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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Rising from the Recession: 6 New Israeli Startups

If you read my blog often enough, you may have noticed I'm an Israeli blogger. I not only cover the Israeli tech scene but since I live here, I also have the ability to explore this industry very closely .

Therefore, when Sun Microsystem asked me to team up with them to create an event focused on local innovation, I gladly said yes, and this is how Techonomy was born. The name "Techonomy" symbolizes the web situation today. In the past 4 years, when a company launched their product and didn't focus on their business model, it was very common and acceptable. Today, it's almost unavoidable that a company must first understand how these services will actually make money. From my perspective, a web startup still needs to a have a wow effect, i.e., a platform/tool/application that is innovative and exciting, but simultaneously has some sort of a smart business model. as well.

The latest Techonomy event took place yesterday (31/3/) and included 6 new Israeli web applications that were impeccably chosen to present in front of a panel of experts and a very involved audience. As a result, we had really good content and an event that focused on what matters most today. Before I discuss the companies, I'd like to explain more about the program. There were two sessions with three companies presenting during each session. A panel of experts took places on stage to give their insights about the products, but mostly they talked about how they think those apps can be profitable.

We had a great panel that included:

We also had a super guest speaker - Sarah Lacy.
Lacy is an award-winning journalist and author of the book, “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good." She writes a biweekly column for BusinessWeek.com called “Valley Girl” and is co-host of Yahoo Finance’s Tech Ticker. Recently, she joined the Techcrunch's team of writers.

Now, I'm not just saying SUPER guest speaker. Sarah closed the event in her very own unique way - She simply interacted with the audience, gave her opinion about the event and answered just about any question asked. Sarah's presence was by far one of the highlights of Techonomy. If you came to the event and feel the same, click here :)

Twitter experience during the event:
Beside the presentation screen, we placed another screen that only streamed live tweets tagged with #techonomy. More than 600 tweets were sent in over 4 hours. We needed to close it during the presentations due to the distraction, but overall it was a huge fun especially because the moderator selected fave tweets from time to time. This is highly recommended if you have an event (of any kind) and want audience engagement in real time.

About the startups:

Face.com - A powerful tool for finding pictures of you and your friends on Facebook. This application scan photos and detect all faces appearing on them, recognize and automatically match names to all faces. You can also search for friends and browse their face galleries. Face also voted best of show at the event.

GRAZEit - Allows you to share links on any page on the web. It's a a browser add-on that suggests related content on any page you visit. This content is shared by anyone who wants to spread links where it matters. GRAZEit main core is its add-on, but you don't have to download it to be able to enjoy the massive content already shared by the community.

Vetrinas - The Shop Window is where the shopping experience really begins. Vetrinas brings this experience to the web. Its about the magic of displays. Its fun, creative and gives Inspiration. Bottom-line: it attracts us to step or not to step Into a store while we still online...

tra.cx - Tracx ranks people according to various quantitative and qualitative parameters, analyzing activities in various social networks while putting an emphasis on "power users", contacts and interactions.

Sense of Fashion created a home for indie fashion, where you can show off your hot style, sell your clothes and accessories and shop for unique fashion items from all over the world.

Hoody shows you local feeds from people, news, businesses and more. On Hoody, you become the center of your neighborhood and everything around you is shown to you as it happens. Simply put, Hoody is a way for you to keep up to date with your immediate surroundings.

The most important thing was to see the good energy & shiny eyes of the presenters. You can never be sure of a company success, but I'm sure that some good connection started because of this event.

Another perspective here, and videos of the presentations (some of them) can be found here.

More people to thank to: Techonomy moderator: Lior Zoref (Microsoft), and also Yosi Tugori, Yaniv Golan, and Niv Calderon.


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Blogger Uriah said...

Orli -- you did an fantastic job organizing this event. The companies where really amazing -- the kinds of companies that make us excited to be working with start-ups and the promise that they bring. Beyond these companies, they entire event was great, including the moderator, the environment, Sarah Lacy, everything. One of the best tech events I have ever been to. Thank You! Uriah

10:05 AM  
Blogger Régis said...


8:03 PM  
Blogger AbbY said...

Encouraging and !dea generating post.

10:44 PM  

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