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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Does Google Really Worry About Our Privacy?

I found this short movie, about the power of Google, in here

Can't agree with the content.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wait.. There's More!

We are pleased to announce that Go2web20.net has more than 10,000 Del.icio.us users that linked to the site. Surely that makes us very happy and proud of what we're doing for almost a year. Thank you so much for all the support, you are always welcome to suggest us a service, feedback or anything you'd like to say, at this email: suggest@go2web20.net .

But wait! There's more :-)

We're about to release a new version very soon and you can definitely expect to see some cool features in this one along with a new beautiful interface.

Stay tuned for more!

Eyal & Orli

*A special thanks goes to Mike for believing in us.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Have Webcam? - Have Fun!

Cameroid is a nice tool that allows you to shoot quick pictures with your webcam and create some cool affects with them. Just like that, within one click, right from your browser.

You can save your creations in the Cameroid public gallery, print it on a full page or download the photo to your own computer.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Watch Interactive TV stations from your Browser

Lately I'm seeing more and more services that allowing to watch full screen videos right from your browser. What all of them have in common is that they kinda have Television look& feel interface. It even looks like some of them inspired by Joost style.

4 creative web based applications that combining video sites into a TV-style interface and worth a check:

Darao Is a mash-up of video playlists. Every list is basically like a channel that you can watch continuous without moving the mouse or clicking on anything. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You can also search for any movie you like.

For example: You can watch Metacafe: Top Videos in stream

The my.vpod.tv interface recreates the living-room experience : the videos play full screen, in great quality, and sequentially in order of the predefined playlist (channel). The viewer only needs to press Play once to watch his own TV show.

SpecialTen.tv Is an independent television. A free, full screen online tv channel showcasing music videos, short films, and documentaries. Specialten.tv have some great content but they really need to work on their platform usability.

Neave.tv An experimental use of video on the web, powered by blip.tv, Google Video and YouTube. This service is still on it early alpha stage, the interface looks nice but it performance and streaming are really bad.

Note: I have no idea why all the pictures that I've uploaded to this post (4 times!) disappeared..
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Now Blogger Save your Drafts Automatically!

Who said I don't like the new blogger?!

They have new and wonderful feature: When you create a new post, Blogger will start automatically saving it for you once a minute, without interrupting your typing.
If you use Blogger, you know what I'm talking about - No more losing important data!

Note: Autosave does not occur when you are editing posts that have previously been published to your blog.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

How to read hundreds of RSS Feeds Every Day - Robert Scoble's Tips

In this Great video, Robert Scoble explains how he manages to read all of his 622 RSS Feeds, every morning. Scoble also gives some tips on how to read them FAST.

I can honestly say that I'm reading my RSS feeds using the same technique. The only difference is that I use Bloglines instead of GoogleReader.

From some reason, I couldn't embed this video in my blog but I've linked it to the picture below.

Click on the picture for more


Source: Fourhourworkweek Blog
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A New Web-Based Music Player - Awesome one!

A great new online music player called Spool.fm, allows you to search for all your favorites music and easily to create playlists from the results of that. You'll be able to hear those playlists over and over on the Web. No download required.

Spool.fm built with Ajax, and have a lot of sexy features such as:
  • Easy drag & drop to create playlists
  • Similar artists recommendations
  • Listen with a friend -which allows you to listen in real time to what a friend is listening to!
Listen with a friend

On my daily basis I'm using Radioblogclub as one of my favorite services.
If Spool.fm will stay stable and quick as it is now, I'm definitely going to keep on using them as well.

There is one important feature missing though: The option to embed a song or a playlist to your site/blog.

Still a great application, I've really enjoyed using it.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sputtr - A Clean way to Search

Sputtr is a cool search engine that is built from a collection of all your favorite search engines and all the social sites that out there, that help you find things faster and only from places you want.
With a nice icons map interface, all you need to do is to write your keyword, then just click on the service you want to find information for.

Very clean, easy on the eye and gives good and focused results.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Send Pictures to Friends via FLICKR!

Oh what a wonderful news! The most important feature that Flickr was so missing, launched today! Now you can share photos with family and friends right from the image page. No more sending links via email. Yeah!

(gosh, what took you so long to release that?!)

Flickr also launched an improved version of the Slideshow with:
  • Bigger photos
  • Titles and descriptions
  • And a great black background :-)
Quick example in here.
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pandora to Limit their Service to U.S users ONLY!

All non-U.S Pandora users, you have only one day left to enjoy this great service. This is by far the most saddest news I've ever heard in regards to Web2.0 services.

Pandora has some issues regarding rights lately that were solved only in the U.S for now. The only "comfort" I could find on Mike's blog is this paragraph:
"I spoke with CTO Tom Conrad this evening about the change. He says Pandora has been working on international rights deals for nearly two years now, and they hope to have enough deals done in the UK and Canada to launch in those countries soon. Other markets will take longer, he says."
Bummer :(

Read the all story on TechCrunch.

Update! How to access Pandora from outside the U.S via LifeHacker.
(Thanks Val)

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Time for some Updates

How often do you actually go and check those updates from services you've tried?
Lately, I've looked back on some of the applications I've tested while ago and saw that they have changed or have added some cool features to their service. On this post, I'll give a brief summary of some of them:

Schmedly is a good 'start-page' that gives attention to every widget they're adding to their application. What's great about it is that the users get a better experience while using it.
This week Schmedly released the Gmail schmidget and from what they're saying, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail are not far behind. Also coming in the month of May, Schmedly is releasing - a SMS schmidget and a To-Do list schmidget. Followed in June by - AOL Mail, Mac Mail and a generic POP3/IMAP4 email schmidgets - and - Reference channel & schmidgets, so be sure to check up on these updates soon. Take me back

Exclusive Screenshots:

What use to be share2me, has now launched a new and improved ShareThis beta. ShareThis is a very useful plug-in for your browser that allows you to share web pages directly to your friends via email. It also have a nice mash-up for your Facebook, AIM and MySpace accounts.
But there's more, ShareThis also collects all the links you've shared and saves it on your ShareThis account and you can always go back to check, find or resend again whatever you were sharing before.

iRemotePC launched a new service: A web based remote support service. This is an AJAX-based Remote Support service provided by iRemotePC, which allows users to remotely control any PC without pre-installing any software on the remote side.
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Think Free is openly offering its Viewer APIs for Web Services companies to mashup viewers into new and cool applications. ThinkFree's service is now one year old, and with more 250,000 users, and 750,000 files that have been uploaded to their database, I think they have a good reason to celebrate. Good overview on the new features in Frank's Blog.
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Springdoo has really changed since the last time I was checking them up!
Last year, they allowed their users to send voice messages via email-online - the easiest way. Still easy, still web based, still SpringMail but now Springdoo also enables you to send video mail and get replies back. You can record it online or upload almost any format file, no software required!
Another new service at springdoo is the SpringCast: Add video to any Website, Embed the SpringCast Communicator in MySpace, Friendster, TagWorld, Xanga, Blogger, WordPress or any other website. The Bottom line: Springdoo is a very friendly site that will let you easily communicate with family and friends. Take me even farther..

I've just noticed a little change on my rate widget here, powered by Spotback. See attached screenshot:

Spotback is a personalized rating system that recommends relevant content based on personal rating history using collaborative filtering and aggregated knowledge technologies.
If you didn't download spotback to your blog yet, I warmly suggest you to do that!
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