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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Free Music at your Fingertips

New service Streamzy, offers users the ability to search for media then stream it live on the web. In addition to offering the ability to play or listen, users can also register for a free Streamzy account where they can save playlists and retrieve them on any computer with internet access.

So far nothing really innovative here, except maybe the site layout. However, new features are about to be added soon, including: video search, the ability to purchase music and Ringtones, and the ability to share playlists with friends.

The music at the site powered by Seeqpod.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Who Favorite it on Twitter

I've been trying to find an application that can show me who saved my tweets, but haven't find it yet. Instead, I found Favotter - interesting application that collect lots of user tweets from many users and provide the most hot updates, along with the people who saved them as favorites.

The limitation of the API prevents to collect favorites by ALL of twitter-users, so Favotter searches only 950 users who have largest number of "favorites".

You can't search the content that already been collected. However, if you are one of the users that Favotter do collects its updates, you can click on your avatar and get some more info.

This is very resemble to bookmarking something in del.icio.us for example. You can see 'who save what' based on a user-name. But in twitter, there isn't a "do not share" button, which mean, all your favorites are open to the public... (unless you protected your tweets of course)

Are you one of those 950? Click on this URL, add your twitter name at the end, and find out.
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Twitter Bird can Actually Tweet!

Introducing Birdy 1.0 - A sweet adobe AIR twitter client that sits on your desktop and tweet's whenever one of your friends updates his status. (YES, with sound!)

Also, you can easily post to twitter, by clicking on the bird:

I have to admit it's cute, but remind me an old application that I didn't like so much back then.

BTW, birdy can be annoying if you have 20,000 friends. Therefore, @scobleizer - this one is not for you.

Thank you Dan Shamir.
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to Find Relevant Friends on FriendFeed

OK, so I found this pretty ugly site (sorry guys), that have an helpful tool to help you find friends on FriendFeed, based on content likeness.

Go here and enter any URL (+http://) that you like, lets say http://www.go2web20.net...
Livebloglist then offers you a list of FriendFeed users that you may like, and some other links that those users thought were cool. The best way to test it is to enter a link you like and see if you get on the list, friends that you already have. (worked for me).

Good way to make it work fast is to simply drag the Livebloglist bookmarklet to your browser. Now, each time you're in one of your favorite sites, just click on the bookmarklet and see who are the people that liked it as well.
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Odiogo Converts Text Content into High Quality Audio

Odiogo system provides automatic text to voice conversion and monetization of content services for bloggers who wish to make their blogs' text posts available in audio format. The output of the Odiogo system can be listened to on a computer or can be downloaded on a mobile device such as an MP3 player or a mobile phone.

Odiogo is not a new service, but I actually came across it again while reading one of Tara's posts (well, actually I was listening to it), and thought it would be a good addition to my blog as well.

Odiogo's system will monitor the RSS feed you provide to Odiogo and will create an identical copy of this feed, but the coolest feature, is the ability to open a podcast channel at iTunes and allow users to subscribe to your blog content. Moreover, it syncs with iPod/iPhone, and not only you can listen to the podcast, you can also read the post while doing it.


However, most of my blog posts are short, so I'm still not 100% sure this will be a useful plug for you readers, but for blogs that contain longer posts, it would definitely provide added value.

You can see/hear good examples of the service on REDherring and Jerusalem post.
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Share This - New Feature at Flickr

In case you haven't noticed yet, Flickr added a nice sharing button that gives the ability to share a picture via email, grab a link or a code, and blog about it right from the picture page. Unfortunately, you can't embed a slideshow just yet.
You can set a global preference (from “Only you” to “Anyone on Flickr”) on who can use “Share this” and “Send to a friend: Here.

I actually think it can replace the old option to 'send to a friend' (at the bottom of every page)

On the other hand, unlike the new feature, 'send to a friend' works from my iPod, so they are more than welcome to leave it there :-)
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Record Radio Channels from the Internet with Chilirec

Chilirec is an exciting service I've tested today that allows you to record hundreds of radio channels from the Internet. All you have to do is to browse through the channels, find music that you like, and create playlist that you can relisten to over and over. The music is stored on your personal Internet space, and will not require any disk space on your computer.

When you start your recorder it will begin to record radio channels on Internet. Your music will be saved in a personal directory on Internet. So Even if you'll choose not to create playlists, all the music from the chosen channel, automatically saved.

