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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My 10 Favorite Facebook Applications

TechCrunch posted today their top 10 applications on Facebook. I recommend reading this great post. Following that I'd like to give my own 10 Facebook applications suggestion:

VUVOX - VUVOX is one of the best application I've ever tried! It allows you to blend your photos and video into rich interactive presentations, creating feeds of life experiences that you and your friends can share, directly from your Facebook profile.

My Flickr - My Flickr allows one to display one's photos according to certain criteria such as: Recent Photos, Tags, Interesting, Date Range, Privacy Filter, Photo sets and all "sorts" of other sorting and features. Allows for easy manual & auto refreshing. Easily update changes to your Mini-Feed. Display your photos how you want them with different layouts.

Top Friends - This applications lets you publish a list of your best friends. Can be a bit risky ;-)

Twitter - See what you and your friends are up to on Twitter and update your Twitter status, right from your Facebook. Seriously, this is application is the reason I started to use Twitter on a daily basis.

Graffiti - Remind me to be creative from time to time..

JiwaMusic - Allows you to easily create music playlist and share it with your Facebook friends.

Trakzor - Enable you to track your friends profile and see who's watching yours.

Digg - This application displays your five most recently dugg stories directly to your Facebook profile.

Hoops & Yoyou eCards - I love those two characters so I was so happy to find they too have Facebook application. It allows you to send cool greeting cards to your Facebook friends. The application includes an Inbox and Sent Items as well as an option to receive notifications when your eCard has been viewed!

TechCrunch - Well.. for Mike it is a bonus application, for me it's one of my Top 10 :-)
I just wish it would refresh itself.. but definitely a must for TC lovers.
posted by Unknown at 5:39 PM


Blogger mersh said...

good list, all of em definitely make the cut for "useful" apps :)

head on over to www.apprate.com to check out our reviews. you'd be interested to see just *how many* apps there are now.

best, -m

9:41 PM  
Anonymous ob81 said...

Thanks for this. I am starting a Facebook account soon, and will use this list to get up and running. :D

10:12 PM  
Anonymous fubdog said...

Great List! I saw that VUVOX is also using their app to cover event(s) like the X-Games. They have a link on their homepage that takes you to:

Looks like interesting coverage from pro skateboarders. Behind-the-scenes seems like a perfect fit.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Bercko21 said...

I love application called "Traveller IQ".
I've got hooked to it at work :)

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just want to add one to the list...http://apps.facebook.com/thenewsroom

5:41 PM  
Blogger FireBlizzard said...

iDescribe allows you to non-anonymously describe your friends in 5 words from a ready-to-go list of words that we've selected for you. The words that you are described with are then displayed on your profile in a neat way, with the most common words appearing first to offer an honest look at how others really view you.


8:46 PM  
Anonymous Manuel said...

Thank you for the list. I will test same.

8:42 PM  

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