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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Techcrunch50 is one month and 8 days away! But who's counting ;-)

10 things you may not know about TechCrunch50:
  • The upcoming event will take place in September 8-10, 2008 - At the San Francisco Design Center Concourse.
  • 50 new companies will showcase their product in 8 minute demo, over 3 busy days.
  • There will be an action-packed DemoPit full of other early-stage startup ideas.
  • A new addition this year is the Exhibitor Packages, which provide another way to present your company product. Get all the info here.
  • One company will get the Best-In-Show award and will receive a $50,000 prize!
  • Techcrunch50 will also offer 6 recognition awards.
  • Great lineup of speakers and panel of expert advisors.
  • The conference is extremely interesting due to all the new startups.
  • You have only one month left (and 8 days!) to get your ticket...
  • Highlights from last year:

TechCrunch40 Winner: It's Mint!

Israeli companies that planning to attend the conference or to be an exhibitor, please contact me for more information.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tools to Help You Celebrate Birthdays Online

Let's face it, the main thing that comes with social services, are Friends - which is always a nice thing to have of course, but now with so many virtual friends from everywhere in the globe, it's almost unavoidable to find easier ways to congratulates them all on their birthday.

The best solution will be to go to their Facebook profile, and write something on the wall. You can even go further more and buy your friend a gift (yeah, I know you'll go for the free ones - that's also FINE).

However, if you got bored with that, and you're looking for some creative ways to put a smile on your friend face on their special day, here's a list of tips and tools (and other goodies), that may help you succeed with that.

First thing first, you'll need a good alert service that will notify you about all this important birthday dates. Remime is a reminder service designed to make your life easier by tenfold. It is a simple tool for use as a calendar, that will urge you about BD dates in advance.

With Birthday-time management, you actually send your friends email so they'll enter their birthday dates into your calendar. Then you receive your friends' birthday alerts into your email account.

Send cute icon gifts to your friend mobile phone(s): Just fill in your name and the phone number, or email address of the person you want to send a gift to. You can add a personal message as well. You don't need to register to send a gift.

Pingg allows you to design and send uniquely personalized online invitations for your upcoming event. The combination of easy-to-use design tools, a large selection of pre-designed invitations, and library of over 2 million unique images, create stylish and good-looking invitations for any event.

GroupCard (also known as SquidNote) is really awesome if you like to surprise your friends. The service helps you create a card and circulate it to other people to sign (around the office, classmates, friends, family etc.,). Everyone adds a special message to the card and it gets e-delivered to a lucky recipient.

GroupCard also owns the poplar Birthday Alert application on Facebook.

Another collaborative card application is Tribbit - An easy to use service that lets you start a birthday card (or any other event card), gather photos, words, voice messages and more, pass it among family and friends, then send it to the person who celebrate. Watch Demo.

Rattlebox has some pretty weird (ok, lets say unusual) video cards that you can quickly send to friends by email, copy-paste a URL, or simply embed it in your blog. Again, you don't need to register to send a video.


Birthday Songs are always a nice tribute to give & receive. I picked Songza because it is really easy to search, find and share a song through this service. You don't need to sign-up to be able to do it, just search your desirable song and share it with your dear ones, via link, email, or directly to Twitter.

flowers 2 mail - If you're looking for a special and sweet e-card, use this service. Choose a vase, write a card and send your free virtual bouquet by email to your friend, girlfriend, boss, grandmother etc - for any occasion.

They're Beautiful - Very similar to the service before (flowers2mail), only here, you just need to pick your favorite bouquet, add your greeting, and send it to anyone you want.

Just a quick and fun way to surprise your friends - The kakomessenger. A free interface that you can use whenever you want to send singing messages instead of text emails. Kakomessenger lets you share your telegram by email.

Create and share fortune cookies with Kookies.it (150 characters for each fortune).

The Giftoscope helps to choose a present in an off-the-wall way. Just think of a person you want to make a present to and point out a few proper features. The Giftoscope will immediately offer gift variants.

*The cake image above, created by this generator.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last.fm meets Cloud Map

This lovely Japanese-based desktop client, can help you find similar artist that matches your music taste. After downloading Juking (built on Adobe AIR), type your favorite artist/band on the search box, and Juking will immediately create: Playlist from the artist you've chosen, a list of similar artist that you may find interesting, and an easy-to-navigate 'artist map' for a quick access.