Although I was very impressed by its performance, I was a bit confused with how am I supposed to know which music I actually have on my directory. Apparently, I will be able to search within the directory by an artist, title or genre, and get top-lists - but it will be presented only after a day or two when the recorder has been active long enough...

Right now recording is in progress, and I have more than 2,900 songs saved in my directory already.


Is it legal?
Chilirec works exactly like a traditional recorder device, but it is virtual and the songs are saved in a personal Internet folder. You will start your personal recorder yourself. All the songs that you collect will be individually marked with recording time, radio channel and identity. If you save a personal copy on your local disk, you can right-click on it and select properties to view this information tag. Chilirec relies on an advanced technical patent pending solution for personal radio recording on Internet.

Update: Saving music even if browser is closed. 25,000 songs and still counting...
More at Techcrunch.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Interview with Sarah Lacy Regarding her New Book

When I saw Sarah Lacy's name on TheMarker COM.vention guest list, I was truly happy because I really wanted to meet her. As it happens, Sarah wanted to meet me as well, so we ended up having some great geek conversations while she visited Israel last week.

Sarah is the host of Yahoo Tech Ticker, and the writer of BusinessWeek -Valley Girl biweekly column . Between these two interesting jobs, she found the time to write her first book: Once You're Lucky. Twice You're Good. Sarah kindly accepted my request to have a short casual interview with her, so here are my questions followed by Sarah's answers:

Q - Tell us about your book
A - It's the true story of how this generation of internet companies grew out of the bubble and bust of the late 1990s. Rather than just exploring themes of web 2.0 like social networking and user generated content--it's a narrative, weaving together the stories of some of the most interesting and influential web 2.0 pioneers. Everyone from Marc Andreessen--the poster child of the first bubble and now working on his third company and funding many others--to Mark Zuckerberg--the rookie of the group, but one who was closely mentored by dotcom veterans like Sean Parker and Peter Thiel. It's an incredibly personal look at who these people are, what drives them and what they've built, gleaned through hundreds of hours of interviews-- access no other reporter has had during this time.

Q - What was the inspiration for the book's name?
A - It's sort of a saying in silicon valley among the more jaded set. Because things can happen so quickly in silicon valley and because you're so dependent on a lot of factors outside your control, building a company worth more than $1B can mean you are good or lucky. Failing outright can means you are bad or just unlucky. It's agonizingly hard to quantify, particularly if you made it during the Internet bubble. The real elite in the valley are the people who've built multiple companies worth $1B each. Then, people can't dismiss them as flukes. But it's an insane concept to people outside the valley who always wonder why these guys don't just go sit on a beach somewhere.

Q - Did you manage to isolate the journalist in you while writing this book?
A - Not totally sure what you mean, but this book clearly stretched and challenged me as a journalist. There was the obvious challenge of taking on a project so big and, I think, so important. The people in the book have been screwed over by journalists a lot--and it took a lot for some of them to trust me with their very personal stories, and in many cases vulnerable moments. I felt a huge responsibility to really get it right. That's the biggest reason I quit Businessweek to write it, rather than just going on book leave. I didn't want any distractions.

I think you're really asking about journalistic distance though, right? It's a tricky thing to talk about because "objectivity" is such a protected tenant of journalism (and rightfully so). But it depends on what you mean by it. If by objective you mean above bias, then yes I think I stayed objective. There were very hard things for me to write in this book on a human level, but I knew it was a big part of the story and they were true. If by objective you mean without opinion, then it wasn't objective. I argue a case in this book. I picked the handful of people in the book because I believed in what they were doing and in them as entrepreneurs, or web visionaries-- no matter how flawed they may personally be. When you're writing a book in 2006 that needs to be still relevant in 2008, you have to pick people you believe will still be around. So the usual silicon valley haters will say I am too "pro" everyone in the book. My answer would be, yes, that's why I picked them to be in the book. That doesn't mean I think they'll all be $1B success stories though, as I make clear.

At the end of the day there are many kinds of journalism. Writing a Businessweek article takes a stand and argues a case--it's not a newspaper article. Similarly, a book tells a story that takes a point of view. Otherwise it's just a long article. That said, I didn't think it'd be totally fair to go back to covering these guys as a normal beat reporter--either to them or me-- which is why I write a column on the web scene instead.

