (I was trying it on IE and it work's great)

The layout is totally Amazing (well it's Adobe), but I can't say it was easy to understand all the functionality right away so I find my self press the help button a lot :)
Still you don't want to miss that one.

There is NO RSS option and unfortunately, the flickr widget didn't work for me.

Test it your self. Good sounds!

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Send up to 1GB Through your Mail, easily and FREE!

The first service that goes through my mind when I need to send heavy files, Is YouSendIt online storage. It's a pretty good service but after I've try it so many times, I can honestly say, I want more when It's come to send larges files.
Not once, the link that I've got after upload my file to this service, was broken after I've waited patiently for hours! It's just too frustrating.
So I was looking for stable service that I can trust and that will transfer my files in a faster way, and it lead's me to Pando.

What's Pando?
Pando is free software that lets you send and receive files and folders of any size with your existing email account. (up to 1GB per mail).

One important term:
The other side that gets the files; need to have Pando installed on his computer too.
But here are some benefits that will makes it worth for you to use this application:

  • Send files of any size
  • Attach and send whole folders
  • Send files directly to someone's computer - rather than make them go fetch on some Web site
  • Send files to friends even if they're away from their computer or offline at the time
  • Use it with both my Mac and Windows

Works smoothly and fast for me.

Pando have plug-in for Yahoo Messenger. It will let you Send multiple files to multiple contacts at once (files and folders), Send up to 1GB even better, will help you send files behind firewalls and much more! Get the Yahoo Massenger Plug-In in here.

New upcoming - Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
If you would like to send files (1GB per mail) right from your Outlook, be sure to Sign up for the upcoming Pando Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook Beta-testing program!

More information about how the service work.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Make your own Web Photo Gallery – Japanese Way

I bumped into fotologue today. I don't normally use to test Japanese applications because most of them don't have any English translation, but fotologue does. So I'm happy that I could have my own account there.
fotologue is a web photo album platform that will let you store your photos into a beautiful gallery that you can share easily with your friends and family.

Click on the photo to go to my Gallery

It's an Awesome Flash based application. You can upload up to 20MB per month, and the uploading is very, very fast. After that you can tag the photos, add description, make some comments, choose your favorites entries/users and more.
The layout build's in an email shape which make it easy to navigate through your folders and activities.

Lots of the users in fotolgue are Japanese, So you can't actually read most of comments and descriptions, But still you can enjoy great pictures that other people upload and I guess that with time, this service will be more user-friendly to the rest of the world.
In the mean time I suggest you'll give fotolgue a try and enjoy one of the most intelligent Flash application that I've seen lately.

Join now-It's FREE

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Turn your Flickr into a Photoshop with Preloadr!

Preloadr is a free image tool (web based), that connects you with your flickr account and lets you design your photos before or after you upload them to your flickr account.

The service is very easy and simple to use.
It does not require any registration and you'll not need to download any software to your computer.

Simply go to Preloadr.com and log into your account at Flickr.com and then sent back to this platform where you can access all your images and upload new photos.
Before sending the images to Flickr, you can modify them with several tools like cropping, sharpening, color correction and much more.
Once you've optimized your photo you can specify details about the image and set tags, as you're used to do at Flickr. If you're a Flickr Pro user, you can edit an existing image and replace the current copy with the new version.

I was testing Preloadr and like it immediately, It's really easy to use and I love that I don't need to open any software on my computer to be able to make some changes on my images before I'm uploading them to my Flickr. (Photoshop, Fireworks, Picasa. Etc)

But I do think Preloadr can have some improvement by adding more tools to the service like:

  • Remove red eyes-This one is a must.
  • Sepia color.
  • Some fun option in the filter-If it's a children pic, maybe some icons to put on the photo will be nice.

My Internet life is getting easier every day :)

Start Preloadr

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Share and Sell your Art on eSnips-1GB FREE

eSnips is an Israeli based startup that lets you have your on space (1GB FREE), on the web, to share all your multimedia files with the rest of the world.
I had an eSnips account for a long time now but I always thought it's like all those service out there that gives you free space to upload whatever you like, so honestly I didn't give them much attention.. But I saw their Demo last week in Amsterdam on The Next Web conference and it's hit me that I should give this service a second try.

You can see by this image, how much activities you have on this page. It's wonderful that you can do so much in one place. You can have your folder private or shared and you can choose the format to watch that folder (list, thumbnail, details or slideshow). Moreover, you can bookmark the folder from this page.

Like lots of sharing services, eSnips will let you upload all type of files that you like, add some descriptions, tags, comments, etc. What's the different? Why would you want to use that service instead of others? eSnips make your life easier and I love applications that care about their users. They have this cool uploader that I recommend warmly for you to download to your computer, it will let you upload multiple files all together in pretty short time. Also, if you need to store the same information on all the files, you'll need to write it just once and eSnips will copy that on all the files that you upload. That will save you time and trouble.

Quick overview on the uploader:

As I've said, you can upload multiple files all together to your eSnips account. The coolest thing is that you can capture a screen from anywhere on the web or from you computer and save them on your eSnips folders. Sweet.

New on eSnips is that you can sell your Art on the web.
They call this: eSnips Marketplace, it allow's you to use PayPal payment services to sell individual items in your eSnips folders.
You can read all about this in eSnipsBlog.

Be sure to check eSnips little widgets, they are so cute and you can have them free for your site :)

More and more and MORE about eSnips on Techcrunch.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

WHORYOU - Give your Email a Face!

Today the Weekendr.com team launched their special service called WHORYOU. A service where everybody can upload an Email Buddy Image for their email address.

Weekendr.com itself will launch their service very soon, but in the meantime you can read a little bit more about that upcoming platform in here.

So what is WHORYOU?
It's a simple application that lets you upload a photo or other image to the service under the mail that you use. They call it an Email Buddy Image. Other users can now enter an email address and see the Email Buddy Image that has been uploaded by the email address owner.
Members that upload an image to their email address can also send and receive messages to/from other WHORYOU members. If you do not want that - you can change this option in your account settings.

What I love about WHORYOU is the social thought in that.
All the intention from this little project is really for people to get to know who is behind an email address, and sometimes this is all you need.

WHORYOU is a very new service so in that point I guess that you can't find the images of the people you look for but I hope this will grow to be a big community of email buddy pictures and if you want to take a part in that I recommend you to upload your image today.

Imported clarification:
You can not search for emails by clicking on the user images. No one can find your email address by using this service - you need to know a users email to see their pictures.

Btw, If you want people to see you like this:

Sure you can.. but than again, do you really want to?

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nativetext - Translates your Feed into Foreign Languages

Here's something worth waiting for!

Nativetext is a new free web service that's going to translate RSS feeds from your blog and podcast into foreign languages.

This is the idea:
After you'll register your website, Nativetext will grab your RSS feeds every few hours and that will make the information available to your multilingual readers that want and are willing to translate your feeds. Translated pages will saved, validated and distributed to readers and RSS subscribers around the world through native language syndication.

Check out the long list of languages:
Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Portugese, Russian, German and more.. Hebrew?

You can't sign up to Nativetext yet but it looks promising and for my opinion will help the blogosphere around the world.

Stay tuned to the website for when these service will be available.

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