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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Web 2.0 directory - What's next?

Posted by Eyal Shahar & Orli Yakuel

Go2web20.net was launched a few months ago. The response was far beyond any of our expectations, so we've been working since on enhancing and improving the service. We know the constant Beta concept, so we don't label it as beta, rest assured- it will get better and better.So here is a heads-up on the upcoming changes:

User experience & Performance

  • Yeah, we know. It's slow. We tried to contain it all, and it got too heavy. So the first thing you'll notice is that it works much faster and frees some CPU power. If you're planning on using a new Microsoft system soon - you'll need it ;-)
  • Tags - once again - it got too cluttered. So you're gonna see the classic tags cloud. How could we think about a service regarding web 2.0 without a tags cloud?!
  • Quick glance - roll your mouse over the logos to get a quick description of each logo.

Show me the money

That's not us howling. That's you, the service provider. OK, it's us, too...Go2web20.net is exposed to thousands of users at any given day. Many of them are loyal users, coming back for more. Thousands more get updated through RSS channels.The visitors of Go2web20.net arethe early adopters you were looking for. Those predators looking to be the first to try, catch their nickname, and show off to their friends.

We are about to provide you an option to be more prominent, closer to the user.If you are interested in early information, please contact us at ads@go2web20.net.
Do get confused: Go2web20.net is not filtering any of the services within the application. There's space for each and every one for free. We can't declare an eternal "Do No Evil", but that's our moto for the near future.

Grocers' shout

There's more to know about each and every service out there. So - why not let them say it for themselves? We now offer each and every service the option to add some of their own content and functionality directly into our directory. Imagine a small video describing how to use the service, a direct sign-up button, or a list of the most popular content on the service you're watching.

Extra features

  • The Web 2.0 Book - Get a printed version of the web 2.0 services directory. Great book to keep in your bathroom.Oh, it's a 100 pages book, and growing...
  • Technorati view - See what they say about each service in the blogsphere.
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Upload and Download your Files as you Please

DropBoks is a little appllication that will allow you to upload files from your computer and download them to any computer you want.

Each account has 1 GB of storage space available. You can upload and download files (any format) as large as 50 MB.

DropBoks is an easy and quick way to store your files online. And it's free.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Computer Desktop - on A Homepage

ORCA is an online system designed to resemble any standard PC desktop while making it accessible from anywhere in the world. It is designed to reduce costs, improve productivity, and enable users to work mobility-centric.

ORCA Desktop is still under constructions so some of the features just won't work but if you can see beyond that you'll understand that this is quite something worth waiting for.

What to expect:

ORCA to work with Zoho team to offer their great office tools

Browse right from ORCA desktop

Connect within your Gmail

Chat with friends and family inside your ORCA Desktop using meebo

Pathfinder, ORCA version of "Windows explorer" will - contain easy access to files and documents

ORCA Say that the next generation of www.orcaa.com will be a hybrid of the well known web 2.0 startpageand the web 3.0 ORCA WebOS...

Windows Live Gadjets and Google Modules in ORCA

Watch 33 TV stations from all over the world!

and there is so much more to see! Try the Demo (be patient)

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gritwire - A Set of useful Tools for People who use the Web Daily

Gritwire Is web based desktop alike that provide you with some nice tools to help you organize your feeds,content and other daily reading all into one place.

On Gritwire tool set you'll find:

  • SpeedFeed Reader - Organize feeds into folders, read and save content, or rate feeds and feed items.
  • Inbox - When you getting an invite from a friend or a recommendation to a feed you'll be notified through your inbox.
  • Gritcast Player - Play Podcasts or Videocasts in Gritwire media player.
  • QuickLinks - Add your favorite links, organize them into folders.
  • Wikis - Use wikis to track notes or whatever information you'll want easily accessible. (you can easily share or edit them later with your friends)

Gritwire screenshots:

Sign up free.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

TWERQ -The Evolution of Web Search

TWERQ will take your search experience to higher level. With their unique search tool you'll get each results within your search in a different tab! Tabs can be individually closed or closed all at once. This is similar to tabbed browsers only it is integrated directly into the web interface.

I've been playing with this search engine all morning and I have to admit it is simply wonderful and have some real good functions. One of the features called QuickTags, will allows you have multiSearch within one tag! For example, I've grabbed my self a digg tag and immediately got all digg RSS categories each in every different tab.

