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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2.008 you Geeks!

Just a little something something from me :-)
Happy New Year to you All!

Images from Goolge
Music from Jamendo :Saelynh album
Video created with the Awesome Animoto video platform
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google AdSense with Navigation Arrows?

Google's experiment? (click on the screenshot to start the movie or click play)

Different kind of arrows:
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Missing Features that I wish to see in 2008

There are lots of sites that I test everyday but only few that I use on a daily basis. I decided to write this post because sometimes I come up with new features that I would really love to see (or not see) on these services, yet nothing is changing. :-)
Anyway, I'm sure not everyone will care to hear my thoughts on these products but it is great to own a place where I can whine about it...

I'll start with Flickr. I joined the site early in 2005 and liked the service immediately but experience with Flickr change when I started to upload pictures to Facebook as well. Now when I upload pictures to Flickr I wish they had a Tag yourself or friends option. Suddenly the "add note" just doesn't cut it anymore and it feels like you need to have more. I would like Flickr to enable the ability for people to tag themselves, to make it easier to delete tags or change notes and to add some drag & drop functions. More important I'd like to see Flickr offer more functionality from the main page instead of going to every picture to do or see little stuff. Also, I think it's about time to enable users to upload video-clips to the service..

Facebook..(sigh) I wonder what they're going to do with all these pic information we're supplying about ourselves. Looks like they can be the next Riya..
Anyway, enough about pictures. I really want Facebook to:
  1. Update my news-feed in real time and only from the people I want.
  2. Create status system that will allow me to follow and gets updates from my friends via SMS. (I love twitter, but what can I say, not all of my friends are there)
Really, really love Digg. They have added lots of new features this year and I was cool with every change except in the last version. I think that this is when the simplicity was removed and now it is difficult to get familiar with the new interface. If something works, why changing it?

I just found out that I can try the new Delicious site and it will require a much more comprehensive post to explain my thoughts. I just hope they are saving all the data from the previous version, because right now it looks like they don't.

I have to admit, I started to use Twitter not so long ago and really like it. When it comes to following your friends via SMS they are doing great job. Unfortunately, the web version is a different story. I think the web version has some usability issues because I simply can't figure it out, how to reply to someone message...etc.

Man! For Technorati I wish only one thing : That it will work!

Good year for Stumbleupon with a new design that makes it so easy to communicate with your StumbleUpon friends. For my opinion, SU needs to allow users to have more than just 200 friends. With all these social networks around, you simply have more friends than 200!

I guess more compatibility to mobile phone is a must at Pownce but other than that, I just hope that Daniel, Kevin and the rest of the team, won't give up on this great platform.

A to-do list for Gmail:
  • Labels are great but how about searching inside the content in each label?
  • If star are similar to outlook flag, it needs more colors. It is hard to track messages that are highly important.
  • Drag & Drop emails to the folders on the side (Starred, Drafts, Spam, Trash)
  • Friendly signature
  • Floating contact-card when standing on a name is nice but it would be useful to get few lines from the message instead.
  • Finally, please allow interaction with Picasaweb! If you can save all my blogger pictures, why don't you do the same connection with the pictures I get in my email?
  • Last thing: I really wish GMail would allow you to watch a video from YouTube right from an email page.
I love YouTube because they release new features constantly! I really hope that this year they will focus on a better content. Right now it is OK to watch a video on this size, but if you open it to a fullscreen mode (which I like to believe that this is how we want to watch video on the Web), almost every video looks terrible.
Be sure to check on their new feature : Visualization for browsing related videos.

Digg the story here.

Thank you vikiworks for some of the icons.
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Whats Its Color ?

Whats its color is a simple-to-use generator that tells you more about image colors. Upload an image from your computer or place a URL from the web, and get evaluation of the image colors. This tool can tell you how many unique colors are in an image and at the same time can show you the top ten visually colors with their info.

Images are deleted from the site 10 min after upload, so no other user can view them and use the information.

Useful tool to bookmark.
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Create Interactive Flash Poster!

Prepare to have some FUN!

With Glogster you can create poster or even web-page in few minutes without any design knowledge. To start your own Glog just explore the Glogster galleries or built your own style while using your own images, videos and sounds. Then share it with your friends or the rest of the world.

