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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

GigaSize - the Easiest Way to Share your Files - New Service

Here is a nice new service that allows you to transfer all kind of data that you have on your computer, in a fast, reliable and simple way.

The site have a great interface and lots of benefits to offers from, suce as:

  • A service that is reliable, simple and quick
  • An easy way to share your file wite your friends
  • Two different account options, You'll never have to worry about the size of your data
  • send any type of data
  • You can email links to huge files that your normal email account cannot handle as attachments.
  • The downloadable file cannot be modified or deleted
  • Secure servers -No one can corrupt your file or exchange it with anyone
  • You and your friends can download the desired file at the time and place you desire, without any obligations.
  • Business users no longer have to contact their IT department to help them put large files on corporate servers.

Two types of account: (and free online 1GB Free center that you don't have to sign up for)
Free Account

  1. You'll have unlimted share files up to 1.5 GB per file
  2. Files stored for 90 days
  3. Convenient file organizer
  4. Earn and trade GigaPoints
  5. Import address book

Premium Account - 4.95$/month

  1. No Download limits
  2. Unlimited files - 2.5 GB per file
  3. Faster Downloads
  4. Organize/Store files forever

Sign up to GigaSize and start share your files

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What are your FAVORITE THINGZ?

Make your self a free badge/widget with direct links to your favorite thingZ , for accounts like:
MySpace, LiveJournal, Xanga, Friendster, TagWorld, Typepad, Blogger, WordPress, Piczo, Buzznet, hi5

FavoriteThingZ badge, provide a fast and easy way to get an access to user's favorite web services, stores, movies, bands and more.

  • Click on create badge
  • Start choosing your FavoriteThingz from the team categories (or make your own)
  • Sign Up for account if you want to earn commission
  • Copy the code that provide you for your badge/widget

You can cutomizer your Badge to look exactly as you want it:

Moreover, You'll earn money if someone clicks on your favorite things and buys it.

Some of my favoriteThingZ
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Discover Good Music Stations in Pandora

Pandora is a free service designed to help you find music that you like.

Pandora Stations is a place that you can submit your favorites station from Pandora.
Listeners choose which stations will make it to the top list.
The layout of Pandora Stations site is Digg alike. People simply vote for their favorites station.
On the "Recent Stations" page you'll see all the recent links that people submitted. Every link had a score on the side and when a station gets high score its move to the section of "Top Stations" page.

You can submit a station or you can find one that you like, on the right side of this site, you'll see the entire category there is in music and you can simply choose from there what you want to hear.

I like Pandora Stations cause it's allow you to discover new music and this is what Pandora is all about so I think that site can only be useful to Pandora and bring more users to the service.

Start sharing your Pandora Stations.
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Monday, August 21, 2006

IDC "Enterprise 2.0" event - September 5th - Israel

The Internet scene is bubbling with "Web 2.0" action – Blogs, Wikis, Mash-Ups, RSS, User generated Content… The traditional enterprise Service-Oriented-Architecture and SaaS… New and revised technologies enable faster, easier, more collaborative content creation and sharing.

How does this affect your business? Why should you (or shouldn't you) explore business opportunities in this area?

In this first of a kind event, IDC invites VCS, entrepreneurs and high-level enterprise users and decision makers to explore the new generation of collaborative enterprise technologies, discuss the business models and technology integration, and get a chance to learn from the past and present of Enterprise 2.0

This event is free, but requires pre registration.
The event will take place at The Interdisciplinary Center, Hertzliya, Israel - September 5th

For more information download the attach below:
Enterprise 2[1].0 invitation
Enterprise 2[1].0 ...
Hosted by eSnips
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Whoareyou vs. Loowa

Loowa launched theire site this month and it's seemed to be a nice and useful service.
The only thing that bugs me the most is their layout that looks pretty much the same as another company that I wrote about, whoAREyou, and with some minor upgrade from Loowa team, the service is likely to be the same.

In my opinion, this is defiantly not a right thing to do.
The all Loowa ideas seem to be taking from other successfully startups like the Spy on Loowa looks a bit like the spy on Digg and some other feathers reminding me feathers from Netscape profile... But then again, for those kind of thing, I might call an inspiration.

Don't you think that this screenshot said it all?

I do.

Moreover , they even use screenshots from whoareyou, see the image attached and the image on the left site.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Swicki widget from Eurekster – the Power of Search

Eurekster is a community powered search.
Swicki widget lets your readers enjoy better searching results.
Creating swicki and publish it on the web is very easy and if you care about your blog/site, I advice you warmly to create one starting from today.

So what Swicki actually do? It will scan all your updated from your web site or blog, combined with the entire rest web that using data from top-tier search indexes, plus all additional sources that you specify.
Also, Swicki we'll collect and organize information about all public Swickis in their Swicki directory, moreover you don't have to built a Swicki to use the directory and find Swicki search engines that interest you.

The look, size and shape of the swicki can be customized to fit the design of your site or blog seamlessly and you are that choose the colors and font that suit you.

I love the fact that you can share your Swicki with others. You can past the code link to any one who wants to place your Swicki on his site. That way you'll get more people to search and read your stories and it's just wonderful.

Swickis let you slice and dice and customize your search engine query so that you can specify the most relevant sources, then get further refinement of the results once like-minded users start engaging with the results. Every click refines the swicki's search strings, creating a responsive, dynamic result that's both customized and highly relevant.

Build your own Swicki now. It's totally FREE!
(Here are some tips that might help you)


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

First Look at a New Web OS : Desktoptwo

Desktoptwo is an online web based desktop built in Flash.
OS online that feel and functionality of a local PC.

Online desktop is always a good thing to have because you can use it on any computer you like. All you need is an Internet connection and your user name :)

Desktoptwo will let you to have your free space of 1GB and the possibility to have a new mailbox right from their service.

This new web based computing service will offers you an impressive list of well designed features:

  • Hard Drive-Save, backup or share your files and access them from anywhere
  • E-Mail-Import all your accounts into your web mail
  • Address Book-Search and exchange addresses, even with users of other systems
  • Website Editor
  • Blog publishing-Let you even include music and pictures from Desktoptwo onto your blog
  • IM client-you can set up your MSN account
  • MP3 Player-Store and play your favorite tunes from anywhere
  • Programs Admin
  • Browser

Open as many programs as you like and move them around on the desktop, all within the same window. Just drag and drop.

It's a first Beta release so you might have some bugs while checking this service.

Desktoptwo Created by Sapotek.

Sign up for free!
More about Desktoptwo on TechCrunch

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meez is your 3D I-D on the Internet

Meez is all about fun.
Just enter the site, choose your gender and start creating your unique character.
You'll see that you have so much cool stuff to choose from, for creating a your digital self.

Once you've created your Meez, it's time to get out there and show your digital self to the rest of the world. Use it as your personal I.D. when you're on IM or messaging in your favorite online community. Place it in your blog. You can use your Meez on any site or program that accepts digital images.

Meez is your 3D I-D on the Internet.

Start here :)

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