Moreover you can change the order in which your tabs display by dragging and dropping the tabs into the desired place.

Also, TWERQ have some Q-Triggers that helps you have specific results. Fast and easy. Google Search ( "g" - Colon ) Use the Google Q-Trigger to specifically search Google for results when not selected as primary engine. Example: g:videos
Yahoo Search ( "y" - Colon ) Use the Yahoo Q-Trigger to specifically search Yahoo for results when not selected as primary engine. Example: y:videos

Watch TWERQ Demo:

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Technorati Tag Generator

TurboTagger is a little useful tool that instantly create technorati tags for your posts. Simply enter your desirable keywords and TurbTagger will generate technorati-tag code for you to place in your blog/site.

Categorize your blog posts, articles, recipes, or anything you like to share to get more traffic to your site.

You can also ping technorati within TurboTagger page.

TurboTagger Generator

*Alternative option is this little application that do the same work, even better..

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Koral Delivers Smarter Content Management

Koral is a web based Ajax application that helps to manage all the information that you have on your documents, emails, web pages and folders and share them with your salesforce, partners, customers or collaborators.

Koral have an easy to use, powerful platform that brings the solution for finding your most recent and relevant content by gather them all in one place.

With Koral, marketing can finally:

  • Find out where materials are being used
  • Eliminate out of date versions
  • Instantly update materials wherever used
  • Ensure customers and partners have the right materials at the right time
  • Prevent brand dilution by enforcing consistent messages
  • Target content to users who subscribe to key topics, eliminating spam

Koral Homepage

More screenshots - Koral Flickr

Watch Mark Suster and Tim Barker from Koral on stage at DEMOfall:

Koral is free to get started and only charges you small monthly fees as your adoption grows and only if your choose to use more advanced features.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MSN Radio - Powered by PANDORA

"MSN has partnered with Pandora to bring you an exciting and innovative online music discovery experience. Create custom radio stations that play music you'll love. Listen as much as you'd like for free. Discover great new music and share your favorites with friends."

Clever move by Microsoft. Pandora, the most powerful service that there is today for exploring and discovering new music online, will probably get millions of new listeners, but will defiantly give MSN Radio the boost that it need.

A win win situation.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's the Scoop?

Scoopr is a new take on getting your news. The service has over 4,000 different news sources and analyzing each article to get the “story” behind the article. Scoopr then compare it to other articles to find out what story is currently getting the most press.

Users can register for an account, leave comments on the articles to spark discussion, add friends, suggest articles to friends and scoop, or save articles for future reference.

The site is still in alpha mode but from what I've tried, It will be a great service that will let you have your daily news all in one place. I love sites that give you the option of easy reading with good and clean navigation through the posts. Scoopr allows you to save every story you choose to your personal favorites zone (scoopd news), so it will be easy for you later to find good stories that you've read before and track their comments.

It will be nice to go back and see what this site offers when the search engine will be completed. From what I know, it will have lots of power behind it..

Sign up to get your access to Scoopr soon.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Musicovery - Music Genre Visualization Tool

I really can't tell you much about this service because I simply don't know :-)
All I can say is that I found this today and it looks like a visual engine for music. It remained me anther good application called LivePlasma :Discovery engine that allow you to look for your favorite bands, movies or directors to obtain a map that details other potential interests.
The benefit in musicovery is that it's actually plays the music (full tracks)

To start the radio (iPod alike), click somewhere in the matrix: clam/energetic and dark/positive. To get a radio for "Dance": the more on the right you click, the more the music is suitable for dancing. You can also choose which years you would like to hear the music from.
check the timeline on the platform:

To get music by genre only, click in the colored matrix.

Musicovery will help your discover new artists and that's always a pleasure.

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IsraelWebTour Video

Check out this short movie from the Israel Web Tour that took place at SF, Silicon Valley- last week. More from that event on Flickr israelwebtourTag

More: IsraelWebTour OurielBlog


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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Exalead one: Search is Not Just a Concept

exalead one Web Search will give you great results within your search.
one: search, the first and only unified search technology platform that easily and effectively handles all search forms - from the desktop, the Web and across an enterprise, regardless of size or type. Many other technology vendors treat enterprise, desktop and Web search as individual processes, requiring three separate solutions that don't integrate with ease and are difficult to manage.

