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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Create your Twitter Business Card in 2 minutes (or less)

I found this fun site that lets you create your twitter mosaic wall and embed it in your site. So I've created one, then I noticed it also lets you create a bunch of cool stuff with your mosaic on it - Mag, Shirt, Bag, Mousepad etc.

But moreover, it can generate a very cool (Moo-like) Twitter business card in a single click. It actually takes all the information from your Twitter Bio and place it over the back side of the card. On the front side it show only your twitter username & image (simply wonderful). You can customize the text on the card, or leave it as it is, either way it's very easy to create, and will take you only a few minutes.

A pack of 20 cards costs $6.95 (in the U.S.) and £5.45 (for the rest of the world) - Powered by Zazzle

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