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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Easy Image Resizer -Web Based

I just love little Web applications like Resizer. Doing activities right from the web, withou using any heavy software, will always be my first choice.

Resizer allows you to resize an image from your local computer or the web. Simple is that. Upload your picture and choose your desirable width number.
Get your resize image (Right Click on Image and choose Save Image as..)
It's fast, easy and very useful.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Go2web20 - The Complete Web 2.0 Directory

Go2web20 is an application that builds for users to have easy access to Web 2.0 services. Services in Web 2.0 are defiantly putting accentuation on their company logo design what makes it easier to remember what the service is all about by looking at the logo.

Simply click the logo and read some information about the service you choose (on the right sidebar) then click the link to access the site or read more reviews about it from the blogsphere (technorati) that will appear below. Perform your search by tags or free text.

This application builds under consideration on the usability, accessibility and better search experience for the users.

The site designed and developed by Eyal Shahar who responsible for taking my vision and make it real. He is truly a gifted designer.

Thank you Michael Arrington – TechCrunch - for posting about Go2web20 on your blog and for believing in that application.

Hope you'll find Go2web20 useful and enjoyable to use.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Amazing Tunes is a Good Musician's Community

Amazing Tunes is a new musician's community that's allowing musicians to share their music with the rest of the world. The idea behind this service is simply to give a free stage to all the artists out there that looking for a place to show their works and get some feedback.

Looking back in time it was never easy to be a new artist that trying to get his way through the music industry. Needless to say how hard it was to expose your self to new listener. Well.. Not any more.
In Web 2.0 age there is lots of good possibilities for new artists and one of them is Amazing Tunes that will gives a home to your works, for FREE.

On the front page you'll find all the top and the worst tracks (different tabs) - Browse for new tracks through the music genre.

Sharing music in Amazing Tunes is very easy and you can upload up to 10M per file. Add Details to your track and choose a genre. When you'll do that the "Sub-Genre" updates automatically. Later you can listen to new music and vote for your favorite musician's. You can also make comments and read in the artist profile his musical influences, biography, etc.
The one thing that I missing the most on the artist profile is the ability to actually contact with him. It could be by mail or private message but either way the site should add this option.

The Interface of that site is just lovely. Check out the nice player that comes with Amazing Tunes service: (original music by Amir Dotan)

click on

Acoustic Trance in D Minor

Amir Dotan: 12 strings acoustic guitar.
Recorded & mixed by Ram Segev (02.52)

Most Important Thing-You can not publish any kind of music except your own!

*The current site is in development, there will be changing soon which will make the site more user friendly.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

FineTune -Create your own Playlist, Listen and Share with Others!

I'm telling you.. the Net is surprising me with good services every day. This one is practically a joy for all kind music fans.

Finetune is all about good music. It's a web based service that lets you create playlists that you like, listen to them online and share it with your friends. You can choose from 2 million sound tracks that already in Finetune library. I'm pretty sure that there is no change you won't find something that you like in a big music collection like that. When you create a playlist, you will listen to full songs - FREE! (But, you can add to playlist only 3 songs per one artist)

Finetune is music community which mean you can also browse, create a profile, tag, connect with other users, make comments and more.

Moreover, enter an artist name on the home page or click on the radio link on any artist page, and it will play you that artist music and related artist as well!

How to start:

  • A playlist is 45 songs selected by you, playable for everyone. You must choose for at least 45 sound tracks to play your playlist.
  • Wherever you see a plus sign, you can add the song to one of your playlists
  • If you lose steam or want suggestions, press the "I'm Lazy" button and Finetune will finish your playlist. That easy!

My Finetune playlist (yeah, yeah.. the "I'm Lazy" button works just fine)

Thanks Atar for that wonderful link.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Blogmusik – Listen to Music Online in a Virtual iPod

Check out this extremely beautiful Flash based application!
It will allow you to search for your favorite's song and listen to the music online. Free! Plus you'll navigate through the sound tracks in a familiar way, Like a virtual iPod.

Also you can make and manage your playlists and listen to them later.

Share a song with your friends is very easy, you can simply pass on the link or e-mail it.

I just love the layout of Blogmusik and I'm pretty please with the quality of the streaming. whoever build that application did a great job. Well done.

Sign up here (you don't have to sign up to hear the music you like)

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Friday, September 08, 2006

RssFwd - Get your Favorites RSS Feed by Email

I found this useful service today that will enable you to get your favorites RSS Feed from every site/blog you want, right to your Email, no registration needed.

For me that is a perfect solution for sites and blogs that don't provide you with the option to subscribe them by Email. Sure you can take every RSS Feed and place it on your desirable RSS Reader but there are lots of people that still prefer to get updates in a familiar Internet application - their Email.

Unlike FeedBlitz and FeedBurner, you'll get update right after some one post on his site/blog and not just ones a day. That way you can assure your self to get the news that you like, the way that you like - faster and easier.

You can also perform a search by tags - RssFwd Popular Feed

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Webwag - New Personalized Start Page

Webwag Is a new, very well designed, Ajax based start page.
Like Netvibes and Pageflakes, Webwag will allow you to gather all your personalized page and search in one place.
Webwag helps you to {{wag}} your web experience and to get the best use out of it.

Building your own personalized page is very easy, just enter Webwag and choose from varied categories (Blogs, books, jobs, dining entertainment, games, spots, travel, etc), that the service provide you or edit your favorites RSS feed in one click. Simply Drag and Drop your widgets and make the page looks just the way you want to read from it. You can also have more then one page by adding more tabs to your Webwag.

The interface or Webwag is very clean and pleasant to the eyes and the site has high usability and good functionality. Editting, deleting, and moving widgets is very easy which lets you make your personalized page very quickly and you don't really need previous knowledge to understand how to set your own page.

You can also download the Webwag ToolBar and enjoy more activities right from your browser:
  • Bookmark a site on your Webwag bookmark widget
  • Add a site as a widget in your Webwag page
  • Export your browser's bookmarks to your Webwag bookmark widget

Sign up

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PDF TextOnline - PDF Text Extraction in Your Browser

PDF TextOnline Is a new (Beta) Ajax application that allows you to upload PDF documents right from your browser and convert them to text that you can easily copy past any where you need without the hassle that you usually gets from Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer.


  • Converts PDF text quickly accurately
  • Handles all fonts and languages (including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more)
  • Provides easy access to form data, document properties, and bookmarks
  • Doest't require a software download
  • Easy to use 'Save Text As..' - Save PDF text, to disk.

PDF TextOnline will give you better results, Fast.

Start here - No registration require!

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RSS 2 PDF Generator

RSS 2 PDF Is an online generator that will conver your RSS feeds, Atom or OPML into PDF files fast and easy. (with or without pictures).

Also get flickr Tool FeedBurner plugin and Google Personalized Module

If you want to use the RSS 2 PDF right from your desktop, click here.
of course you'll have to be online to access this service.

Go2web2 PDF


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