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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photagious - Have Fun with your Photos

Photagious is an online photo sharing site that allows you to create slideshows with music, titles, graphics, thought bubbles and more. You can order prints online, archive your photos and manage your photos all in one place.

Add music to your slideshow

Now.. hold it.. the service is not FREE. But listen what you'll get with low cost as 3.95$ a month:

  • Unlimited space -You can upload as many photos as you like
  • Your photos are safe and secure
  • Order prints online
  • Simple photo management with tagging
  • Easily combine photos, music, video and animation
  • Completely customizable theams
  • No ads!

  • Photagius archive the original photos that you upload so you never have to worry about losing photos again. This gives you the option to share the original photo if you choose. You can also crop, rotate, adjust your photos as you see fit. At any time you can restore any photos that was originally uploaded.

    If you own a site or blog you can embed any slideshow or picture to any site you choose. If you are a pro users you can even embed video.

    The interface of this service is Amazing! all built with wonderful flash. Check out this nice slideshow for example: Cat in the Box

    You can sign-up here for your free trial.

    posted by Unknown at 5:48 PM


    Blogger Eli said...

    what about slide.com?

    2:59 AM  
    Anonymous Jaisen said...

    Slide.com is a widget application. It's great if you want to add slideshows to your blog or myspace page but doesn't offer any management or archiving features.

    Photagious, Flickr and other sites provide more of a complete photo management and sharing service.

    It depends on what you're looking for.

    6:10 PM  

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