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Thursday, February 25, 2010

PhotoScatter - Distribute A Picture Everywhere in One [iPhone]

My life has definitely changed since I start using the iPhone and so have my sharing habits, most of all through pictures. Never before have I shared pictures as much as I do now since I have an iPhone. First of all, because of its awesome camera and secondly, because of all the great sharing apps available.

But to make it even easier, I was looking for a tool that would allow me to send a single picture to my most used social networks - an app that would be the ping.fm or hellotxt of mobile photos, if you wish.

After testing several applications, I distinctly place PhotoScatter as my first choice. It is the only service that works relatively fast and includes most of the services I've been looking for in an app.

In one instance you can send a picture to Facebook, Flickr, ShoutterFly, PhotoBucket, Picasa, and/or Twitter (twitpic).

Two features are missing though are:

'Send the photo by email' which would enable me to actually send the photo to buzz in real time (using: buzz@gmail.com) The other service that I think PhotoScatter should add is: Dailybooth.

Anyway, it is simply useful. Download the: free/pro version.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Attending MWC 2010? Get a closer look of the Israeli Companies

If you're planning to attend MWC (Mobile World Congress, Barcelona) this year, make sure you download the Mobile IL iPhone app (free) for a closer look of Israeli companies in Mobile area.

The app includes an unofficial catalog of 110 companies, and enables quick observation of each company, and the ability to easily reach out within a single click.


What I liked the most, and this is why I think you should download this application regardless, is how a connection with a company here made easy. All you need to do is to click on a contact button, and email (such the one in the screenshot above), will be ready at once.

The Mobile IL app has the potential to trigger connections for potential synergistic collaborations before, during and after MWC 2010.


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Buzz Desktop Is Already Here...

Man, things are moving fast for Google Buzz!
In 4 days people has created buttons, Browser plugins, and now this - A nice looking desktop client based on Adobe AIR.

Unfortunately, the only cool thing about it, is the interface. GBD (Google Buzz Desktop) emulates the iPhone so it is like having the mobile version on your desktop. The client updated every 2 minutes, but without notifications it's quite useless. Also, there's no geolocation support - so basically you can do the same and more from your Gmail.

Here are some screenshots - If you wish to try it yourself, click here to download.

Google Buzz Desktop

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Twitter + Valentine = Mixero Red!

I've always been a fan of Mixero and that is because they have one of the best Twitter desktop client around. It's beautifully made, quickly synchronizes updates, and very unique overall.

This Valentine, you can enjoy Twitter in the most charming way!
Mixero customized its interface to match the exciting day - pink, red, hearts, are part of this layout lovely decoration.
Plus (!) they've added a special button that allows to easily send gifts to friends - These gifts can be send via Twitter as replies or DM messages - For free.

To be honest, you should consider download Mixero regardless Valentine's day. They have a long list of tools and navigation you won't see anywhere else.
These are some of the features:
  • Multi-accounts
  • Lists support
  • Themes support
  • Localization for 13 langs
  • Facebook support
  • Sync between all installations
  • Improvements in filtering system
and a lot more...
Mixero also has a nifty iPhone app that you should check out.

You can download this sweet version by clicking here - Happy Valentine's day wherever you are!
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Are You Buzzing Too Much?

After few days of Buzz, my stream feels like a broken record and at some points I have wanted to mute my own posts (imagine that...).
Bottom line: Total chaos.

The first thing most of you did was to take all of your social accounts (thank god, Google didn't allow Facebook to come to this party just yet), and connect them with Buzz, so that we, the readers/followers/friends, wouldn't possibly miss anything you have to say.

At some point and I guess you've felt it too if you are on buzz and following more than 50 people, it's irritating. You are not the one to blame here. We are used to connecting to our social circle everywhere we go, so it feels natural to treat the Buzz space like Friendfeed, for example. But with a lack of content organization, it is annoying, especially because you've probably already read/seen it elsewhere.

In all honesty, I think there is a simple solution - Google Buzz should treat the noise somewhat like Facebook did - They should allow us to see and choose between 2 streams - one that changes in realtime and shows fresh content (not fresh comments), and one that is at least 24 hours old. Another feature that is a must is the ability to track your own discussions - one that you started or take part in. The last thing that I wish Google will do, is to collapse long posts (please!). With these additional tools, things might looks better (BTW, I still want all the features from my previous post too, of course)

I also have an answer to Scoble's question from earlier:
Should I stop bringing Twitter in here? I hate seeing duplication, but am trying to figure out if it's wanted here or not?
I think you should, Scoble (for now) - but I hate that you even need to consider it. I don't think you should stop the conversations from going, I just think you need to filter your own content in a way that would make it more interesting to follow you in both places (Buzz & Twitter).

I don't think Buzz can be Twitter unless it allows people to reshare content in a way so it won't annoy everyone around (not just via other services, but from one user to another). I think the only one that handles this well is Twitter, this is why the real power in distribution is there. And this is why it feels useless to me to bring this content to my Buzz, anyone there is probably following me somewhere else already. Until Google finds a way to make it powerful without losing people, I won't personally offer most of my other social accounts in consideration to my followers's needs.

