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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Free Web 2.0 Icons

I bumped into this great set of Web 2.0 icons (3D style) that you can use in your site or blog.
Designed by Utom - Free to Download.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Easy 2 Make Flow Diagram

Just a quick recommendation for a very good service that will let you build flow diagrams, the easiest way. Check out bubbl.us, a nice flash based application. Simply sign in and start create your desirable diagrams. Also you can print your work when you're done.

Too bad bubbl.us don't allow any sharing options - I wish they'll add some:

  • embed diagrams on your blog
  • share creations via email
  • add links into the bubbles

Still cool though.

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Your own iTunes PC!

Avvenu allows you to directly route all your files on your computer. That route is open to your friends and you can share all your stuff from anyware.

Recently Avvenu announced their new product: The Avvenu Music Player. Avvenu player makes sharing music fast and easy. You can listen and Share your Apple iTunes Music from ANYWHERE!! Unlike other solutions, you do not have to be on the same home or office network or even within close proximity to another portable music player. As long as your share recipients are connected to the Internet, they can listen to the music you've shared - all you need is their email address. Using the Avvenu Music Player, you can easily and safely share your music with friends and family. When you share a playlist, your friend will get link via email allowing them to listen to your playlist within 5 days.

The "beta" version of the Avvenu Music Player lets you share up to 250 songs. When you choose playlists from your PC to share, the playlists and songs are automatically copied to Avvenu's secure media center for reliable, streaming playback. Once your songs and playlists are copied to Avvenu’s media center, you don't even have to leave your PC powered on.

The best thing about this player is that you can actually listen to your iTunes when it's offline and right from your browser and you don't even need Avvenu's client to be open on your own computer! Just choose your 250 favorites songs and within one click Avvenu will save it to your Anytime Playlists which will allows you later to listen to those playlists in any giving time, form any computer.

Simply install the Avvenu Music Player and you can listen to your music using the web browser on any other Internet- connected Windows or Macintosh, laptop, or Windows Mobile.

hopefully the next version will allow some video options.

My Anytime Playlist (available for 5 days starting from today)

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Documentation is important !

Congratulation TechCrunch!

Congratulation Mike and TechCrunch team
150,000 readers (and those are only the ones that subscribed to your blog) is a big WOW!
Keep up the good work!
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The Next Generation TV Over the Internet

I have to admit, when I first saw the name: Babelgum, I didn't except to find such as a powerful service behind it. I did like the logo, but the name didn't really provide any hints as to what I was about to find.

Kindly the Babelgum team allows me to be one of their Beta testers and I have to say that I was amazed from the moment I've have it on my machine.

Babelgum is a desktop client that allows their users to watch videos on their computer in a very TV-like experience. You can browse through the channels and choose your favorites show. You can rate the movies, add them to your favorites and watch them later on the video channel. Babelgum provide you with an AWESOME movie player which have some great innovative navigation tools. You can also watch a full screen movie with high quality streaming in it.

Just switch to the TV mode on the dock and start watching demo channels. You can use the remote control to pause or skip the clip currently playing in a channel and to zap between channels. When you come back to a channel, it starts playing exactly where you last left it!

Click again on the TV selector. A panel will pop up on the video screen, allowing you to browse through the programs of the available channels. You can bookmark the channels you like into your own folders by simple drag-and-drop of the channel icons. Also you can bookmark clips programmed in TV. Switch to Video mode and playback these clips.

Screenshots: BlogTV Channel

News Channel

Fun & Gossip Channel

If you wish to sign up, you can do it- here.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

booBox to Change the way you Advertise on your Blog

A booBox is a tiny little box that will bring to your audience the wonderful world of e-commerce, without leaving your blog, using your words or pictures as a path to a shopping cart . Each item sold through your booBox will give you instant money, send to you through your affiliate program with big players such as Amazon or eBay.

When you post on your blog, you’re influencing your own audience. Tag your image and booBox send it to the e-commerce website that send a list of possible items related to your image. Each image tagged gets a booBox icon over it to show your audience where to click.
For each country, the booBox Team will choose one e-commerce store that’s able to offer the highest number of products and with the best delivery system.

Lets say you write in your blog about a new gadget that you know about or have, put an image of the gadget and tag it, the image become a booBoxlink to a store where your reader can buy the exact gadget and you can earn a good commission in this transaction.

The booBox service is not alive yet but I can honestly say - I like the idea, can't wait to see it in action and defiantly will keep my eyes on that one.

Stay tunned for more.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Parazz-Flash Based Photo Sharing: Shut Down their Service

Parazz informed their users that by March 2007, the service will be completely shut down. Parazz will provide a method for the users that want to download all the photos they been uploaded to the service, before the site is officially shut down.

From Parazz announcement:
"After a good amount of deliberation we've decided to shut down Parazz to pursue other interests. It's been a great experience to help build this community but we feel we no longer have the time or resources to properly satisfy the needs of our users"

My earlier post about Parazz application (May 2006)
*Thank you William Olivieri for emailed me that information.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Discover New Music with iJigg

If you consider your self as a music artist and would like to expose your creation to the world, you should try iJigg. You'll be able to easily upload your music files and share it with others on the site itself or via emails, blog/site embed and even post it to your facebook account (if you have one). You don't have to be a registered user - to do that.

