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Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Joost commercial

Joost have created their first TV commercial:


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Friday, March 30, 2007

Everybody is an Expert in Something

5min, Israeli based - young start-up, is a place to find short video solutions for any practical question and a forum for people wanting to share their knowledge. 5min aims is to create the first communal Life Videopedia allowing users from all over the globe to contribute their knowledge by sharing visual guides covering variety of subjects.

5min gives each creator a private promotional Studio – a space to show their skills, and share their secrets.

I know that 'HOW-TO' videos are very hot right now and this is actually what I've thought about 5min at first, as just yet another 'HOW-TO' site, but there's a lot more to it in this service: while uploading a movie, the creator can enhance it by adding a textual storyboard to the video. 5min have a very unique feature called the 'Smart Player' and when you click on it, a full page view is open and users can slow the video whenever they want too, zoom it in or out, watch the moves frame-by-frame and more.

The Smart Player

What so great about this service is the fact that it can really helps you learn something because of these powerful additions to the service that I can assure, you didn't saw (yet?) anywhere else.

Watch: Downward-facing dog posture. I wonder if I can try this with my Staffordshire Terrier..

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pattern Tool for Web Designers

lately I don't have so much time for blogging so it's good to find services like Stripe Generator that you don't actually need to explain so much about them ;-)

Just go inside the site and try their Design Tool yourself. Very useful and easy-to-use, you can't go wrong there, believe me.

Unleash your personal style, experiment and download the tile. You can use it directly in your CSS file or as pattern in Photoshop.

Another great way to make patterns, in this service: StripeDesigner

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Monday, March 26, 2007


Bzzster is a new service that allows you to do several things:
  1. Share links via email, with your friends from any Web page
  2. Recommend those links to the rest of Bzzster community
  3. Your link will be saved on your space at Bzzster as your own bookmarks
  4. You can Subscribe to your friend recommendations
What so great about Bzzster is that it is very easy-to-use and by sharing links via email and on Bzzster site you also saving links as your favorites and this is 3 activities that you do all at once.

Let's say I want to share something from my Flickr (which is awesome because flickr don't allow this simple option on their site), all I need to do is go to the page that I want to share, click on Bzzster button that sitting on my browser and share it away.

But Bzzster service need more features if they want it to be more useful:
  1. Let the users tags their links when they sharing them.
  2. Add a search box to Bzzster site and not only to a user page. Let people search by topics and tags.
  3. Allow users to resend links from their own Bzzster page. (I know I can resend other users links but not my own)
  4. More links in one page. Please!
If you need more information about Bzzster, Here is a good post.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Go2web2 TechBites 03/24/07

Let me start this TechBites addition by saying, the new Blogger is really awful! I'm so sorry I moved to the new version, it's making me so much troubles!
  1. Images that I'm uploading, disappeared
  2. It's really not easy to embed videos from YouTube or wherever
  3. and if you make a mistake there is no returning back!
I always thought Google products are great but the new blogger is definitely not doing their reputation any good. Now they can actually use the beta factor as an excuse..

New services from our site that you might find useful:

Quickeo is an application for people who want to share their private digital photos, videos, music and other files with their friends, family and community and not the whole world. Just select any files that you want to share from your PC, tag them, select the recipients you want to share the files with and click on the button 'send it'. Simple. Your contacts will receive a Quickeo email that will allow them to access your files. Also You can add all multimedia files received by Quickeo email to your TypePad or LiveJournal blogs simply by copying the associated link received and thumbnail image.

Great new service called eyejot will let you send video messages in a snap. So instead of writing, why don't you record you self and send it to anyone you want?! eyejot is a client-free online service and the platform is absolutely easy-to-use. The interface is like email box except the message that you're sending (via email) are videos and not text. Well, you can add notes to the videos if you like..

