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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cartoonatic is a Mind-blowing iPhone App!

With lots of new iPhone application released daily it is actually becoming harder to find something that is exciting and worth using - but once in a while you find this one app that wows you.

Today it is Cartoonatic.
This wonderful app will make you feel like a leading star in the "Take On Me" music video by A-Ha. Your video will turn into cartoon instantly, while you're taking it. Cartoonatic comes with 9 video effects that you can preview in real time. When you're done shooting your video, you can edit music, and easily share it on Facebook, twitter, by email, upload it to Youtube, or save it to your iPhone.

Simply put: this is one of the most fun iPhone app I've tried lately (free).

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Instagram vs Extragram

There are only few services that I'm using although they are not giving a perfect user experience. Instagr.am is one of them. The service has so much potential to be the next big photo sharing platform, yet it is holding back some of the basic features that users want and need.

I was an instagr.am addicted user right from the beginning, but once they've changed the news feed, It was just too hard to track stats, and you do want to know how many, and who are the people, that liked your photos (I won't believe if you say you don't). I think this is the reason Instagr.am changed this feature back, but still, it is simply not enough.

Instagr.am should be fully featured available through the web as well. But while you're waiting for them to add the ability to:
  • Like a photo from a web browser
  • Comment on a photo
  • Brows photos in an a wider screen
  • Search for photos from a web browser
  • Follow a person
You should know that Extragr.am already enables everything in this wish-list.

When you click on an Instagr.am link from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs - You get this:

(the profile pictures you see in this picture are not even clickable)

Wouldn't it be great to see something that is more similar to this:

In any case, it's great that Instagr.am opened their API for developers, that way we get to see great innovations such Extragr.am - But I would love for Instagr.am to enable web synchronization themselves. It will definitely expand the community that is now surrounding the iPhone users, and will increase user engagement.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Make Sure Your Clients Will 'Like' Your Facebook Page

Can anyone doubt the fact that Facebook is 100% mainstream now? I see more offline messages than I see in my friends online stream, or at least this is the case in Israel. You can see those "follow us in Facebook" messages just about anywhere: TV Ads, Posters, Billboards, Restaurants, and more. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

While Facebook is becoming more and more visible offline, it is crucial to have tools to help people bridge the gab between these two Online & Offline worlds. SpotLike is one of these tools.
SpostLike is an insanely simple, yet powerful engagement tool for clients and customers. It allows people to enter their Facebook page URL address, and immediately get a printable QR code to place in their location, whether it is a store, office, restaurant, etc. This will give visitors at these locations the ability to scan this printable QR code in order to quickly get to the location owner Facebook page, where they can easily 'Like' it.

There are lots of online generators that will let you create QR code in a flash, but most of them are not print-friendly. SpotLike will easily generate a high resolution format that is also good looking to place anywhere you want.

SpotLike is powered by Tingiz, a company that has lunched its future concept vision in the Techonomy3 event. Tingiz aims to make the right connection between people and products in a way that both costumers and clients will benefit from. I personally think Tingiz takes QR code to its next level - the way product-codes should actually work like. If you own a brand, I suggest you to take a deeper look at this company - no other service gives better solutions than Tingiz.
(click inside to find more)

I'm very much fascinated by the QR code technology, this is why I explore it top to bottom. Soon I'll expand on this subject in a longer post. Stay tuned.

*tip: if you don't own a printer, but you have an iPad, you can generate the code through your device and place it anywhere you want to let other people scan it :)
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magisto Will Edit Your Video Like Never Before (Invites)

When I first heard the concept of Magisto, it was too good to be true: Creating a short and exciting video clip from a longer one is quite an achievement, but to make it interesting while knowing how to emphasize the best parts in it, is a whole different story.

And this is what Magisto does: It takes a long video, or several videos, and combine them into one video that you might be more proud to share. You can upload up to 600MB, but in the end you get less than one minute video that is more focused and easy to watch.

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing Magisto in action is that it looks very much like Animoto, only for videos. But although the similarity, the technology behind Magisto is one that can actually recognize important moments and make sure people won't miss them.

I am very fascinated by Magisto technology and hoping to see more and more features in the near future. The features I'd like to have:
  • Longer video time (2-3min)
  • Embedding option
  • Uploads to Youtube
  • Ability to combine music with sound from the original video(s)
  • Ability to upload my own music or have a larger music library
  • A mobile version.
Magisto has recently presented at our Techonomy3 event and won first place!