All and all, I like Buzz, but I need to feel comfortable using it without the fear people would unfollow me. And I sure don't want to unfollow you, my own friends.
I'm sure some of you feel the same.

Image credit - Juanmaketing at Flickr

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Buzz Extensions (Firefox & Chrome)

Google Buzz launched just two days ago and people already created tools that will make your Buzzing experience much easier:

For Firefox users there's 'Buzz It!' - an extension that will let you update a status via Gmail with the link and title of the webpage you are viewing. Download (experimental) - This one is a winner BTW, it's the button you'll all want in your Blog/Site.

Eye candy extension released for Chrome browser, allows you to publish on Google Buzz using your Google Reader. Download

And finally, the extension I liked the most, is one that allows you to view what's buzzing around you within a single click (unfortunately, this is all you can do - view..) Download

Edit: something I've just tried -
Want to improve your buzzing experience on the go? Try this tip
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Google Buzzers Need

Later to the party than ever, yesterday Google launched a social tool called Buzz that aims to connect you with your social lifestream from the most active place - your inbox (that is only if you use Gmail, of course).

Instead of asking the question: Is Buzz Just Twitter All Over Again? (because it is way too early for that), I'd like to concentrate on the features that would make buzz a better tool for us to work/enjoy with on a daily basis.

It seems that Google products are setting-less. The same thing happened with Wave and made lots of people question the service, after all what is the use of a service if you can't change its settings the way you are comfortable with or prefer? In actual fact, if you use Buzz, the first thing you'll notice is comments that pop in your inbox each time people react to your posts or posts that you took part in. I don't really know why it bothers me here, when it is OK in Facebook , I just knows that it does. So the first thing I'd like to have (ASAP) is the ability for comments to skip my inbox and go right into the Buzz tab. (of course I already created a filter for that)

Since it is very common to get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, it is something Google should consider differently. If it is on the iPhone, I'd like to get some push notifications from people that comment on my posts. In Gmail, I would like to at least have the ability to see comments in real time without the need to go inside each posts (corner pop-ups). And finally, a Desktop application or a chrome/FireFox extension might help complete this experience.

Comment Tracker
Another thing that you'll notice right away is that Buzz is bumping posts each time it's getting a comment. This prevents you from seeing new posts in time and sometimes clutters the whole stream (especially if you follow Kevin Rose or Scoble ) - Again, it can be a matter of setting, where I can just stop the stream from jumping each time someone comments on another person's Buzz or maybe an ability to track comments from posts you actually want to track and see how the conversation is developing.

One-way integration
This is where I think Google is failing.

Allowing us to connect with services such as Twitter and bring statuses simultaneously to Buzz will make noise and lends a feeling of duplication. The right way is to give us the ability to make a conversation through Buzz no matter where it's coming from and not only see statuses, but also reply to them directly through Gmail. This will probably make us stay longer at the Gmail work space (Read: good for Google), but at least I won't need to see something in Buzz and go to Twitter to answer it. It disrupts the flow somewhat.

So Google goes to all the trouble to send me an email each time someone comments but won't send an email on new followers? How will I follow back? Do you really think I'll go over the alphabetic list and try to guess who are the new followers? Maybe at first, but it will wear me out eventually. If the list of friends is not updated so that new friends are added to top of the list, then I would rather get an email on each new friend - and I have to be honest, this is a pretty basic feature.

If you want people to actually use Buzz from their mobile, they should offer a better user experience. Same mistake with Wave - no one want to use this kind of service from a web app. A native application is a must.

Short URL
Not a long while ago, Google released a short URL service. So it shouldn't be so hard to change this:
into: http://goo.gl/UcCB, which will be easier to share and so leads me to the next needed feature:

Sharing - Resharing
Buzz feels like a closed garden for some reason, everything comes in, but nothing goes out... why? Why can't we share content we like from Buzz outward? What about re-sharing a post inside the community of Buzz? All these features would make it more inviting to use, since we've been familiar with this kind of behavior from other services for years now.

I've seen it work in so many other Google services such as: Wave, iGoogle, Gmail (labs widget) - are you gonna enable people to embed an XML code inside a post, Google? Because it would open a whole world of opportunities that would be very helpful while working side by side with Gmail.

Media Embed
Well, I know it works with MP3 links, but what about other formats? Even Youtube links nor code doesn't work.

Overall I don't think I've asked for much, although the list might look a bit long, these are all actually features that we all know and are familiar with already, features required for our daily social life.

You may think it's only the start for Buzz, give them some time... which I'm giving. But just so you all know, I'm not impressed. I'll use it because it's in my Gmail, but it should offer more especially after experiencing these same kind of communication features everywhere else in the web otherwise really what' so new or buzzworthy?

Buzz me with your thoughts.

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