This platform is really impressive but I wish Glogster will let users to grab content from Flickr, Youtube, etc., because as much as it simple to upload your own photos (real fast I have to say), it is more convenient to just take content from the Web (especially if it's video content).

Another problem is the embedding code. It's not flexible so you can't change the size of it. Therefore, I won't embed it here (since it is too big), but you can see my Glog by clicking here!

Update: More insights on this product from Techcrunch. I missed these posts about smaller applications :-) Totally agree with Mike on Scraptblog which is one of my favorite apps - I use them constantly!
Also check DownloadSquad for more.
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Own Little Silicon Valley

Since I'm located in Israel and involved in Internet industry, it is unavoidable for me to feel that this was quite a productive year for us in the field. Most of the startups that I'm familiar with are web-based and/or mobile/communication platforms. Surely, there is no way for me to know them all and there are probably so many that under development (or that I've overlooked)... Anyway, I listed here (and at the site) the ones that I feel most strongly about and believe in their success. (needless to say that I'm talking about Web 2.0 right..?)
There is always room for more :-) if you feel that you need to be listed, just shoot me an email

Israel-based Startups

Metacafe - Serving the World's Best Videos
Tvinci - Making Video Content Smarter and Richer
Wix - Make Free Flash Web Content in Minutes
ClickTale - Record - Watch - Understand the users at your site
Kontera - Creating In-Text Relevance
eToro - Financial Trading Made Simple
Jagango - Create your Mobile Web-Page
Toluna - Create Polls and Vote for Free
Answers.com - Online Dictionary
MeeMix - Community Internet Radio
Taboola - Breakethrough Video Technology
MuseStrom - Conten Engagement Platform
iMedix - Find and Share Health Information
PredictAd - Enhance Search, Monetize, and get Powerful Analytics
PicScout - Your Visual Assets Always Come First
MyHeritage - Create A Family Tree - Genealogy
Youfig - Collaborate. Network. Community
SeeToo - Watch Videos with your Buddies
SortFix - Start Dragging Stop Typing
Flixwagon - Your Life.. Live
Kaltura - Creating Video Project Together
Tripim - When you are away from Home
Lingoz - Building the World's Largest Dictionary
Yoomba - Calling all Emails
Wannago - Simple way to Meet New People
Labpixies - Your Source for the Coolest Gadgets on the Web
BlogTV - Broadcast your own TV Show
G.ho.st - Virtual Computer - Global Hosted Operating System
ooVoo - Talk Face to Face - Video Conference
5min - Live Videopedia
Foxytunes - Universal Personalized Music Mashup
Gumiyo - Connecting Buyers and Sellers
Gizmoz - Animate Yourself
Zlio - Your Very own Shop
Wishood - Make your Wishes Come True
BubblePLY - User-Generated Pop-Up Video
Gigya - Boost Widget Distribution and Get Online Tracking
Omgili - Search for Discussions Across Thousands of Online Forums
AniBoom - The Online Animation Competition
FixYa - Find All Support Information for Any Consumer Product
Fring - Discover Free Mobile Calls with your 3G Handset
TrustedOpinion - Where YOUR friends suggest what's BEST
Palore - Make the Right Call
Zlango - Platform which Transforms SMS into Colorful Icon Based Experience
ViewScore - Product Review Digest
Sprotingo - The Online Destination Built for and By Sport Fans
Dapper - A Service which Makes it Easy to Extract Content from any Website
Yedda - Proactive Social Knowledge Search
Spotback - Personalized News and Rating
eSnips - 5GB Free to Upload and Share Files
Pando - Send and Receive Large Files

In addition to this list, I've created a slideshow with posts from the blogsphere and news about all these Startups:

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prediction for PredictAd

Advertising is part of the web that we simply cannot ignore. I'm sure that lots of you skip them, but eventually someone will have to pay for all those free applications and free content. The direction that I see it going in the future is to turn those boring advertisements to something more interesting, advertisements that are more personalize to me, advertisements with different kind of experience for the users.

This is why I think PredictAd has lots of potential. The product is far from being complete, but from my own perspective it looks like it's going in the right direction.
PredictAd is an Israel-based company that allows you to set your own auto-complete service for any search box on your site or blog. This means that when visitors at your site will search for something, they will get auto-complete results, plus it will perform live search from your RSS feed.

