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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Create Interactive Flash Poster!

Prepare to have some FUN!

With Glogster you can create poster or even web-page in few minutes without any design knowledge. To start your own Glog just explore the Glogster galleries or built your own style while using your own images, videos and sounds. Then share it with your friends or the rest of the world.

This platform is really impressive but I wish Glogster will let users to grab content from Flickr, Youtube, etc., because as much as it simple to upload your own photos (real fast I have to say), it is more convenient to just take content from the Web (especially if it's video content).

Another problem is the embedding code. It's not flexible so you can't change the size of it. Therefore, I won't embed it here (since it is too big), but you can see my Glog by clicking here!

Update: More insights on this product from Techcrunch. I missed these posts about smaller applications :-) Totally agree with Mike on Scraptblog which is one of my favorite apps - I use them constantly!
Also check DownloadSquad for more.
posted by Unknown at 11:10 AM


Blogger Y2Work said...

Tnx. now i have a page there as well. I hope there will be a way to add RSS from other sites to my page there

6:50 PM  
Blogger Gsyka said...


It's very easy to embed a glog on a webpage with the code: just change the scale to 50 for example (original scale is 100)
see it:


6:37 PM  

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