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Saturday, January 30, 2010

MockFlow Release: AIR-based Editor with OfflineSync (Free)

MockFlow, an online tool that helps you create and share user interface designs, has recently released a new air client for the Desktop, allowing PC & Mac users to enjoy a free platform that makes it easy to create mockups.

The service provide an offline mode where all your changes are automatically stored locally, so you can edit and view mockups even if there is no net connectivity.

Unlike other services, MockFlow is free (with an upgrade option to a premium version)

Download here - make sure you sign up first.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Show Me Whats Wrong With Your Computer

Are you familiar with this scenario:

Your friend call to ask for help with his computer , but you have no idea what he's talking about cause he can't really explain it well. Then you start with a series of questions, eventually you end up in your friends house, checking the computer yourself...

If it does sound familiar, maybe ShowMeWhatsWrong (by screencast-o-matic) can help you! This services enables you to send someone a link that will allow them to easily screen-recording their computer problem.

Here how it works (the process might look reversed, don't worry, it's not):
  • First enter your name and email, then click the 'generate' button
  • Showmewhatswrong then generate a link for you to share with the person with the problem
  • When they'll click on the link it will start recording (up to 5min video)
  • After they'll finish their screencast, it will directly send a video link with a playback page back to you - the problem savior.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Techonomy 2010 - A Call for Action

I'm happy to announce the second annual Techonomy event. An event that gathers Israeli startups, investors, VC companies, opinion leaders, essentially the breadth of the Israeli hi-tech scene.

We're sticking with last year's format where six companies will be presenting for the first time! Companies that would like to present can apply here - Companies sign-up

What else is on the agenda?
We'll have a panel of judges that will give their opinion & insights after each presentation. At the end of the event, you - the audience - with the judges will get to choose the best startup of the six presentations.

This is really just an initial brief as we are still working on the full schedule. We also have planned some surprises...

Sponsors that would like to take part of this event, please contact Eddy Resnick (co-partner) for more information (you can also contact us through here)

The event will take place on Tuesday, May 4th 2010 - Save the date! (registration will be opening soon).
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CarrotSticks Improves Children's Math Skills

CarrotSticks is an application that helps kids at 1st - 5th grade level solve math problems, step by step, in a friendly environment. Your kids can practice on their own, or compete against friends suggested by CarrotSticks network. Don't worry though the service supports multiplayer games, it doesn't allow full names or "free chat" between users - so your child is safe while practicing online.

Each problem category is divided into 25 levels. Through repeated practice, CarrotSticks users build valuable speed and "muscle memory," both of which are key to success at mathematics. The platform is very colorful and fun to use, which will make it even easier to enjoy.
What I liked the most, actually, was the unique Avatar-Builder experience at the beginning where everyone can build its own profile character - it really is well designed!

CarrotSticks is free for unlimited practice and competition, in addition. But if you like to extend your child's abilities, it also offers several packages with much more comprehensive practice.

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