Gumiyo have mobile commerce platform that allows users to easily publish and search classified ads entirely from mobile phones and immediately connects live buyers and live sellers. Using any mobile phone with a built-in camera and a basic data plan. Simply capture images or video of the item, attach them to multimedia message with a short description and send it to post@gumiyo.com
You can also do all
the above form the Web.

I don't use Twitter but I might going to because of this cool button that allows you to share any web page that you like, to your Twitter account. Drag this link to your browser toolbar and click on it whenever you'd like to share a web page.

Huminity is a free social network desktop client. You can write a blog and connect with others blogs, add friends and make your own community, chat with your IM friends and more. I really like the idea, I just think it will be better to have the same functions on a web based service. (love their visual map of friends, great stuff!)

Good post from ReadWriteWeb: How To Market Your Web App
From that post:
"This is the smallest category, with perhaps just tens of sites. The success of these sites depends on web 2.0 media, so they should solely focus on getting themselves featured there. Actually most of them are no different than the WAIT list, except that their niche is web 2.0 itself! Two great examples are BuzzShout and Go2Web20. Obviously, the web 2.0 audience is open to such services, so there's no better place for these sites to get exposure. Blog widgets is another category can be added to the RUN list."
I guess it's not objective from me to say that Emre Sokullu is absolutely right, since Go2web20 is our site, but it is true.

xFruits released a new cool update, they added a feature that enables you to compose your own vocal information system in a very simple way. It's a "text to speech" podcast. Put the RSS feed and you will obtain a MP3 file for each article of this feed. The result is almost immediate and high quality speech. The following languages are available : English, French and Spanish.

I would love to have a supermarket like that near my house!
Supemarket 2.0
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Your New Personal Dashboard and Sidebar

KlipFolio Allows you to monitor everything from news, weather, stocks, auctions and blogs to competitive intelligence, help-desk notifications, IP publications, KPIs, and IT systems activity - all in a simple, personally configured dashboard, right on the desktop.
Klipfolio have over 4,000 klips available for quick download to let you stay update with what matters to you.

  • Smallest dashboard: Klips are tiny, so they stay out of your way until you need them.
  • Always up-to-date: New information flows into Klips so you don't have to go looking for it.
  • RSS support: Monitor your favorite RSS feeds on your desktop using Klips.
  • Intelligent sidebars: Place Klips along any screen edges, keeping them always visible, or enable auto-hide for smallest screen usage.
  • Liquid layouts: Klips flow around your desktop as you drag and drop them, making it easy to customize your layout.
  • Alerts: Set desktop alerts for keywords and new articles in any Klip so you are notified as soon as changes occur.
  • Skinnable: Download skins, change colors and adjust fonts.
  • Multi-language: Full unicode support (over 24 languages)
Also, for developers, the klips are easy to build, and fully scriptable.

The minute I've tried Klipfolio, I knew it is going to stay on my desktop for a long time. Great solution for people that want to stay update and be notify fast about news, new blog posts, emails, etc. Klipfolio interface is very easy to use. Good usability in great design!

Watch Klipfolio Demo:

Free Download
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Did you Mean...

If you'll search something on YouTube and the word that you search for not bringing any result, they will now suggest you other key word that might works for you, exactly like when you search something at Google.

I don't know if I'm right or wrong but it seems to me like it wasn't there yesterday when I was searching for something else..

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Friday, March 16, 2007

My Blog is 1 year old - Today!

I don't usually promote my self but when I got this movie, I just felt like I HAVE to share it with you! It made by Eyal Shahar which is also my partner at go2web20 and I just can't get enough from his creations.

Eyal, you are Amazing. Thank you for that AWESOME video!

BTW, if you'll listen carefully you'll notice that the 'Orli Go' sound a bit like the shouts in the music. and it's Cool!


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Announcing 1K Web 2.0 Services at our Directory!

We're very pleased to announce that we've reached 1,000 Web 2.0 services at go2web20.net site!

If you'd like to keep on tracking the numbers, just check our 'About' from time to time, It's update automatically.