The biggest change is the monetization options search. PredictAd creates new real estate that yields higher click rates than the industry average. The formula is based on placing non-intrusive advertisements in the right place (user focal zone) at the right time (as they are performing a search query). Furthermore, PredictAd’s pre-search menu only appears during search queries, so it doesn’t take up valuable space on your homepage or other relevant web pages. The main thing is that the system learns you visitors search behavior- The more they'll search, the more they will get relevant results. (including ads)


Only one result, but the most relevant one:

You can watch a video right within your search:

Bottom line: PredictAd is very easy to set, focuses on relevant results and can really offer added value to publishers and advertisers as one. But, as I've said before, they have some improvements to make before this product will be complete.

Try the Live Demo on their site. You can try it on this site as well: Doctors.co.il
(In Hebrew)


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SAMSUNG Thinking Social.. Advertising

A new Samsung mobile project: Newyear's - powered by YouTube, asking you to answer one of the requests (below) and share a video with the world:
  1. Make a video that reveals the one word that is your personal theme for 2008
  2. Reenact the best of worst thing that happened to you in 2007
  3. What cool things have you done with your mobile phone this year?
  4. In 2008 what kind of cool mobile phone should Samsong develop for you?
Upload a 1 minute video to Google map and see your video alongside music videos and the YouTube community from around the world.
(from some reason the music videos are not available any more)

This is very similar to Google projects lately, and lead to the bottom-line that the users today have the power to choose what's hot or not and even what's next. It is nice to see that big company like Samsung, understand that.

Another place that I saw Samsung name on is here:

Which is the SuperPoke application on Facebook.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harbinger from WIX

Wix is an Israel-based company that you definitely need to watch closely! I'm pretty sure they will rock on 2008!
Here's a little taste from their upcoming product:


My first experience:

I'm hooked!


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Kwout - What A FINE Tool For Bloggers!


Kwout is an awesome tool that will make your blogging life comfortable!
It is a new way to quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.
Just drag their bookmarklet to your favorite browser then click it on any web page you wish to quote, and the screenshot of the entire web page will be popped up. (The size of the screen shot can be selected from small, medium or large.) Choose the area you wish to quote and click on the "Cut-Out" button.

Finally, you get a code which you can customize and embed into your site or blog. you can also post it directly to Flickr or Tumblr.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Looking for a Place to Store and Share your Files?

Look no more.

I've created an updated interactive slideshow with all the services (I'm familiar with), that still alive and kicking. (informative list - below)

MediaFire is truly 100% free and unlimited file host. Unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth, multiple simultaneous downloads and no sign up required.

Yuntaa means alternative. An alternative way to backup, store, share and access everything you have on your computer today. Yuntaa created so that you will have an alternative way to work with all the stuff you have on your computer and do so much more with it than you could if it stayed where it was today. And all this using one simple tool.

With BAYIMG you can upload about 140 different formats. There's even support for .RAR and ZIP-archives. If you upload an archive with multiple images, you'll also get an album-address for all the pictures inside of it. Tags are separated by spaces, removal code is a password to let you remove images you upload.

SHARE beta - Adobe's web-based service that allows you to upload and share files. You can distribute the URL for the file to a selected number of users, post the link for the URL on a website, or embed the code for previewing the file in a web page. You have the option to allow recipients to invite others to view your shared files or limit access to only the specified recipients.

72photos is an intuitive way to host, manage and share your images. Featuring standard to advanced manipulation features in a very functional control panel, editing and sharing your images online has been redefined.

FileLime is a free file uploader using a swf uploader. It allows you to upload ANY file type, multiple files, 30mb space, and has a progress bar when uploading. FileLime has all the features most paid services have.

With File Den's free file hosting service it's easy to share files across the internet with friends, family, work associates or anyone else. File den allows their users to direct link to their files also giving you the opportunity to also embed your files into your webpages, myspace or other social networking profiles.

SEND6 is a professional service for fast and reliable file delivery on the Internet. SEND6 solves typical problems with sending large digital files online including:
- Size limitations when sending or receiving email attachments
- Complicated FTP setup and account management
- Blocked transfers through Firewalls, Routers, or NATs
- No tracking to guarantee delivery of critical files
SEND6 also provides a private label business solution that allows companies to easily integrate a custom branded file delivery service into their company website.