Q - Normally, people write about Web 2.0 on their blogs. How is a chapter in your book different from a blog post?
A - It's not only different than a blog post - it's different than an article. It's an entirely different type of content, depth of reporting and style of writing. What might be a sentence in a blog post or an "anecdote" in an article might be a 20 page scene. It's not a nitty gritty product stuff or breaking business news. Blogs are about immediacy-- books take six months to come out and need to have some shelf life. So they should never be the same. My book is the story of who these people are. I don't think that can be done in a blog post.

Q - How do you think people from the blogsphere will react to the book, and the fact that it's written by a journalist?
A - Depends on the blogger! That's what's great about the blogsphere! I know people will love it and I know people will hate it. I hope that's the case, otherwise I haven't done anything interesting. That said, it's always crushing when someone takes a cheap shot against something you poured your heart into. But that's the internet. I'm confident more people will like it than will hate it.

Q - Who is your target audience? Silicon Valley only?
A - No, not at all--the book is written for people outside silicon valley. People who have no idea what web 2.0 is, people who never heard any more about the web after the bust and then all the sudden saw MySpace YouTube and Facebook everywhere. It's the story of how we got here and why these sites are so powerful. I think silicon valley will enjoy it because there's a lot of detail and insight about these people. But that's really not the target audience (which is another reason I fully expect certain bloggers to be snarky about it--i didn't write it for them).

Q - Assuming it was part of your life for the last year, would you say it influenced the way you use Web 2.0 applications?
A - I think so. Although I already was using a ton of web 2.0 stuff because of the cover I did on Digg, that the book crew out of. I always think you have to use everything if you're going to write about these areas because they are free tools first of all, and second you don't "get" why a lot of them are so powerful unless you use them. I know so many people who've spent years SWEARING they would NEVER use Facebook and are on there now. People fight this stuff for too long. You don't have to use it all, but it's fun to try new things.

Q - When you interviewed the people that you write about in your book, did you had have the feeling that they themselves think sometimes that web2.0 are is a passing fad?
A - For most of them, i think there's always the fear--not so much because they don't believe in what they are doing, more because this sense that it can all evaporate is so ingrained in them because of living through the late 1990s. that's a big reason a lot of them sold so early.

Q - What is your next project?
A - Well, I'm a little busy right now. I am really enjoying writing a column for Businessweek. there's a certain art and challenge to doing a column and it's something I've never gotten to try before. I'm getting better--some really hit a nerve, and promote tons of love and hate mail and conversation. Then there are some no one seems to care about! It's more long-form, polished blogging. I also love working with Tom Giles, who is my editor on the column. A great editor you click with is very hard to find and can help your writing and thought process so much. I also have this 3-day-a-week show on yahoo finance, tech ticker. It's different than anything I've ever done before and has it's up days and down days, but I've learned so much in just six months about the world of video, and I think it's such a huge part of the future of journalism as it moves online. Again, I have a great mentor there in my producer Diane Galligan, who is a huge reason I took that job. I've got another year and a half on my yahoo contract, so diving into another book is pretty hard! I've also got my own blog on www.sarahlacy.com, which is only a few weeks old and is looking for its identity a bit...I'm stunned so many people have found it and are reading, and commenting on it!

That said--I do want to write another book. It was the best year of my life. Of everything I'm doing in media: book writing, on camera work, blogging, columnist- author was the role that suited my style and passions the most. I know exactly what I want to write it on, and I've even started writing the proposal. But it's a huge undertaking and I need a break before diving back into it again. So I'm sort of grateful I have this yahoo contract in place! My most important priority is making sure this book is a success--because that will determine a lot of my opportunities in the future.

Q - Finally: What are you reading right now?
A - I have been trying to get through Anna Karenina by Tolstoy for a while now. My Mom--a Russian lit scholar--got me a new translation and wanted me to read it. It's tremendous but doesn't exactly fly.... this trip I've been reading "The Israelis" by Donna Rosenthal. The Israeli consulate gave it to me before our "traveling geeks" blogger trip and it's amazing to read it as I've been in Israel for the first time.

Book due to be published in May 15, 2008 -Available for pre-order at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Being connected to the web 24/7 (almost), I don't usually have time for books, but I'm planning on finding special time for this one. Although... it would be helpful to get it on an audio-book and listen to it on-the-go.. (just an idea)

Stay updated through Sarah's Facebook page, and be sure to subscribe to her new blog, simply because it's good.
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Daaad, the Internet is not working!!

South Park wakes up to no internet! Best episode ever, especially the part where they driving all the way to Silicon Valley...

Watch the whole episode - Here.

