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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Designers Treat: A Web-based Font Viewer

myFontbook makes it easy to browse, search, and discover fonts in your own font catalog. Many font viewers take a long time to render, but myFontbook leverages your browser's native font rendering to deliver your font catalog quickly.

The font viewer window provides an overview of all your installed fonts, rendered and sorted for you convenience. Once your fonts display, you can browse your collection using the gallery or list view. You can also rate and tag fonts to organize your collection (you'll need to register to perform that).

My only problem with the interface is that you can't go back and forth, but other than that it's super useful app, especially for designers.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Moby's New Album on SoundCloud

I bumped into this Twitter.Moby page today where I surprisingly found the newest Moby album called: 'Wait For Me'.

The album hosted by the amazing SoundCloud so you can count on the tracks quality to be excellent. You can even listen to the whole album from this blog post with the help of their great widget.

But be sure to check back on Moby's twitter page - He want to hear what you have to tweet about the new album... Moreover, after posting on Twitter you will be able to download an MP3 of the title track, free. Plus, every month the most creative tweet will win a prize.

Needless to say the album is absolutely superb, but more important, I liked Moby's approach, I think it's the right one.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Create your Twitter Business Card in 2 minutes (or less)

I found this fun site that lets you create your twitter mosaic wall and embed it in your site. So I've created one, then I noticed it also lets you create a bunch of cool stuff with your mosaic on it - Mag, Shirt, Bag, Mousepad etc.

But moreover, it can generate a very cool (Moo-like) Twitter business card in a single click. It actually takes all the information from your Twitter Bio and place it over the back side of the card. On the front side it show only your twitter username & image (simply wonderful). You can customize the text on the card, or leave it as it is, either way it's very easy to create, and will take you only a few minutes.

A pack of 20 cards costs $6.95 (in the U.S.) and £5.45 (for the rest of the world) - Powered by Zazzle

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Monday, July 20, 2009

10 Israeli Startups Presented at TWS2009 - Take a Look

TWS2009 is an Israeli tech conference that occurred last week in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The focal point of the conference for me was the ten companies that were showcased on stage. Some might be familiar already, some perhaps not but all are worth keeping an eye on.

Before I start with the list, I just want to mention the fact that Israeli startups never fail to impress me. Since I live in Israel, I get to see so many new applications that still in their early stages firsthand. Some of them are sometimes only in the conceptual stages, but I'm telling you right now - be prepared cause where I'm standing from, there's still a lot to await. And yes, that's always exciting.

ComSpace - CamSpace is a free program that lets you control computer games using your WebCam with everyday, ordinary objects. So instead of using a mouse, keyboard or joystick, now you can use objects or even your fingers to control your game play.

ContextIn offers a semantic technology solutions, improving the performance of online display advertising. Multi-content sites and User Generated Content publishers produce complex problems for delivering the most relevant ads. ContextIn changes that by automatically detecting the main topics of any given web page and matching it to user's Semantic Profile, to deliver the most targeted ads as possible.

Cellerium aimed to enable a widespread development of the Mobile-Web by generating smart interfaces for dynamic Mobile Web applications. The platform empowers the easiness of transposing all Web sites and applications into Mobile applications, while using the existing data, content and functionality.

VirtualWeb helps companies to create, manage, and grow their website online community, enabling commercial enterprises and online publishers of any scale to capitalize on evolving Social Network Marketing opportunities to maximize their online business results and monetize their websites.

Using patent-pending technology, the Reimage Web-based repair service does exactly what a human being would do when repairing a PC: observes then acts using experience and knowledge, while leaving all user data and applications intact.

Cmycase converts floor plans into photorealistic 3D images and connects them to your website without requiring any integration. It's a perfect service for Real-estate & Travel agencies, Home stores, and alike. See example here, and watch the Demo for more.

