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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mobile Wallpaper for Geeks (Like Me:-)

Fan of Web 2.0 Social Networks?
Check out these cool wallpapers created by Liron Tocker

Download free from Liron's Flickr.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rsizr - Intelligent Image Resizing

Rsizr is a Flash application that lets you resize JPG, PNG, and GIF images on your computer. With rsizr, in addition to normal image rescaling and cropping, you can also resize images using a new image resizing algorithm called seam carving that tries to keep intact areas in your image that are richer in detail.

This is the first application based on the same image resizing technique as presented by Dr. Shai Avidan and Dr. Ariel Shamir:

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any detailed explanation that guide the users on 'how-to' use Rsizr application, but after testing it for an hour or so, I was absolutely impressed by it performances and I even managed to create this by my self: (and if I can do it, everyone can)



The application works on FireFox but works better on IE.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yoomba - Calling all Emails

Israeli startup Yoomba, is an open communications experience that allows you to talk through your email, for free, globally. Yoomba works based on the first proprietary open peer2peer topology that sits on top of all email networks. This patent pending technology developed by Yoomba's team and can turns any email address into a phone and messenger.

Yoomba offers unique one-touch buttons which appear in your preferred email application, making connecting to anyone just one click away, and with Yoomba you also have access to your most popular contacts, at a glance. Whether it's Outlook or any other Webmail (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! Hotmail). You can even call and chat with your friends right from your Facebook profile page!

According to company information, the services works with Internet explorer versions 5.5 and higher, and partially support Firefox. Mac and Linux are currently not supported, but Yoomba versions for these platforms are in the works.

Yoomba was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel and is headquartered in Silicon Valley in the US.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Play Music on Demand

meTracks is an innovative web based audio player, allowing you to listen to your music, when you want it, and from any computer. meTracks is designed to take away the headache of owning and transporting your audio everywhere by giving you an easy to use web based music player, on demand. Also, site have very convenient interface with easy navigation and simple control of your files. In addition, you can create quick playlist and save it for easy playback.

Every account gets 1GB storage space with a maximum transfer of 10GB/month (equivalent to 125 hours of non stop music).

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crunching Silicon Valley

Techcrunch40 event was by far one of the busiest conferences I've ever attended. If I had to express how I felt over the 2 day conference in one word it would definitely be: Overwhelmed!
First things first: My warm congrats to Heather, Mike and Jason. The event was very well managed - You've done a fantastic job on this one guys.

To be honest, I didn't think I could handle 20 new companies a day, but the 9 minutes presentations along with the interesting panel discussions after every 5 startup sessions, made it easier to absorb and actually I found myself anxious to see what was coming up next...

Check out all the presenters websites in this nifty interactive slideshow:

Created by techieme

Congratulations to Mint that won and took home the $50,000 cash award because of their great product. But I actually picked my own winner:

Flock is a web browser that makes it easier to share media and connect with other people online. Share photos, automatically stay up-to-date with new content from your favorite sites, and search the Web with the most advanced Search Toolbar available today.

Personally I think Flock didn't yet got the recognition they deserved by being the only browser that allows you to stay connect with your favorite social services in a very smooth and easy way, but with the new upcoming version, they may become one of the hottest thing this year so be sure to stay tuned and sign up for their Private Beta.

Screenshot from the upcoming version: Flock 1.0

The Flock browser offers a better Web experience, especially if you own a blog and and active in social services such as: Flickr, Youtube and Facebook, on a daily basis.

The new version will help you enjoy the web with your friends:
  • Flock automatically pulls your friends into the browser from your favorite services
  • Easily access the photos and videos they have posted to share
  • Share web content with them with simple drag and drop actions
  • Communicate effortlessly with your contacts across services
  • Flock politely notifies you when your friends have posted new content
The Flock new Media MiniBar will allow you to easily drag and drop items onto friends, blogs or email for effortless sharing, publishing and communicating. Also it will provide a unique filmstrip view of your favorite photo and videos from: YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, Piczo, Truveo and Facebook (currently working with some of the mentioned services).

A few words about Firefox compatibility:
Unfortunately, Flock does not offer as many extensions as Firefox, but most of the Firefox extensions works with Flock as well . Don't let its lack of extensions stop you from trying this interesting browser.
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Michael Arrington interviewing Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch40

Frank Gruber just posted one of the highlights from Techcrunch40 conference:
The video chat between Mike Arrington and Mark Zukerberg.