On exalead main page you can add shortcuts for all your favorites sites/blogs. You can also move them easily on the page by drag & drop them everywhere you want. I liked the clean layout, I can definitely see my self use this page on a daily basis.


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Skype early backer Mangrove invests in search startup - Quintura

Quintura, which just launched its See & Find visual find engine at: Quintura.com
announced that it raised a significant amount of venture capital from Mangrove Capital Partners of Luxembourg, an early-stage investor in Skype, ABRT Venture Fund and the partners of OpenView Venture Partners of Boston.

From their Press Release:

“We have found the team of Mangrove being a visionary investor and very intelligent partner in developing our consumer driven Internet business.” said Yakov Sadchikov, co-founder and CEO of Quintura. “We plan using the venture capital to take the Web by storm and reach millions of web users globally when launching the Quintura visual find engines for various user communities. We are also starting an affiliate program for most popular web-sites and blogs such as Digg, Netscape, and others where they can easily make their current tag clouds very interactive.”

Quintura is the next-generation web search company that was launched with a mission to make Web search easier and faster by adding context or meaning to keywords and visualizing search.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Fun and Easy2Use Applications

If you looking to surprise your friends with fun stuff, I recommend this two web-based, easy to use services. You will not require to download anything to your computer or even registered to those services, Just follow 1-3 simple steps and send the result by email - to your friends.

gabmail is a free, simple video email service. All you need to do is to set your webcam, record your self (for one or two min), and if you're please with the result, you'll get a link to pass it on to your friends.
It's fast and fun and actually a nice solution for birthday surprise. (for example)

Make myPeople Sing - It looks silly but still, it will make you smile :)
Choose the button: "Record your song", then click on any character you'd like on the page to make short and weird songs that you can easily send later to anyone you want by email.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Need a Quick Fix for your Photo?

pixer.us is a web-based application that will allow you to fix and edit your photo online using only your browser.

Simply upload your photo using the "load image" form. In a few seconds, the image will be displayed on screen and you can start to play with it.
After you're done fixing your photo click on the "Save" button to download it using your preferred file format. All modifications are done in a non-destructive way. Your image will always keep it's original quality!

It's quick, fun, useful and very easy to-do.

Start pixer.us - No registration needed.
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

November 10, 2006 - TheMarkerWeek Magazine Cover

This weekend, TheMarker (Israeli business & financial newspaper), published an article about me. If you're an Israeli reader, you can read all about it in here. If you're not familiar with the Hebrew language.. you can still enjoy the pictures ;)

Orli Yakuel on TheMarker

Orli Yakuel on TheMarker 1

Thank you: Michael Arrington, Philipp Lenssen and Ouriel Ohayon, for all your support!
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Digital Journal: Users Publishing News for other Users

I registered my self today to Digital Journal. That's allow me immediately to publish original posts about verity of subjects within few clicks.

Digital Journal have one simple logical rule: Don't Copy and Paste Other Stories. Give readers your opinion, not someone else's story. Feel free to quote various sentences or paragraphs from another source, but do not copy and paste an entire story. Save readers time by linking directly to the original news story. That will probably keep Digital Journal a clean and enjoyable place to read in.

When you post a story on Digital Journal, You'll be asked to choose for 3 main words from the original story. That will help Digital Journal to link to other relevant stories next to your post. Also you can upload logo/screen pictures or choose from a big photo library that other users already upload before.

Moreover, You can earn Cash as a result from posting/blogging into Digital Journal:
  1. Find a news story or website you think is interesting and write something about it.
  2. Post your opinion, links and news for other Digital Journal users.
  3. Rate other stories and give comments on the latest news.
  4. The more you contribute, the more cash you earn.

All this getting cash for posting/blogging is still new and surprising to me. I think users will still write even if they'll not get paid and maybe this is what makes it so real . Like Digg.com users. I wonder if this is a new area that we're getting into right now..