WatchDox delivers protection for safe and secure document. It enable users to securely send confidential documents to anyone while maintaining control of who can view, copy or print them. A user can also track when and where the documents has been opened. With WatchDox people can send documents for free either via the web or directly from their Outlook email application (with the WatchDox Outlook plug-in). Recipients will be able to view the documents in seconds, without having to install anything on their computer.

The Kids Kingdom
I have to admit it was surprising to see three kids services in a list of just ten, though they are all certainly worthy. What can I say... we're doing some fun & safe Internet for kids here. (and even more to come this year)

The KIDO'Z browser made for young kids and create protected and easy to use environment for surfing the net. Tons of top kids' content is loaded into KIDO'Z, but content can be also added by the parents who have complete control over their kids activities. The kid-friendly and colorful user interface makes KIDO'Z easy and fun to use. Kids can navigate KIDO'Z without needing to know how to read or write. For more information see my previous post.

Full compatibility with Touch-screen:

Tweegee (last year TechCrunch50 finalist), is a Web Portal for Tweens which offers them a complete world of internet resources to create, share and have fun with. It's a one-stop site which provides Tweens with a safe and integrated ability to take full ownership of their online activities, to create their own complete personal web sites, communicate via web based email and organizer, engage in rich multiplayer games, read news most relevant to them, author their own articles and much more.

Shidonni is a creative fun zone for kids. The service provide a safe environment where kids and their parents can create imaginary worlds and animals, play games and interact with friends. Shidonni is based on unique proprietary patented algorithms and using Microsoft Silverlight. Watch Shidonni's Demo for more:

Also check Techcrunch coverage of the event.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Way To Manage Your Shared Content

Sharein is a browser-based link sharing tools for social media and email. The new service allows you to share any content that you find interesting on the web (articles, pictures, videos) by simply using the Sharein Firefox extension, or even simpler - with a browser bookmarklet. When you discover something that you want to share, just click the Sharein button to begin.

Through the sharing box you are able to share any of your favorite webpage directly to Twitter, Facebook, or email. You can also save it in your Sharein account which can actually be your new bookmarking management, where you can see your saved content, organize it, reshare it, manage your contacts, and more.

Additionally, Sharein aggregates public content shared by other users, to a shares section that can be watched by anyone. The content is organized and categorized for an easy reading, and registered users can rate the content and comment on it.

The company is backed by angel investors, and their CEO (Colin Wong), is a former Googler.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Real-Time Twitterstream Widget to your Site or Blog

This week I was looking for a quick way to integrate Twitter search widget in a site, and RealtimeChatterBox was the one service that gave the best and quickest results.

You can integrate the Real-Time Chatterbox into your website in a snap. Style the box to match your site and brand the chatterbox however you like.
(One of the companies I worked with tested it today in their blog, and you can see live example here - it works perfectly)

RealtimeChatterBox also uses an automatic filter that handles offensive language and removes posts before they hit your chatterbox. You can also add your own words and phrases. Automatically eliminate or moderate posts based on your selections.

The service is free for individuals and non-profits.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Useful Firefox Extensions You May Not Know About

The reason why I don't switch to Chrome Browser completely is its lack of extensions ability, and also because I'm waiting to see what are the next killer features in Firefox, in terms of Tabs & Search functionality. Though I have to admit, I'm getting used to work with Chrome.

Meanwhile, I always in search for extensions that will make our life easier, and lately I have testet some plugins that can come in handy, especially if you work daily on the Internet.

Apart from the fact that Aviary web toolkit is absolutely amazing, their Firefox addon Talon, enables quick screen capture from the browser in a single click. It will perform a screen capture and then open the image instantly in a basic image editor where you can do markup (draw arrows and rectangles), edit (crop, rotate and resize) and get the exact pixel colors of the image. You can then save it to your desktop, or host it on Aviary. A perfect tool for Bloggers and Designers.

I also suggest that you'll try their newest product - Falcon. A web-based image markup editor.