A must see:

Click here for a smoother version of this video.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Al Gore gets his Emmy Award from the President of Myspace

I've just saw this on TV.
It is interesting to see the unavoidable connection between TV shows and the Web. Al Gore achieved the Emmy for Current TV.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Have you heard about Blogger Play?

Blogger Play is a real-time slideshow of photos Blogger users have recently uploaded to their blogs. The images on Blogger Play are from blogs that are public and listed on the web, and also from public Blogger profiles. However, if you don't want your images to appear in Blogger Play, you can remove your blog from their listing.

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New Intuitive Visual Search

is a Germany based visual search service. It is a search assistant with a highly intuitive visual interface. oSkope lets you browse quickly through a large number of images and preview information with minimal paging. Selected items can be saved by registered users only. In its beta version, oSkope allows to search for products and images on popular web services like Amazon, eBay, YouTube or Flickr. More services will be added soon.

To start with the service, select your category, then you'll be able to run a free search by keyword. While searching, corresponding images appear as thumbnails in the display area at the center of the screen. Thumbnail images can be dragged & dropped to rearrange your favorite items. Click on one of the images to display additional information about an item and then click on "Link to original page" button to access the original webpage where the item or product is displayed.

Also you can switch between display modes, or "views". Currently the following views are offered: grid, stack, pile, graph and list: (like at the screen below)

Watch their DEMO to find out more:


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy New Year - Web 2.0 Style

Happy New Year from Go2web20

Can you name (all) the companies...?
Think it's too easy? Try the Israeli Startups version :-)

Go2web20 Team
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Friday, September 07, 2007

DNAStream = Joost Online

DNAStream is the Spanish answer to Joost!
It is a Web based application that allows you to watch video clips and shows right from your browser, in a very good streaming.

The content in this site is absolutely Awesome! Check out their list of TV channels:
Documentaries, Music Videos, Live Music Concerts (full!), Trailers, Sports, Pixel Perfect Episodes (Yeah!), Animation, Ads clips and many more Internet videos from all kinds!

DNAStream really has it all: Friendly navigation - including drag & drop menu, sharing options, rating system, content search engine and of course-full screen mode.

I've added some examples below - Couldn't help my self, I was really impressed by this site..
But I advices you to just click here and explore the service your self. (there's an English version as well)

Watch this song

Watch this show

Watch this clip

Full mode screenshot

Watch Pink Floyd - Live Concert - The Wall

BTW , overall it seem that the site have more content in Spanish than in English but I can ensure you, it still worth a test drive.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Ultimate E-mail Search

Apparently, lots of information about you can be discovered by your email address only..

All you need to do is to enter an email address and RapLeaf will search the web to see what this person is up to and bring you back relevant information. RapLeaf also allows you to rate and comment about a person.

Is this stressing you out?

Well, site goal is actually about:

  1. Lookup the reputation of buyers and sellers
  2. Learn about the people you interact with
  3. Allow people to trust you
Basically RapLeaf encourages you to lookup a person's reputation before transacting, hiring, or even interacting with him.
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Monday, September 03, 2007

Cool Music Video Widget for Social Profile or Blog

Not much information about this new service Nabbr that coming soon but I can sure tell it will be hot. Looks like Nabbr will allow you to embed favorite music to your profile on Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, Piczo, Bebo, blog or personal site - Not quite sure if it will be free though..

On their other site: Nabbr.biz, it says that Nabbr offers the first turnkey promotion and advertising platform for the social web. Also, Nabbr gets your content and advertisements embedded into users personal profile pages. So based on that I can assume they will place ads on the video itself as shown here:

One widget contains several music videos, artist info, pictures, slideshow and some sharing options.
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Spruz Up your Site

With Spruz you can build your own Web page. The service allows you to easily create Blogs, Forums, Member Profiles, Shopping Cart, Advanced Styling even your own Social Network for Free. No technical knowledge needed.

With Spruz you can create a very custom website. If you are looking for a website builder that can give you all the features of community websites like Ning, and have the flexibility of a web builder like FreeWebs or WetPaint then Spruz is perfect for you.

Check out this list of free features:
  • Full Featured Website
  • Unlimited Webpages
  • Full Content Management (CMS)
  • Drag and Drop Content
  • Thousands of Themes/Variations
  • Built-In Systems Including Forums, Galleries and News
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Support Through Forums
And here are the basics for starting your new Spruz website:

For more solutions and pricing click here.
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