FileHo is an online one click file-hosting service. It allows users to upload, host and share files for free. FileHo offers unlimited speeds, unlimited file-size, unlimited lifetime of files and unlimited disk space for any of your needs. Also, FileHo is an ad-free site! That's why downloading process has never been so easy and fast.

With Imageloop you can make great slideshows and save unlimited photos for free. For MySpace, blogs and many other communities.

DigitalBucket provides a web interface that can be used to store and retrieve data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any user a highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive remote data storage platform. Free 1GB storage space, during the public Beta testing.

File123 is a secure online storage vault that allows businesses and households to store, search and retrieve paper and digital files. Users can fax, scan, email or upload paper and digital documents. People can use File123 for data backup, disaster preparedness or collaboration.

Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on our servers. What makes us different from the rest? Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid.

Many storage site limit the size of files that can be attached to an email, often as little as 10 or 20 MB's is the maximum size. Or perhaps you've received a large file by email in the past and found that you have to wait whilst it downloads before you can see the rest of your emails? Well, now there's an alternative - and it won't cost you a penny - Try MailBigFile.

myfabrik lite is a unified personal content/media management app. Combining the best of online storage, sharing and linking in a application that has the depth, feel and power of a client app.

YouSendIt is the one of the leading digital delivery company serving business and individuals on the Web today. Their innovative service enables users to send, receive and track files, on-demand. YouSendIt provides a trusted, convenient and smart solution for transferring large files over the Internet, replacing the need for FTP transfers, overnight couriers and unreliable email attachments.

JPEGr makes it easy for you to share photos with your friends, colleagues, and family. With a variety of options, you can upload photos for your blog, MySpace, your website, or just to share with someone over instant messenger! You can even create your own slideshows to showcase your photos.

BigFilebox is designed to eliminate problems frequently encountered by businesses when exchanging large files or folder structures. When email, FTP or sending via the post is not an option you can easily subscribe to one of BigFileBox four flexible plans and get that data sent within minutes.

drop.io is a private place for storing and sharing photos, video, audio, notes, docs, etc. Each is accessible only to those whom you tell exactly where to look.

FlyUpload is the industry's leading web site which allows you to share video, audio and photos online. You may share anything with FlyUpload. Share files (up to 2GB), Unlimited downloads per 24 hours, Unlimited downloads (2000MB).

Box want you to be able to easily and instantly share files that are important to you with others who feel the same way. They don't want you to have to rack your brain or break the bank to do so. Store your files and access them from anywhere.

With zSHARE you can upload files, images, videos, audio and flash for free. Simply use the upload form below and start sharing! You can also use zSHARE as your personal file storage: backup your data and protect your files.

imagehost let your upload images, photos or pictures to share with others. After the upload is complete, you will receive codes to copy/paste on social networking sites, online auctions, blogs, forums, and other web sites.

DriveWay allows you to select files to park - 500 MB max for each upload, unlimited total storage, no download limits. Also, create multi-user capable editable links for your office documents for collaborative sharing using Driveway’s patent pending edit widgets technology. You can now edit shared documents with a single click from desktop instead of traditional method of saving it to your local computer and emailing it back.

img.la provides free image hosting for anyone wishing to post images on message boards, MySpace profiles, eBay auctions, or anywhere one could need to post an image. It's easy to upload your images and photos to share with others. Just pick the image on your hard drive and press the upload button to get started with our free image hosting. (down for maintenance and updates)

Pando is free personal P2P software that makes sending and receiving large files and folders a breeze. Need to email large attachments, IM a folder or publish your downloadable videos to the web? Meet Pando.

All the services are also in Go2web20 Directory.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Searching for a Dream Job..

As you all know, I don't usually really talk about myself in this blog. My blog is a "labor of love" for me, as I can't help but be passionate about all these wonderful new and old services.

But the reason I started looking at online resume services is a personal one.

It's time for me to do something different. I'm just not sure what it will be :) I am looking for new challenges right now, and I'm open to all kind of ideas. Got ideas for me? Email me at : orli@go2web20.net.

Speaking of which, I'd like to offer some good tools that will help you (and me), to build your Online Resume:

Amiko makes it simple to create and maintain your online resume with professionally designed templates and dedicated service. Editing your resume couldn't be easier: Drag to reorder, click to edit, adding, saving, and deleting are all at your finger tips. When you are editing your resume you can see what it will look like after every change you make. Download your resume as PDF file and send it over (you can always go back and update this file).