If you wish to be listing on our Directory, Please send us an email to this email address.
For Information about our advertising offers, use this email address.

Also we want to inform that we are working on a new site version that will allow users to be more active so be sure to wait for that!

Thank you sponsors!!

Techcrunch: Obsessively profiling and reviewing new internet products and companies.

Twerq: Search different. Find it faster with tabbed results.

Killer Startups: Internet startups reviewed. Vote the killer!

Please Save us on del.icio.us


Eyal & Orli
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SpotBack Rate Everything Widget - Rocks!

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for SpotBack new feature :
Rate Everything Widget.
It is a very powerful rate system that you embed to your blog or site and every post can be rate by the visitors.

Now let me tell you what so unique about this widget:
It's not just an ordinary 'rate this' system. This widget gather all the data from people that rate your stories and allows you, and everyone that visit at your site, to see what's the most favorites posts in a spacial personal recommendations box. (see side bar at my blog)
On that box you'll find:
Top rated stories, Recommended stories and you can browser by Tags that other chooses for the posts.

Moreover, you will be able to customize your own rate slide to fit your site design: colors, fonts, etc.

SpotBack public release to be planned for the next weeks so stay tuned for that and for some other things..
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Go2web2 TechBites 35/2007

Over the week I find great stuff that I want so much to write about but regretfully don't have enough time to do that. So I have decided to gather some information about new companies and some other TechNews, to one weekly post. (and of course I'll still post during the week as much as I can)

First check out this cool new CRUNCHBar that's coming from my favorite blog in the web.
The CRUNCHBar connects you with the TechCrunch community which is great idea and a good solution for me so thank you for that great tool. BTW I find the search very useful, I just need to mark a word or more on the page and it shows on the searchbar. Nice! and I love the chat option too and the music player!
Download here for free.

I would like to highlight some services from our site that I think could come handy if you use the Internet Daily:

share2me is a sweet plug-in that sit on your browser (support IE & FF only at the moment), and allows you to share your favorites web pages, with your friends, exactly while you're in them. Lets say you find amazing site and wants to share it, you simply click on the share2me button, a box will open and you'll be able to easily send this page by entering the receiver email address. More info.

FeedFlash is a very easy-to-use tool that lets you create RSS reader widget. Just enter your desirable URL or feed link and FeedFlash will supply you a script code to embed to your blog. You can also choose your favorites color for this reader.

Grokker is not an ordinary search engine. Grokker has some quality features to help you get much more within your search. First it divides your search to categories which makes it easy to find the most relevant results you need. Also it provide you with a map view so you can navigate easily between the results. Grokker also allows you to choose a date for your search and you can save your search, email it, export it etc. I warmly recommend to try this engine, you'll have a good experience with it.

Another good search engine that will enable you to search through visual map is Quintura that relaunch their service two weeks ago. Quintura has it's unique search by tags feature that lets you roll-over a tag and get text results based on Yahoo! search. Also when you stand on a tag, other relevant tags will show and you can easily switch between them. More info.

Two successful Israeli based startups (that I really like), raised their first big round of money:
Yedda raised 2.5m $ with Genesis Partner and Fixiya announced a round of investment of 4 million $ with Israeli VC Pitango and US VC Mayfield. So congratulations Yaniv & Yaniv :-)
More info.

eSnips use to let you 1GB space to upload stuff.. Now you can have 5!GB of free space to upload just about everything you want to their site and share it with your friends. Great deal of storage for free!

Digg announced its million users earlier this week! All I can say in regards, iDigg and I'm proud of it!

Last thing:

If you live in Israel, be sure to check out TWS2007 (hebrew info) event that taking place at April 10 . It's an Internet event which is aimed at bringing entrepreneurs with great ideas and investors (VC's and angles) together. The idea is to Identify and present up to 10 small startups with great technology and strong teams, who are seeking for funds and on the other hand, allow all other web entrepreneurs to mingle and approach the VC's and angles with no formal barriers.

