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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Why Storytlr is the Best Microblogging Platform Creator

I've been following Storytlr for a long time now, and notices it got better and better over time - yet it doesn't get the publicity it should.
Anyway, I'm going to try and change that because I really think it's the most useful, thoughtful, and great-looking microblogging service there is today.

So what is it really?
Storytlr brings together life-streaming, blogging, and social interactions. It lets you create, aggregate and mashup web content into a highly personalized page. You can style it (design, widgets etc), use your own domain if you like, and literally take control of the whole platform. This is what I liked so much - Storytlr is so flexible, you can customize it in a really high level, something that you don't usually get from other site builders (and remember, the service is free and ads-free).

You might think: I have Twitter, why do I need another page? Well, it's not just about Twitter, though you have all your tweets organized for you based on dates & years. And it gets better than that: Storytlr saves all your tweets and lets you search through them!! AND you know you can't do that with Twitter. Moreover, all your Twitpic pictures will be organized for you separately, along with Flickr or Picasa pictures. In another tab you'll be able to see all your favorite videos from Youtube, and you can add more web activities from other social networks as well.

You can use Storytlr first as a personal content management. Everything is organized and archived, so it is very easy to track your content. But in a social perspective, this could be a great solution for people who don't own a blog, yet need a place for all of their short updates, and other web activities. But note that if you want to write longer posts, you can. Just like a blog.
Seriously, you can do just about anything with this platform, I'm still impressed with its flexibility.

One thing missing is the ability to see replies from friends. People can comment on each post, tweet or update, but Storytlr is not making the connection between your Tweets and your Tweet replies. It would have been nice to have that in order to track the whole conversation.

This is my Storytlr page, which I'm going to use from now on as my 'About me' page.

Some Screenshots:
posted by Unknown at 2:53 PM


Anonymous jacopogio said...

Good post on this innovative Belgian start-up !

I like also the fact that I can backup all my public data :"At this stage, you can only download the text data, but in the future we will enable you to also download binary files suchs as your Youtube videos or Flickr photos."

But another nice option to ask to @eschnou of Storytlr would be a way to get my own storytlr filtered by certain search strings.;-)

5:44 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

Stoytlr is indeed great ! Especialy because it's really simple and totaly customizable. It has also a clear potential for Brands. As it can become their "centralized me".

We are doing an experiment at the moment for Mini : http://www.stijnrijdtalwaysopen.be/.
It is in dutch.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous new movies dvd releases said...

StoryTlr, a lifestreaming service that debuted to a lot of positive press last year, has (among several other enhancements) debuted a major new feature today: Pages. This is a new gallery format view of selected portions of a total lifestream, essentially as a slideshow.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous dennis serrano said...

Right, indeed, storytellers are the best microbloggers in fact they have the ability to express what they felt of something what comes out from their minds.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Maskil said...

Any suggestions for alternatives, seeing as Storytlr is set to bite the dust at the end of the year?

Pity, it's a really great product.

The Tale Of Storytlr Ends Here

9:59 PM  

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