Thanks Gai!
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Your Social Life on a Widget

It's becoming more and more common to show the whole world where you can be reached at, and what are your favorite social networks. YoSooy is a simple web app that allowing you to list ALL the social services you're using right now (comprehensive list they have there), and generate it into a nice widget.

The customizable widget can be added to your site or blog.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feedalizr - Adobe Air App for FriendFeed

Feedalizr is a new software client on its very early release, that helps you track your FriendFeed account from your desktop.

Just enter your FriendFeed nickname & get your API code by clicking on the link as shown at the screenshot:

Feedalizr is currently in an Alpha mode, so these are the only features included:
  • Remember me
  • Auto login
  • Toasters - a method to alert you when your FreindFeed receives an update and the application is minimized
  • Dynamic display of your Friendfeed
  • Ability to double click on item to view original source

Overall: Not stable enough, has some bugs, and not as shiny as AlertThingy, but definitely something to watch for.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girl Power!

I usually don't write about personal, day to day stuff in my blog, but I met five great women today, and now I feel the need to share what I learned. Moreover, it was just so good to discover that there are such interesting women in the Internet industry and I was lucky enough to meet them and rub elbows with them.

To make it easier and more enjoyable to read, I've created personal pages for each of them, powered by Crunchbase:

The women listed above are part of a Blogger group that visited Israel to partake in Tech Events.

pictures source: Susan's Flickr. More at her Blog.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moving from Flickr to Facebook? Hold on.

If you're about to ditch Flickr in favor of Facebook, read this first:

Lately I'm seeing more and more people that prefers to upload their pictures to Facebook than to Flickr. I'm guessing it's because they want to avoid the double uploading which make sense.

BUT you guys needs to take into consideration the following problems:
  • You can't search photos on Facebook (not by name, subject, or tag). This is a big problematic issue because it makes it harder to follow pictures even of your friends, you'll need to go to their profiles in order to see them (unless they appears on your newsfeed).
  • Another problem is the friend of a friend pictures. First they'll (friends that are not yours) need to set their album privacy to "everyone". However, if a friend of a friend didn't tag their pictures, there's only a slight change you'll get to see them. (confused?)
  • You can tag whomever you want on your photos. But only on yours. You can however, suggest tags to other friends photos.
  • You can't save picture as favorite on Facebook. (along with the can't search=problem)
All the above are problems ONLY if you consider Facebook as the new Flickr. (which is not)

I've said it before, I love Facebook, but I don't want it to become my new email management, nor my photo one. Therefore, I'm very much OK with their photo terms.
Flickr has some usability problems (now that we got used to Facebook), but the search & the massive database of photos is valuable content for lots of people.

Personally, I'm trying to use them both, but when I want to expose my picture to a wider audience, I simply use Flickr. It also makes it easy for me to search my own content.

Some alternatives here.

BTW, found this Facebook quote while searching for some info:
"You have friends that don't use Facebook? Weird..."


Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com
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Friday, April 11, 2008

View, Edit, and Share Photos - All from a Single Place

TwinsVisions is a full management to help you view, edit, and share your images right from your desktop. Once you've installed the software, you'll be able to navigate through your photos in a 3D environment, view one folder or more. You can also perform cross folder actions such as moving photos from one folder to another, comparing two folders, or simply viewing photos from several folders at the same time.

Any picture displayed on Visions, can be easily edited. The image editor enables you to repair defects, apply impressive effects, adjust photo characteristics, crop, resize, add tags etc,. then save it on your computer.

The sharing part is the coolest. Visions connecting you with your Flickr account (through their API), and enabling you to manage your Flickr albums from your desktop. Meaning: upload new photos, modify existing photo details (tags, notes, comments), view other people's photos, download photos directly to your computer, and of course share any photo you want with friends. All of these without even visiting your web account.

I'm not quite sure, but based on the contact names, I'm guessing it's an Israeli-based service. (which always makes me happy)
Update: Confirmed as true.

Free download here: please note that the software still has some stability issues.

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Adobe Media Player- The Future of Entertainment

Adobe Media Player software provides control and flexibility to view what you want, when you want - whether online or offline. You can queue up and download your favorite Internet TV content, track and download new episodes automatically, and manage your personal video library for viewing at your convenience.

Since their last version (October 2007) there have been minor changes to the user interface such as highlighting features on the home page and in the catalog.

I've checked this player long time ago, but probably was not aware of its qualities back then. This is why I was surprised to find their HUGE list of content, and the Flashon web channel.