Israeli-based New Tab King (NTK), gives you a brief analytics dashboard on your web-browsing history each time you open a new tab in FireFox. It provides you with your most visited sites list (where you can filter the list to your favorites only), recently closed tabs, relevant suggested sites, and shortcuts to applications on your desktop. You can configure just about everything there: background image, sites that you don't want to be shown, the number of sites per segment, and many more.

I already wrote about Speedtile in my blog, but since then the service and its Firefox plugin got even better. So now, instead of "right click" in the mouse, you have this big button on your browser that all you really need to do is to click on it to bookmark favorite webpages:

and I'm telling you, I'm a big fan of Delicious, but if you want to get a full picture of your bookmarked sites fast, Speedtile is the best choice for you.

ShiftSpace (Israeli-based), is actually a Greasemonkey script for Firefox that seeks to expand the creative possibilities currently provided through the web. Therefore it provides tools for everyone to create online contexts built in and on top of websites. ShiftSpace users can leave annotations on websites, highlight text on the page, write comments on other people notes, and more.

I've just bumped into Gliider today, so I'm still waiting for an invite, but overall it looks like a very powerful vacation planner. Gliider lets you hold on to all of the interesting stuff you come across when you're researching and planning a trip. Find a cool hotel you don't want to forget about, or save a great restaurant you want to try. No matter what website you're on, just highlight whatever you want with your mouse and drag it into your Gliider. Photos, text, etc.

See more on the Demo below:


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Invitation to the TWS2009 - Internet, Communication and Media Conference 2009 (Israel)

The TWS2009 is about the leading figures and companies that are driving innovation in the Israeli Internet economy.

The event will take place on July 13th, 2009 at the Inter Continental Hotel in Tel Aviv. (Map)

10 innovative and promising web & mobile startups will showcase their product on stage. Along these presenters: David Sifry (Technorati), Dan Ciporin (Venture Partner Canaan Partners, Shopping.com), and Gary Vaynerchuk that will present via web-conference (WineLibrary).

Well-known professionals worldwide, such as Brian Solis, Rafe Needleman, Ron Conway, Stowe Boyd, Dave Sifry, Deborah Schultz, Marc Goldberg, Saul Klein, and more, chose the 10 winning startups.

TWS2009 is a great way to meet the most innovative startups, hottest ideas and latest trends. As well as to network with leading VCs, investors, young entrepreneurs and web lovers in general.

We're happy to join the media sponsors which include this great blogs: Techcrunch, Read Write Web, GigaOM and The next web.

You may apply for discount tickets (40% off, 199nis) here: http://zone.thecoils.com
Since there are only limited amount of such tickets, make sure you don't miss that opportunity. In case you did miss it, you may register here.

Additionally, first 3 people who'll write a comment here that they want a ticket, will get it for free (you have to be from Israel though)

The event is organized by Israeli Blog the.co.ils, who partnered with Globes to create this event.

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Killer App or Twitter Killer?

I've been watching this video over and over again while trying to understand what these kind of "magic apps" are doing to Twitter. The only conclusion I came up with is that it's killing Twitter slowly now, fast in the near future.

The Traffic Machine service in the video above offers you more targeted followers to your brand. Now, your brand.. what that means? As far as I see it, everyone can be a brand today, and with a push of this service you won't have to do much in order to drive traffic to your site/blog/any other page you have on the web. Yes, I hear you: free traffic, what's your problem? Well, my problem is that sooner or later Twitter will become a spam swamp with no communication value. How can you have any communication or start a conversation when you follow thousand of people? (unless you're Scoble, you can't).

The other problem is the recognition Twitter community gives those people. Do they really worth the fame just because they use some system to generate more followers? What's next? Find one of these fake power users and ask them to submit your blog post URL? It's probably been done already.

In my opinion individual people who uses this service (or any other service alike) are just ones that manipulate twitter to gain more traffic no matter what content they submit their. Someone called it a crappy spam of a new generation, I agree.

Please answer this quick poll - Results.

Update: Find the differences
  1. This is how Bill Crosby encourages you to use Twitter. and,
  2. This is how Kevin Rose use it.

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