Update! NetvibesUWA (stand for Universal Widget API) by Netvibes, has been released today.
This product enable you to have all your Netvibes widgets available on every widget platforms or blog systems like: Google IG, Apple Dashboard and many more.
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2 Updates on Flickr

1) On March 15th, Flickr will be discontinuing the old email-based Flickr sign in system. From that point on, everyone will have to use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr. More info.

2) Now you can receive notifications via email if someone comment on your photos or if one of your contacts uploaded new photos. More info.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Listed on Go2web20? Grab yourself a Badge!

If you're listed on our site, we're giving you the option to SHOW OFF and embed a Go2web20 Badge to your site or blog. Go2 this page, and build your own service badge. It means that every time that someone will click on this badge it will lead to your service at our application, immediately.

For example, If you click on this badge:

You'll see that it's first open the panel with the information regarding this service. Also you'll get to see Yedda cool widget that allows you to explore their site activities.
If you wish to place YOUR widget on OUR site, we keeps a spot for you on your panel to put your widget on! More on that option in the advertise section.

Now it's our turn to SHOW OFF ;-)

We want to say a big Thank You to all of you that saved us on Del.icio.us
Our URL been saved by 7001 people!
And to the bloggers that wrote about us or linked to us on their sites or blogs,
It looks like Technorati has been good to us too!
Rank: 1,160 (2,324 links from 1,208 blogs)

AND! One more little Thank You from me to my AMAZING partner Eyal Shahar that works so hard on the site every day! Lots of the site success is simply because you're there. I am so lucky to have such a brilliant man as my partner. Thank you for that.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FOWA 07 Presentations and Audio files

Finally FOWA updated their site with copies of the presentations along with MP3 files!

Start with these two :-)

MP3 Presentation. Congratulations for 302K blog subscribers Mike!

MP3 Presentation

Mike & Kevin @ the FOWA07

More great speakers in here.
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogosphere Visualization!

Twingly screensaver is visualizing the global blog activity in real time!
I first saw this impressive experience two weeks ago at the FOWA_07 in London and it's was completely different and exciting. Download the screensaver and watch how the blogsphere is bubbling :-)

Cool screenshot from my machine

Download Twingly interactive screensaver (beta)
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

izimi - The Future of Internet Publishing

izimi is a new SUPER application that allows their users to share any file (type or size), right from their machine to the web in no time!

First you have to download izimi application. That will enables you to easily publish any form of electronic content to any other Internet user with just a few mouse clicks and without any technical knowledge.

Choose the file you'd like to share, add some description, tag it and immediately after you'll click on the publish button, you'll get an URL to share with your friends. Simple as that!

izimi is more than just a publisher tool. izimi is also a social network that's build up from these users generated content. You can use the service without downloading any software and without having to sign in - even if you don’t actually publish anything you'll still be able to search for files that other people shared or you can sign in, build your profile and make your own community of family and friends. As a member you can add comments, rating and friends, setting favorites and messaging. All the files that you share are public for now, but you can choose to delete them from izimi database when you please.

izimi will be available to download, at their site - starting from tomorrow.

Orli at izimi

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

TouchGraph - Discover the Relationships Contained in Popular Information Sources

TouchGraph, a powerful visual mapping tool, is reborn with a new website, and a new Amazon Browser demo.
TouchGraph also have a new TouchGraph Google Browser
Just enter any keywords or any URL's and Graph it! The results are pretty Amazing!

Analyze and create reports:
  • See numerical analysis in tables that reflect the graph.
  • Analyze your results with a range of algorithms, including cluster detection and centrality ranking.
  • Create reports by exporting the tables and graph to Excel sheets, images, and other public formats.
Visualization goes beyond lists to reveal larger scale patterns. You can easily see how the results that you get within your search are relate to each other.

Go2web20 graph:

Digg graph:

Techcrunch graph:
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