About the content list:
Adobe features a broad catalog of shows from leading media companies and networks, as well as independent producers. You can quickly find the shows you want to see by searching the network name, title, genre, or even by keywords. On their top content list you can find shows from: MTV, blip.tv, CBS, Comedy Central, Mytoons, Univeral, and many more.

About Flashon Channel:
A flexible 3D interface for choosing and watching video online. Within one click you'll be able to subscribe to the content in this channel, and watch the included shows from your Media Player. (not working so good on Firefox)
Most of the shows are available to watch in offline mode as well as online.

Missing features:
Unfortunately you won't be able to share anything from the player outside. Couldn't even find the option to recommend a channel, or a show, to friends by email.

Is the Adobe Media Player any Good?

Bottom-line, Adobe is doing a great use of their AIR technology. This product experience is beyond expected.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Quick Announcement

We're happy to announce that over 20,000 people saved Go2web20 URL on their Delicious!

It's a great opportunity to Thank You All for the love & the support we're getting every day!

If you know about a new web 2.0 service, please send an email to this address: suggest@go2web20.net Also, if you want to advertise with us, please send an email to this address: advertise@go2web20.net

Enjoy the site!
Go2web20 Team
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Music Widget from the Past

Mixwit is another service that helps you create music playlist in one-two-three steps:
  1. Add music - Use the search tool (powered by Seeqpod and SkreemR)
  2. Add style - Upload images and artwork to personalize your mixtape.
  3. Save & share - Share your mixtape anywhere, and go back and make changes whenever you want.
If you're 30+ years old, I'm sure you'll love it!

Now Mixwit can build a Youtube mixer that looks like this :-)

Facebook application.
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

FriendFeed Playground

There's no doubt that Friendfeed is a great web service for all us geeks that needs to be in touch with friends, and follow new stuff 24/7. But since the service still new, there is definitely room for improvement. Good thing that Friendfeed counting on their community to make this service better, and allowed them to use their API.

I've collected some tools and tips from the web that can helps you get the most out of your Friendfeed account.

Friendfeed + Greasemonkey

Greasemonky is a Firefox extension that enable you to install smaller extensions (userscripts) to easily customize the way a site display. Here are some useful scripts that built along with Friendfeed API:
  • Remove visited links - Wouldn’t it be great if Friendfeed won't display links you’ve already looked at?
  • Tweet from your Friendfeed (same post)
  • Show Domains - Show domain name for all shared links.
  • Friendfeed Tabs - Allows you to customize the tabs in your Friendfeed account (currently only adds Techmeme).
  • Easy Unsubscribe - Adds an unsubscribe link to individual user page.
  • Read Later - Allows you to mark entries to read at a later time, easily accessible in a custom tab (My favorite so far).
  • Filter Friendfeed by services - Download here

Friendfeed sharing button:
From Blogoscoped:
  • Add Friendfeed search to your iGoogle page - Click
  • Friendfeed search engine - Click
  • The Friendfeed grid - Click
  • Friendfeed Top 100 most linked to pages - Click
For Geeks+:
  • Update Friendfeed using ASP - Easily create scripts to update FriendFeed with text, links, and photos.
  • Joomla open source component - This a module to display your FriendFeed items on your site. It will display a number of entries from one specific Friendfeed nickname, or alternatively, from the public feed.
Other tools:

According to Techcrunch, Desktop client built by Adobe AIR is coming soon!
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cool Email Signature Powered by MyBlogLog

I singed into my MyBlogLog account today, after a looong time, and found a whole new user-page that stream my community updates in real-time - Plaxo & Friendfeed style. A bunch of new widgets that users can generate to their blog or site, also been added to the service:
  1. New with me sidebar widget;
  2. New with me full page;
  3. About me widget;
  4. Email Signature
But, don't get your hopes too high, it still has an old-fashion look, like their first widget that most of us bloggers have.

For me it was kinda OK because I didn't liked the new design for the old widget anyway, so I had fun playing with the new widgets (check out my blog side-bar). Their coolest one is the 'Email-Signature' - It's allows you to easily generate a code to integrate in Outlook, Thunderbird, and Yahoo! Mail. If you want to use it on your Gmail, you'll have to download Greasemonkey addon first. (then follow these instructions)

You are the one that control this widget content (name, mobile, fax, link etc,.), the sharing-buttons are your social accounts from your MyBlogLog profile, but for some reason, I couldn't add the twitter button. Bummer.

Orli Yakuel
Mobile: +927 508671099

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