Juking also performs a small video (provided by Youtube) for each song it plays. The quality of the video, and actually even the music itself, was really just OK for me... However, the music recommendation worked GREAT!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Resnooze - Upcoming Task Reminders

Israeli-based Resnooze, is a little, yet powerful tool that helps you remember stuff that needs to be done on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Just pick a title or a URL for the reminder, and start receiving a periodical email reminder/s that can be deleted or reset with a single click.

What I liked so much about Resonooze is that it's created because someone recognized the need is such tool, and simply built it. And Re:snooze is so easy to use! The sign-up for example is part of the action you need to do anyway in order to set your email notification, so it doesn't feels you're doing it twice. Moreover, With Resnooze, you can adjust the reminder frequency in a single click, from within the email message:

(yes! I need email reminder to check on my abandoned RSS reader...)

Bloggers can also use Resnooze to help readers return to their blog/site.
Resnooze enables you to generate HTML code that will give your readers the ability to get weekly email reminders to check on your blog (see right sidebar here for example). This is an helpful feature for the non-RSS reader, or for people who don't like to read posts through emails.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

How to create Quick Demo for your Company

In my opinion, a good Demo should be one that includes a simple screencast, where someone go over the site and explains shortly about the service and its features. It don't have to be unique, fancy or anything like that, it just needs to be in good quality so it will be understandable, and enjoyable to watch.

If you own a company and you're seeking for a short way to create a good Demo with minimum skills, go download the Jing Project now. The software allows users to instantly captures images & videos, then easily share them. Focusing on the video part, I've never yet seen any screen-capture that is so simple to use:
  1. Download, install, and run Jing.
  2. Click the capture button, and select something on your screen to share.
  3. Choose to grab an image or record a video.
  4. Edit your image or preview your video.
  5. Hit Share to upload the file to Screencast, Flickr (images), or to your own computer.
Lately Jing added support for FTP uploading. To upload to FTP with Jing, you need access to an FTP server with a Web accessible directory and the knowledge to write your own share and embed code.

The Jing Project is part of TechSmith, the company behind Snagit, Camtasia Studio and more. Jing however, is free to use (and much better for quick production).

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Women in Technology - 50 Powerful Females

A couple of days ago, RWW gathered some great female bloggers info, into one interesting post. I got inspired by this and created an interactive slideshows of 50 blogs written by 50 power women (most of them already been listed in this RWW post). You probably know most of them, or some may be new to you, bottom line is that each and every one of them, are wonderful bloggers that worth reading.

Fullscreen mode

List of blogs and their author:

Ypuls - Anastasia Goodstein
Cleverclogs - Marjolein Hoekstra
Slikcharm - Laurel Papworth
Shegeeks - Corvida
Profy - Cyndy Aleo-Carreira
Techipedia - Tamar Weinberg
Veronica Belmont - Veronica Belmont
Natali Del Conte - Natali Del Conte
Lifhacker - Gina Trapani
EmilyChang - Emily Chang
Leah Culver - Leah Culver
Allthingsd - Kara Swisher
Sarah Lacy - Sarah Lacy
Susan Mernit - Susan Mernit
BoingBoing - Xeni Jardin
Lorelle - Lorelle VanFossen
Headrush - Kathy Sierra
Zephoria - Danah Boyd
HorsePigCow - Tara Hunt
Sarahintampa - Sarah Perez
Nten - Holly Ross
SiliconCally - Calley Nye
GettingAttention -Nancy Schwartz
Michelle Martin - Michelle Martin
Forrester - Charlene Li
Literanista - Valeria Russo (Val is also my blog editor from time to time)
Jcsalvo - Jen Consalvo
IslandGirl -Lisa M.Shammas
Beth - Beth Kanter
Wendy - Wendy Seltzer
KeeryHowley - Kerry Howley
Thornet - Michelle Thorne
Carobotero - Carolina Botero
Other Than That... - Cathy Brooks
Blodgett's Blog - Renee Blodgett
Daborah Schultz - Deborah Schultz
Blonde 2.0 - Ayelet Noff
Newteevee - Liz Gannes
Gigaom - Katie Fehrenbacher
Lisa Goldman - Lisa Goldman
Mideastyouth - Esra'a Al Shafei
Blacklooks - Sokari Ekine
Pop17 - Sarah Austin
Crushofthemonth - Myriam
Consortpartners - Kathy Johnson
Vdebolt - Virginia Debolt
Rocksinmydryer - Shannon Lowe
Clear Blue dei - Susan Mellott
Geekspace for Women - Maria Webster
Go2web20 - Orli Yakuel

*My blog included in this list, so sorry in advance if it's sound not so ethical to say so about myself.