GigTide is an online resume builder containing resume samples and writing tips - A complete online resume development and job-seeker solution. Users can build, post and manage resumes, contacts, cover letters and portfolios online. GigTide’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface, resume writing tips, resume examples, resume samples, spell checking, tracking features and stunningly designed resume templates.

Emurse is a powerful online tool designed to help take control of your job hunt. Creating and editing resumes in Emurse is really easy. Each resume is made up of sections of data - like Personal Information and Work Experience. Once you've entered in some information, you can see a preview of what your resume looks like. Sharing your resume on the web enables employers find you through search engines, easily download your resume in all formats, and always have the most recent copy. With the free account you can create and store up to 2 resumes, pick from 2 professional templates and host one resume online.

Resolio is a web tool that lets you create fast and easy good looking resume for the web. All a user need to do is to log-in, enters their resume information, make a few design choices, and get a nice looking web resume.

My linkedIn profile.

Thank you Yosi Taguri for the picture.
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New Web-Based Player - Mucelli

Mucelli is an innovative service that allows you to listen to your favorite music right from your browser. Create your own playlist by drag & drop the tracks you like, listen to the latest charts, watch video on full-screen, and share with your friends, or on social networks.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas 2007!

Some cool Web tools for Christmas:

Be a Santa-Star or create great animated stickers for this holiday with Gizmoz. Gizmoz lets you express yourself with voice, animations, video, music, themes and many more.
Easily share your fun-art with family and friends.

This little Christmas application just amazed me! I've spent so much time on this. You can create great e-cards using only letters, numbers and signs. Forst enables you to share your creation with family and friends.

Xpapr: Make wrapping paper or Christmas cards using pictures from your site or Flickr.

ElfYourself: The miraculous ability to turn yourself into an elf. This application upgraded from last year and now you can cut the arctic rug with the whole elfin' family. Upload as many as 4 faces, record a message, and send your holiday helpers off to a friend.

If you wish to make someone happy, try Santa 2.0 - It's a great way to send a short, funny message to your geek friends all around the web.

Record your own video and send it as a greeting card on YouTube. You can record the video by yourself or select one from YouTube special gallery. Pick a theme, write a personal message and share it with family and friends, or on the site.

Put your face in a holiday JIBJAB movie!

With Scrapblog, you can easily create stunning multimedia scrapbooks featuring your photos, videos, audio and a bunch of creative elements. Scrapblog added some beautiful themes for Christmas which will help your create great stuff for this holiday.

Smashing Magazine published wonderful post with some high quality Christmas icon sets, and Christmas Wordpress themes. Click here to read their article.

Download this set.

Get into the holiday spirit:

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Create Your Own TV Channel

If you use to send your friends emails with crazy video links you find over the net, you might as well do it with style. Send them only one link with all your favorite videos.
WorldTV is a cool application that lets you open your own TV channel using clips that you simply like. All videos are shown full-screen and you get your own channel URL where they can be watched.

First you have to drop in 3 video links from the web, but don't worry you'll be able to add many more later. Next, give your channel a name and generate your logo. Click finish and your player is ready.
Now you can go to your channel editor and aggregate more videos. Use WorldTV search engine to find millions of video clips that already in their library or just copy-paste any link from the web into the management. Also, you can record a video with your webcam and immediately share it. Easily drag & drop the content to organize your playlist or delete videos that you don't want to share anymore.

The URL that you share stay the same but you can add/delete videos as you please.

I made this in 3 min. (no need to sign-up)

You can watch channels from all over the globe in here.

Currently support: Youtube, Yahoo!, Google, Break, AOL, Myspace, Metacafe, Livevideo, Dailymotion or Blip.
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Sort out your Facebook Friends

The new feature from Facebook: Friend Lists lets you organize that long list of friends into groups for easier messaging and invites. It actually looks like a mini friends management where you can create smaller lists of friends and family, and easily track their statuses or any other recently updates on their profile. It is also very easy to navigate through these lists, which makes it more fun to create and use. Surely this can come handy for people with LONG list of friends.

But the highlight is this: Friend lists can give you more control over the information you share on Facebook and who you share it with, because now when you share something, you can share it only with a group of people you want..

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