Digital Journal evolved into a printed publication in 2001 and began to engage and inspire readers across North America. Digital Journal Magazine lives and breathes at the intersection of technology and lifestyle. Published quarterly, Digital Journal informs and entertains readers with fascinating reportage on the technology and culture trends that affect everyone. From business, entertainment, politics, travel and health.
Digtal Journal front page.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Ajax13 - New Look for ajaxLaunch

Introducing Ajax13.
New look for good old ajaxLaunch. All those wonderful web based ajax applications from Michael Robertson company.

Great services, such as:

  • ajaxWrite: ajaxWrite is a web-based word processor that can read and write Microsoft Word and other open standard document formats. With the look and feel similar to Microsoft Word, ajaxWrite provides a powerful yet familiar and easy-to-use word processing environment.
  • ajaxSketch: ajaxSketch is a web-based drawing tool that handles the SVG format natively. With a familiar drawing interface, ajaxSketch allows you to create and edit complex SVG images that are easily imported into Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, Inksape, Macromedia Freehand, and other SVG capable programs.
  • ajaxXLS: The ajaxXLS viewer and editor allow you to create and edit Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets. The ajaxXLS familiar and easy-to-use interface allows you to handle all your basic spreadsheet needs directly from your browser.
  • New! ajaxPresents: This presentation editor lets your read, create and save Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentation files. In addition to a familiar web-based interface that allows you to easily handle presentation files, ajaxPresents also provides a publishing utility so you can share your files with your colleagues and collect feedback from visitors.
  • ajaxTunes: ajaxTunes is a web-based music player that lets you perform the common functionalities of your favorite player. In addition, ajaxunes has been preloaded with a demo account containing dozens of songs for you to listen to immediately.ajaxTunes also plays music from your MP3Tunes locker.

My post about ajaxTunes

  • ajaxOS: This AJAX-aware operating system has integrated the power of web-based applications with Linspire. ajaxOS has been configured to use AJAX software directly from the Firefox browser rather than conventionally installed software. ajaxOS recognizes any compatible file and launches the most up-to-date software from the web.

My post about AjaxOS

Stayed tuned over the next few days for announcements pertaining to updates of all Ajax13 current applications as well as the New ajaxPresents.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

LE WEB 3 - Conference in Paris, dec 11/12

LE WEB 3 will take place 11/12 december in Paris.
1000 bloggers/startupers/vcs/…are expected from all over the world.

Check this early alpha programm for more details.


For more information Go2 Ouriel Ohayon Blog (TechCrunchFr editor).
Techcrunch is co-hosting this conference, organized by SixApart.

Registration here.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Helipad : Flexible Web Notepad

Helipad is a web based notepad that will allow you to write notes and organise them with tags, You can easily create to-do lists or save draft documents on any computer wite Internet access.

Helipad features:
  1. Unobtrusive auto-save: set a timer to save automatically so you don't lose your work
  2. Organise your documents with tags
  3. Quickly find documents with a live-search on every page
  4. Customise your Helipad with themes and plugins
  5. Share your documents with friends
  6. Prepare documents for print by changing fonts

What I liked about this application, is that it is really fun and easy to write and save notes on the Net and that you can quickly find your saved documents leter.

Good and helpful service.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TimeBridge - Personal Scheduling Manager

TimeBridge's one-step scheduling allows users to quickly determine the best time to meet, establish meeting centric trust networks and automatically provision an online shared meeting space.

With TimeBridge, you select participants and send alternative meeting times using your Outlook email. TimeBridge does all the rest, collects everyone's availability, quickly finds and confirms the best time, creates an online space for documents and comments, and updates your calendar.

Product Features:

  • Unlock Outlook - Integrates your Outlook calendar and email for scheduling without flipping back and forth. Makes setting up a meeting as easy as sending an email.
  • Confirm times quickly - Selects the best time from invitees' responses, and alerts you if a meeting cannot be confirmed or responses are not received. Meetings come together in record time.
  • Invite anyone - Invite anyone with a Web browser, TimeBridge works with every email client and calendar, and prevents time-zone errors automatically. Connect, confirm, complete.
  • Avoid conflicts - Automatically creates an online workspace for every meeting. Post the latest agenda, documents and messages to cut confusion, version errors and email overhead.
  • Eliminate busywork - Keeps meeting attendees posted on changes, holds and clears proposed times on your calendar and avoids errors and conflicts, so you stay productive and in control.

Demo - Join the Beta

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