If you want to try this magic yourself, click HERE to get your invite. I can already predict it is one of the promising startups of this year.

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Best Free 22 Educational iPad Apps for Kids

Kids should be outside in the sun playing with their friends, yeah I know... But what if they don’t want to, and instead are choosing to play games on the iPhone or iPad? Is that such a bad thing? And you as a parent, can you really control that after letting them play with these devices? Isn’t it actually nice to have options? Something we couldn't have had at their age..

Alright then, so I’m not a mom (yet), but I do have nephews and I can see they have time for both playground and iPad so I don’t see what is wrong with that. In fact, I personally encourage them to play with educational apps so it is also contribute to the child's development as far as I see it.

Over the last two days I was searching for the best apps on the iPad appstore that are:
  • Completely free
  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Looks great and suitable for kids (meaning, zero ads)
I roughly divided the app list to group of ages, so all you need to do is to create a folder on your iPad, you can call it: “Free & Awesome”, and throw all my recommendations in :)

iPad games for Toddlers (1-2 years old)

Lullaby Night Light Soother:
This is just a wonderful app when you can close the light, open the app, leave the iPad on your new born room and it will play a pleasant melody while changing colors on the background app. Very useful since the app won’t stop until you deiced to close it, so the melody keeps on going..

Baby Finger:
This app is suitable for toddlers and kids with disabilities. It allows them to touch on the screen in order to create shapes and sounds. Very easy and addictive for the little ones.

My Scene:
I found this set of great apps created by a company called MyFirstApp - All of their apps are drag & drop based with beautiful interface. I was kind of amazed every single one of them is free. On this one your kid can drag relevant elements to familiar scene such as: The Sea, The Park, etc.
(wish it had sound though)

Kid’s songs:
Quite a treasure I must say, it is the only app I found that will let you play a great list of kid's songs for free. It is also built like a karaoke machine so your kids can see the lyrics and repeat the words playing.

Monster Chorus:
A bunch of cute monsters singing in a chorus when clicking on them, your kids will love it!

Awesome Xylophone:
A clean xylophone (no hiding ads) that is fun to bang on, and listen to its magical sound.

Forest Friends:
One of the cutest app, allowing your kids to paint, play the piano, watch a movie, listen to a story, and meet the forest animal friends.

(3-5 years old)

Build it Up:
An educational app for the young ones, allowing them to drag elements in order to build a complete object such a birthday cake, a play-toy, and more.

Match it Up:
Another educational app that allows children to match things up together. There are three different apps in the store for that - all are very colorful and helpful.

A Sunny Day:
If your kid is going to a kindergarten it will be nice to go over all his daily activities so he’ll remember them easily - this is what this app do: Visualize a day in a kid life

Singing Fingers:
Wouldn't it be great to sing while drawing something, then listen to it? Well now you can! Moreover, it is a wonderful way to save your child voice recorded.

Four Seasons:
A magical and interactive storybook for children of all ages, celebrating Earth Day and the gifts of nature. (by Israel-based http://www.itabtale.com/)

You probably familiar with the wood puzzle games where you need to combine few pieces to make the puzzle complete. AnimalPuzzle based on a similar idea, allowing your kids to make animals out of wood-like puzzle pieces.

Farm Flip:
A nicely done memory game designed for the young ones - with animal sound and lovely pictures.

An e-learning application that lets its small users the ability to show their knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

(6-7 years old)

Math Tap:
Related app to Balloons, Math-Tap gives older kids an easy way to answer math problems.

Egg a Sketch:
Have you ever tried to paint over an egg?
You can start practice on this app first..

Lets create pottery HD lite:
One of the amazing apps I’ve ever tested on the iPad. I already bought the full version but the lite one is good enough to start with. Closer to realistic way to create pottery art, decorate it, then sell it, get virtual money and buy more decorations for your next artwork. Fun for all the family.

Find the differences in a colorful animation set.

Connect Master Classic:
Connect Master Classic is a fun puzzle game. Player needs to match a same per of picture that go through the same clear line. Good exercises for the brain (all ages)

Update! Adding Jigsaw Junior to the list: A great way to play with jigsaw made out of your own kids pictures. (free for limited time)

Get these apps:

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