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Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Smarter way to read Books Online

I was invited to test Book Glutton this morning and I was pretty impressed with the product. Book Glutoon is an online community for book lovers. They’ve integrated many of the features missing from Google Book Search, that should have been added a long time ago. The cool part about the service (besides the fact that you can read all the stories there for free) is the ability to make public comments on topics that interest you in each book. In addition, users can make private notes in the side bar of each book. (I found this really handy to remember my thoughts and insight on the stuff I read).

There are really cool social features as well. You can chat with other people reading the same book in real time. And you can search for other users and read books with them at the same time, or all together in groups that are organized around all kinds of subjects.

Bottom Line: Book Glutton is definitely an upgrade from the way people read books online today; and with their great social features, you can easily make new connections and friends around your literary interests - truly brining each book you read to life.

Book Glutton DEMO which shows the reading layout as well as the community features:

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