This great site is not just for artists. It is for every one who like to listen to music and discover good new songs. You can choose to listen to the most popular songs, most recently posted or to search for your favorite genre.

As an iJigg member, you can submit music, rate music and chime in on conversations.

for example, I totally jigg this song. I guess jigg=digg but I'm cool with that :-)
click-on to listen

For more information, watch iJigg DEMO in here

This service launched only yesterday so it still not have so many songs to choose from but it have the potential to grow soon and it's sure worth a try.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Manage your Flickr Photos with PowerSnap

First, If you are an active member at Flickr, PowerSnap is totally for you!

PowerSnap allows you to Automate Photo Sharing – it’s a new product that’s Flickr friendly.
Send pictures privately to your friends or send them a subscription of your tags or albums. Anytime you upload a new photo your friends get the photos instantly. It's a slick, rich, beautiful flash application to manage your photos, send and receive subscriptions and sync with Flickr.

Each PowerSnap user can manage all their pictures sitting on their computer the same way they manage their photos on Flickr. Moreover, PowerSnap has a powerful two way synchronization feature with Flickr. Upload directly to Flickr and those pictures popup on PowerSnap. Change captions, tags or permissions on your Flickr pictures, right from PowerSnap.

With PowerSnap you can subscribe to photos from your Flickr friends. Any time one of your friends uploads pictures to their Flickr set you have subscribed to, you'll receive those photos in your PowerSnap “Photo Inbox” instantly.

PowerSnap is still in alpha mode but it works so good, I recommend you warmly to try the software without hesitate that.
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Schmedley: More Than Just A StartPage

A quick test drive with Schmedley startpage gave me some good experience and great results within my search.
At first I thought this is no more than just another homepage with some cool widgets on it but at Schmedley, almost every widget is actually a channel. Each channel offers data that is diverse and sometimes hard to get at, and organizes it into one clean, easy-to-use interface. In many cases schmedley becomes a content provider, dedicated to offering an innovative way to carry out different web searches and perform specific tasks while gathering data from various sources. Even greater functionality is achieved by giving users the ability to store and manipulate personalized data relevant to each task at hand.

As a result of that you get rich Internet application that will allows you to:

Move the widgets (schmidgets) around the page to your liking, change the homepage background color and enter “default” values in some of the schmidget text fields. When you'll return to schmedley - your homepage will be just as you left it.

Search images through flickr

Track stocks information

Set all your desirable RSS feeds in one place

Run multiple search

Easy to search at Amazon

Get your city forecast with radar & satellite map

Also try: Schmedly Movies, Schmedly Airfare and Schmedly IM

Schmedley is still in alpha mode and currently working on some new feature that will go live soon.

Sign up
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Find the Differences..

Yesterday I saw this site and couldn't believe my eyes:

from SuperGu about-us:
SuperGu software combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication. It was inspired by Meneame, Del.icio.us and Reddit.
SuperGu supports crowdsourcing of links, images, videos, blogs, commenting and feedback. SuperGu lets you submit, discuss, and promote any content you want.

It was inspired by Meneame, Del.icio.us and Reddit?! So how come all their screenshots looks precisely like it's been copied from Digg??

Front Page:

Submit Story:

Upcoming Stories:

I bump into Digg clones every day but this is way beyond inspiration!
Moreover, this totally wrong not to even mention the word digg anywhere in their (SuperGu) introducing!

Try their Demo


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Update! The Demo URL redirecting now to Meneame. Weird.
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Monday, January 08, 2007

Test your Del.icio.us Bookmarks

Little yet powerful application that will check for broken links in your del.icio.us account.
You can save the wrong links to test later and delete them when you're completely sure that they don't work.
After a quick Download - Insert your login and your password and click the magic fresh button.

Via Ggenbeta
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Remote Desktop Viewing

iRemotePC is remote desktop and file transfer access for your PCs.
iRemotePC service provides the user with unrestrained secure access and full view of the user’s home/office PC via any web-browser from a distance, allowing the user to see and work on the user’s PC in real-time and have immediate access to the user’s files, emails and programs.


  1. Work on your Office PC and have access to your files/folders from the comfort of your home or virtually wherever you are!
  2. Full-screen remote desktop access and transfer files back/forth between PCs via any web-browser for Free!
  3. Invite Guests to PC to partake in presentations or present demos
  4. Stream files directly out of your PC to friends or family without the hassle of uploading or sending large emails.

Moreover, Share files directly from your PC without the hassle of uploading. Send your music files, documents and pictures (small or large files) to your friends, family or colleagues without the hassle of uploading or wasting time sending large emails. Your recipients can download any file you specify directly out of your PC. Best of all: They don't need to have any kind of special software installed on their computer!

Seriously, I'm pretty blown from this. (especially the sending files without actually uploading them part) Never saw or tried anything like this service. It looks almost too good to be true.. but hey it is. It really work! (no more yousendit.com for me..)

iRemotePC Comparison Chart

Download iRemotePC Free (2.47MB)

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