Update: Twitter (wiki) list of all the bloggers above made by Marjolein Hoekstra!
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If YouTube can't do it, uvLayer can!

I'm a huge fan of Youtube. Unfortunately, it is hard to find your favorite videos no matter how well you organized them in folders on your Youtube page. Moreover, sometimes I can't find stuff that I know for sure I've saved.

uvLayer can help solve this problem. It makes media discovery, sharing, publishing and organizing, easy and fun. Just search for your favorite videos and uvLayer will let you play them in a list, create a collection, and throw the media around. uvLayer will also find similar quality content for you, so you don’t have to. Your page setting will be saved the minute you'll sign-up to uvLayer. (and I can promise you, uvLayer has the fastest registration ever)

uvLayer enables you to see what your friends are watching, too, and grab what you like from the Activity panel. It’s a great way to discover what’s out there and enjoy what your friends are enjoying most. Not only that, sharing videos with your friends is as easy as dragging and dropping videos or collections on their icons. With uvLayer, you can pull in your friends from Facebook, AIM, and Google Talk and share away. (Facebook enabled only from the desktop client AIR application)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Digimix Audio Mixing Platform is out!

Digimix is a flex-based editing music application (built on AIR) that will give you the freedom to create and save your own mix project. In fact, you'll be able to create a project, save it, close the browser, come back later and re-open the project to continue working on it.

Since it still in Alpha mode, this is only an early test of some of the things Digimix are working on - Not all features are in, due to some bugs that Digimix aware and taking care of.

For now they've included a small library of loops from Rimix Nin to test with. Eventually you will be able to import your own sounds, and much more.

Digimix channel | Digimix blog

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Friday, July 18, 2008

First Look at Tweenky, Gmail-like Interface for Twitter

I'm really happy for the Twitter/Summize partnership because I loved the real-time feature on Summize (a necessary one), which I guess will be integrated on Twitter stream anytime soon.

Gladly, I don't have to wait till it happens. I've tested a new service that giving me so much more than Twitter itself. Tweenky is not yet another Twitter tool that we usually see, it's a full management that built under consideration that you use twitter on your daily basis, so everything that needs to make your life easier, is already there.

Apart from the regular activities you already can do with twitter, there is this list of features in addition:
  • Updates in real-time - Auto refresh (you can choose to disable it)
  • Quick links that matters to you (search terms with your name)
  • Folders - That you'll be able to manage with your favorite tweets
  • Reatweet - Instantly copy-paste someone else twitter
  • Create shorter links without leaving the site
On top of all that, a very clean Gmail like interface that makes it so easy to understand and work with. I always thought it is smart to build applications based on email platform look - Definitely giving the feeling you already know what to do before you actually do it.

You can find most of these features on Twhirl BTW, but Tweenky is for people who don't want to download anything to their computer, or for those who like to tweet mostly from the web. Last week I wrote about Twitkit - a nifty FF extension that also enables you to see updates in real-time, but Tweenky gives you a better view of your friends updates, plus much more.

The site is still in close beta mode, but you are welcome to tweet any feedback (bug reports, and especially feature requests) to @derek. Here are some of mine:
  1. Hebrew support
  2. Drag & drop a tweet to a certain folder
  3. Ability to add links to the quick list
Check out some of the screenshots and tell me what you think:

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proof that Apple iPhone is officially coming to Israel?

Oh boy, you can't even imagine how upset I was at seeing all over the blogsphere, posts about the new iPhone. Living in Israel, I know that it means WE CAN'T HAVE IT. Not the iPhone (any kind), nor the new applications.

Today I noticed something interesting:
I own an iPod Touch, so I thought it would be nice to browse through the apps in the iTunes app store, knowing for fact I can't buy them, because iTunes never supports Israel in their store's list


Apparently, iTunes now allows Israelis to buy the iPhone software new version (2.0) and to purchase the new application. But get this: They still don't enable users from Israel to buy music, it's just the Apple app store at this stage. But I have to admit, that it's a start!

