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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Innovative News

MSNBC keeps on bringing you the news in unusual and fun ways (apart from the traditional news-page).

When I first wrote about it, MSNBC already had some interesting activities that can turn your daily news reading into a fascinating journey.

Since then a bunch of new tools have been added to the site, but I want to focus on these two: NewsSkimmer & NewsScroller.

NewsSkimmer is an interactive Screensaver that allows you to read the news when you're not active on your computer. To be honest, I don't like Screensavers that much, nor I get to see them in action, but I installed this one and was pretty amazed to see the progress in this field. NSNBC created a beautiful Screensaver that is actually visualize a live webpage where you can let the news float by themselves, or simply click and dive in while you're computer is in Screensaver mode (customizable with the topics you like).

The other service that I'd like to recommend is the NewsScroller widget which allows people to easily customize a real-time news ticker to their site or blog. The only problem here is the auto-scrolling. I found it to be a bit annoying... so hopefully MSNBC will add the ability to control that.

Overall, I like the fact that MSNBC are potting so much effort to give their readers a variety of tools to make it easy on them to read the news, and I don't actually think that anyone is doing this BUT them. Screensaver may sound very old fashion to some people (me included), but when you sits in meetings for hours (for example), this could be a great way to stay up-to-date with the stuff that's going around.
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