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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pah! Game App Offers Hidden Payback Benefits

There's a chance, that if you follow me online you have probably heard me complaining about the annoying amount of noise that stems from my neighbors. I can simply tell you that living beneath noisy neighbors is not fun at all.

But! Now it is payback time.

Meet PAH! A wicked iPhone application that allows people to control a retro space game by their voice alone. You actually need to use specific tones, loudly, to control the game's spaceship.

But Pah! is not new to me. I've played it on the web for at least 5 years now. I'm happy to see it available on the iPhone, and it is really by far one of the innovative apps I've tried to-date. That said, I would like to see this game develop and grow in challenging directions. More screens, fun activities, higher level of challenges to overcome. Right now it is exciting, but only for few minutes. That's not offering any real or juicy challenges there.

Here's what happened when I gave Pah! to some of my nephews to test:

Oh, and of course I played as loud as I could.. {{Pah}}
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Monday, May 02, 2011

Daps'em Is The Like You Never Had

Let me first explain the title of this post - what does it mean the LIKE you never had? Well, in Facebook you can like just about anything, but can you really like people, or show them your appreciation in a unique way other than just hmm.. telling them? Why not Dap them instead?

What I really like about this app is that though you can dap a variety of things (not just people), you can stop for a second to think about what is actually worth your dap, it's not that you do it repetitively every sec, but when you truly appreciate something. On the other hand, if you appreciate things daily but never get the chance to say it out loud, this application can come in handy, especially for people who find it hard to express feelings of appreciation.

Daps'em gives the ability to send a dap with a personal note of appreciation. It can be a person, book, or event, etc. (you can also attach a photo to your dap). Then you can share it within the Daps'em community, and they can 'Yay' your Daps if they wish, or simply comment on it. You can of course connect to Twitter and/or Facebook and as well as Foursquare in order to share it with friends wherever they are.

But there is still work to be done/missing features to add:
  • Tagnames in Facebook - because if you dap friends you also want them to know about it even if they are not connected to Daps'em.
  • A short URL that can be grabbed from the app to share it manually, or by email.
  • It would be useful to see each conversation under a separate link.
  • In the profile section, Got and Gave daps should be separated by tabs, and clickable.
Overall, Daps'em has a great look and feel and it is highly functional and original.

It's those little gestures in life that count so much and we often seal it with a simple 'thank you' note. Daps'em aiming to make the world quite a better place, bold statement it is, but how can we not relate to that?

Download here. More info on Techcrunch.

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