Apple is about to open their first store in Israel this month and if they're going to sell iPhones, then this connection only make sense.

Anyway, even if the iPhone is not coming to Israel just yet, I'm still a very happy iPod-touch user right now!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HyLighter: Web-Based Annotation Manager

If you looking for a good collaborative way to review your documents, try HyLighter collaboration platform. You can think about it as a mini GoogleDocs that focuses on the discussions and reviews from the people you share it with.

HyLighter allowing contributors to suggest and discuss changes without overwriting or revising the document. It also maps the collective input of the group, by its unique color-coding capability, to specific areas of a document. Then, by extracting and organizing the various sub-threads, HyLighter increases productivity of this document-centered collaborative work.

You can also use HyLighter as web-based text editor (exactly like WORD) for everything you write that needs backup. Import existent documents or write one from scratch, add your comments & highlights, and save it for later. HyLighter stores your documents where you can always access them.

For organizations HyLighter offers a collaboration system hosted on HyLigher servers, that can be integrated with wikis, blogs or content management, and provides whatever level of security needed.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

WebMynd - Visualize your Web History

WebMynd is a useful Firefox extension that tracks & records your web activities and gathers all the history into one page. After a quick download, WebMynd simply shows you a visual grid of all the sites (thumbnails like) you've visited, and allows you to easily access them. I really liked the idea of that, but unfortunately it still looks a bit buggy to me, couldn't make it work. (might be my computer though)

Having said that, I will gladly use this extension because of a different tool WebMynd providing, a one that presents Del.icio.us results next to Google search results (a killer feature if you ask me). I know it's a feature that Yahoo! plans to integrate, but until then, that will be a nice addition to my main search engine - Google.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Google Friend Connect - Update!

If you haven't yet heard about Google Friend Connect, please read my previous posts here, and on Techcrunch.

Google rolling out some changes in the gadget you may want to check out:
  1. Activity streams across friend connect sites - click on my profile image to see an example.
  2. Every friend connect site you join "publicly" is listed in your profile. (Google will be introducing a mechanism to pick and choose, and reorder at some point)
  3. A better looking setting page with the ability to add some "about me" info and relevant links.
  4. Picture picker.
  5. Numbers. The gadget shows how many members you have, and how many of them are friends.
More to come:
  • Better handle all this new data that is showing up in a user's profile
  • Layout more nicely in narrower dimensions.

Although this service is not open to the public, there are two things you can actually do right away: and that is to fill in your profile with some information + links, and to browse friends in my community. Then you can add them as your friends, based on relevance:

That said, the concept of connecting friends easily needs more improvement: For example, once I've added my 'about me', it should go with me to each community I'll join (like the activities and links to sites I've joined). Right now, it doesn't - which mean you'll have to rewrite your profile over and over again..

Another thing is the search. If I have already more than 400 members, I really want to be able to search their names to see more info about them. FYI @all: you can see the list of members on the 'manage members' section once you're setting your site on Google Friend Connect, but you won't be able to see any other information, including links.

But overall I'm very pleased with the new changes, and I'm sure looking forward to see what's next.

Will update here of course.
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

8 Templates to view your Flickr Pictures

Picsviewr is an application for Flickr users wanting to showcase their photos in a different way.
It proposes 8 different templates (some written in Flash, others in HTML/JS) to suit Flickr user needs.

Click here to see the example of this page.

Overall, it's one of those web-based tools that don't require registration, and that gives you a better view of your images by turning them in just few seconds to beautiful web pages or slideshows. But seriously... other than that, you can't do much more, not even to embed it in your blog.
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Sunday, July 06, 2008

TwitKit for Firefox 3 is a Winner!

A quick recommendation for those who don't like to download Air/Software client to their computers, yet still want to be able to track twitter in real-time, try TwitKit Firefox extension.
Nothing too fancy about this one, just the information you really care about. You have the ability to see your main stream (refreshes itself), direct messages, public updates, and the friends & followers tabs that shows you your entire network of Twitter - who you follow, and who follows you. You can alsoo update your status within your browser, reply to friends and save an update as favorite.

Bottom-line: Sweet and Useful.

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