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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing PlaylistNow.fm - A Playlist Platform with a Twist

France-based PlaylistNow.fm is one of the best playlist services I've tried so far. Unlike others, you're not writing the name of the musician/band, or a song tittle - you simply write what are you doing right now, then the service matches the best playlist for you. You can enjoy the site without registration, but once you sign up (with Facebook, Twitter or Google connect), you can start organize your playlists, add songs to a list, bookmark favorite songs, etc. PlaylistNow.fm saves all your playlists automatically. While playing a playlist, the service offers your more songs that you might like (at the sidebar), and when a song plays, it shows more related songs from the same artist.

Sharing a plyalist with friends is easy, and you can choose in the setting which service would you like to send updates to. Don't worry, noting is automatic, PlaylistNow uses Facebook, Twitter, and Google, only for connection, the rest is up to you. However, please note that your playlists are visible and friends can see them. Which means that if you play the list of: I'm having crazy sex - your friends can see that (and listen to the playlist of course) - But if those stuff bothers you, you can hide your account from everyone, or allow only friends to see it.

Site design is absolutely brilliant. It does have a look & feel of a good Twitter + Blip.fm combination, but it sure has some additional tweaks. What I found so refreshing and innovative is the whole search approach, and what you're about to see soon, the very open minded playlists names...

One suggested feature: Allow users to create a playlist from their bookmarked songs. (If you have more feature suggestions, you can write them in the comments).

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Copy-Paste Like Never Before

If you work on the computer daily doing all kinds of research and office work, I've found a tool that will simplify your life! Click-Cutter is real time saver for Internet users. Auto copy text, fix and open in a browser, even with a broken URL, or search any phrase with just one click.

I'd like to focus on the copy-paste act though, because this is the most usable tool. Click Cutter comes in a form of two tools: Firefox add-on, and a desktop client

ClickCutter AutoCopy Firefox addon, allows you to perform a copy of any selected text to clipboard without any mouse clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

How it works:
Just highlight the text you want to copy and while still holding the left button down just stop the mouse movement for a second until you see a 'c' icon appear beside your mouse cursor. After you see 'c,' just release the left button. The copy is done.

The paste function can be performed with mouse middle button click (obstacle). Same as AutoCopy Paste can be turned on/off via the setting panel or mouse right button click.

I really wanted this add-on to work for me, but since it's only copy, and not paste, I downloaded the Desktop version, which is much better because it supports not only web editors, but also desktop services such as: MS Office, Adobe, Notepad and many other document types where text or image can be highlighted and copied.

The Desktop version also comes with lots of other features and settings, so you can customize it the way you please.

Please note that this is still a beta version, but it actually works very well (though I have to admit, I hate downloading software to my computer). Another thing that you should be aware of is the fact that it's very hard to change the traditional copy-paste habit...


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Simple Twitter Tool for Events

TweetBubbles is an Adobe AIR application that enables event organizers to show relevant tweets on big screens or presentations based on a keyword.

First decide what will be your event's #hashtag and make sure to inform your participants about it. Then, install the application, enter your chosen keyword (your event #hashtag), and let it stream through a presentation, or any wide screen at the event. Additionally, you can choose the position of the balloon (both sides, left, right), and the balloon transparency.
Tweets will appear as long as people uses the right keyword.

There are some web clients that offer you the same and you can also use Tweetdack to perform this action, but the difference is that TweetBubbles has a nicer layout and it can actually appear on top of a presentation because of it's transparency.

There are some missing features that would make it a better tool, such as speed control, color selector, and a languages filter, but overall it's a very useful client.

Quick Demo (click on HD for a better view):


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Monday, November 09, 2009

Give your Wave a Voice

A new Wave extension Voicy, allows you to easily record messages and share them with a group of people, or share messages between people inside one wave, within a single voice recorder. Voicy identifies the current viewer and customizes the gadget accordingly (between host and non-host, giving the host more options).

How does it work:
Enter this Public Wave and install the Voicy gadget. Then open a new wave, click on Voicy icon (edit mode - see screenshot), record your message, and share it with anyone you want.

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