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Friday, July 08, 2011

Google-Plus Playground

And while we all try to understand the capabilities of Google Plus, I thought it is a good time to gather some tools that let you enhance the experience. Personally, I believe this service is here to stay and I am quite surprised at the ease with which you can disconnect from one social service to try another. Also I must say that Google Plus excites me because of the extensive options and its future connection to other Google services (Gmail, Calendar, Places, etc).

With this extension you can choose any color for notifications, add Google Chat to the bar, and some more minor tweaks. I like the Gtalk feature best since it is less annoying than on the left sidebar (on its closed mode)
If you don't like the black bar, you can change it to Green, Pink or Blue. I wish Google would just let us pick the color we want. I prefer it to be white (just like in Gmail)
A great way to preview pictures quickly without the need to open a post. You can easily disable/enable it from the upper bar.
If you don't know it yet, everything that you +1's around the web goes under a tab in your profile page. With this extension you can simply save tweets that matters to you.
Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to post comments. Additionally it adds the number of notifications on the Browser tab but unfortunately it doesn't look so good. More options under the extension settings.
Very useful extension that easily help you share stuff from inside Google+ outside to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Now all we need is a tool to let us share from anywhere else into Google+..
Easily save any webpage into your +1's list. It will also be shown in Google Search Engine to your social graph.
Like Google+ but miss Facebook? Now you can track them both from the same page. It truly looks awesome based on the video but on my Chrome it refuses to work well.
I actually think that notifications in my Gmail, and on any other Google service is quite enough. But if you wish to have it constantly, you are more than welcome to download Surplus - Google+ notification tool for your Browser.

More useful links:
How to move Photo Albums from Facebook and Flickr to Picasa:
Since Google now offers you unlimited space in Picasa (soon to be Google Photos), you might want to consider moving some of your Facebook or Flickr albums in there. The nifty integration between Google Plus and Picasa worth the trouble.
From Facebook:
Simply go to your account settings and find the "Download Your Information" option. Once the process ends, you'll get an email with a ZIP file with all your information including your photo albums (sorted by folders). Once you'll have it, you can easily upload photos to Picasa.
From Flickr (and other services) - use this great software. I've been using it myself, and it works just fine.


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