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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Techonomy Event - Registration is Open [Tel-Aviv, Israel]

It's pretty incredible that a year has passed since the initial Techonomy event. Last year, the emphasis was all around Web 2.0, and cloud computing was a nascent paradigm. Who talks about Web 2.0 today? If anything, this demonstrates the pace of change that occurs today within technology.

Well, Web 2.0 is not dead, it has only evolved from what we thought it was originally. This year's Techonomy 2010 event will address upcoming business models and investigate how the internet startups of today turn into real companies that drive the economy - a new economy that is changing how people do business.

Just like last year, we feature 6 Israel-based companies that will showcase their products on stage in front of the Techonomy crowd and an expert panel of judges.

The event will take place at
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at YES Planet, Kanyon Ayalon, Ramat Gan

This ye
ar's special guests include:

Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble who is one of the judges but also will have an open discussion with the Techonomy's crowd (can't wait to hear what he is going to talk about!)

Robin Wauters from Techrunch, who will cover the event from a personal perspective.

Companies that would like to meet with Robin or Robert,
are invited to contact me here.


Jeff Pulver will host his famous breakfast at our event, so you can expect: real-time tagging, good atmosphere while networking, and of course, lots of great food! (you still need to register to the event first)

We're inviting
entrepreneurs, investors, developers, thinkers, or anyone who is in the process of leveraging a business through the internet to come join us in this event:
Register here.

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